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22 episodes of THE CRAZY ONES aired on CBS
from 26 September 2013 to 17 April 2014.
Created by David E. Kelley.

AWARDS and NOMINATIONS: Sarah Michelle Gellar won the 2014 Peoples Choice Award for Favourite Actress in a new TV Series for her role as Sydney Roberts. It was her first People's Choice award. Robin Williams was nominated for a Critics' Choice Award for his role as Simon Roberts


  1. Pilot
  2. The Spectacular
  3. Bad Dad
  4. Breakfast Burrito Club
  5. She's So European
  6. Hugging the Now
  7. Sydney, Australia
  8. The Stan Wood Account
  9. Sixteen Inch Softball
  10. Models Love Magic
  11. The Intern
  12. The Face of a Winner
  13. Outbreak
  14. Simon Roberts Was Here
  15. Dead and Improved
  16. Zach Mitzvah
  17. Heavy Meddling
  18. March Madness
  19. Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley
  20. Love Sucks
  21. The Monster
  22. The Lighthouse


Gellar kises Amanda Setton in The Crazy Ones outtake (episode 12)

Gellar kissed CRAZY ONES co-star Amanda Setton in Episode 12 of the show. The kiss was cut from the episode, but made it into the outtakes at the end.


Robin Williams - Simon Roberts
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Sydney Roberts
James Wolk - Zach Cropper
Hamish Linklater - Andrew Keanelly
Amanda Setton - Lauren Slotsky
Brad Garrett - Gordon Lewis


According to the Huffington Post, Sarah Michelle Gellar wanted Flo (Stephanie Courtney) from the Progressive Insurance commercials to guest star on THE CRAZY ONES. "I'm going to have a scene with her because I am obsessed with Flo," Gellar said. "She's hysterical." Courtney made a brief appearance on ANGEL, but has never had a scene with Gellar.


Gabriella Fresquez as a Channel 4 newswoman in THE CRAZY ONES episode 2

Gabriella Fresquez, who hosts LATV's nationally syndicated Latin Nation, DocTalk on the Documentary Channel, and Inspira, a web series that highlights the lives of inspiring Latino leaders, appears in Episode 2 of THE CRAZY ONES as Channel 4 newswoman Christy Moon. There currently is no channel 4 in Chicago, but the city's first TV station was WBKB, which aired on channel 4 from 1940 to 1953.


Gellar, Ed Asner, and director Jason Weiner

Ed Asner was Glen 'Mr. Finger' Hastings in episode 8 of THE CRAZY ONES, titled The Stan Wood Account. Hastings is a commercial actor, whom Sydney finds charming. Brad Garrett, who won a bunch of Emmys for his role in EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, made his first appearance as Lewis, a partner in the advertising firm Lewis, Roberts, and Roberts, in the same episode.