Released 23 March 2007 (US)

Sarah Michelle Gellar reading the part of April O'Neill Premise: 3000 years ago, an imaginative warlord discovered that every 3000 years a "constellation" aligns in just the right way to enable the opening of a portal to another "world". Probably he would have been an Assyrian, as they were the only conqueror types around in those days. Having read something in his ancient Babylonian history about this portal conveying a bunch of power on whoever opens it, he did so. As a result, his army (of 3001) was turned to stone, and 13 "monsters" came through the portal to earth. He was made immortal.

The film is visually stunning with a great soundtrack. Kevin Smith (Dinner Cook) was Simon Theory in "Southland Tales".

The Meg and Dia Band Patrick Stewart is the voice of Winters. Laurence Fishburne is the narrator. April O'Neil is not a reporter anymore, but apparently owns or works for an antique dealership (hence the trip to Central America to bring back the statue). This is the first Mutant Turtle film to be entirely done with CGI. Splinter no longer has a wounded ear. Biggest question: where have these 13 monsters been hiding for the past 3000 years? They have not exactly been a plague on mankind.

Meg and Dia Frampton wrote and performed the song "Roses" for the film. The Korean-American sisters are from St. George, Utah. The other three members of the Meg and Dia Band are: Nicholas Price, Jonathan Snyder, and Canadian guitarist Carlo Gimenez.

The film played in 3,120 theaters in the US before being released on DVD. It grossed $54,149,098.


April O'Neil talking to Leonardo in Central American jungle April phone home Exasperated Delivering the statue Practicing martial arts in front of TV Wistful