Pixel 51 does not embrace horoscopy, and there is no indication that
either Sydney Rutledge or Sarah Michelle Gellar does so.

Sydney Rutledge

Sex: Female
Place of birth: Swans Crossing
United States
(presumed to be somewhere near Providence, RI)
Julian day 2443581.67
Adjust 5.00 ST 10.40
Lat 41.49 Long 71.24
Time of birth: 03/13/1978 23:45

Planets & Houses

Sun Pisces 23.13
Ascendant Scorpio 24.32
Moon Taurus 24.28
Mercury Aries 6.52
Venus Aries 5.35
Mars Cancer 23.05
Jupiter Gemini 26.52
Saturn Leo 25.09 R
Uranus Scorpio 16.10 R
Neptune Sagittarius 18.19
Pluto Libra 15.57 R
Lilith Cancer 6.13
Asc node Libra 5.58

Planets in the houses

Sun in IV
Moon in VI
Mercury in IV
Venus in IV
Mars in VIII
Jupiter in VIII
Saturn in IX
Uranus in XII
Neptune in Ascendant
Pluto in XI
Lilith in VIII
Asc node in Midheaven



Dana Delany


Tessie O'Shea


Sun /Sextile /Moon /1.14 /341
Sun /Trine /Mars /0.08 /79
Sun /Square /Jupiter /3.38 /-41
Sun /Trine /Uranus /7.03 /15
Sun /Square /Neptune /4.54 /-22
Sun /Trine /Ascendant /1.19 /84
Moon /Sextile /Mars /1.22 /128
Moon /Square /Saturn /0.41 /-105
Moon /Opposition /Uranus /8.17 /-25
Moon /Opposition /Ascendant /0.05 /-232
Mercury /Conjunction /Venus /1.17 /366
Mars /Trine /Uranus /6.55 /6
Mars /Trine /Ascendant /1.27 /25
Jupiter /Sextile /Saturn /1.43 /50
Jupiter /Opposition /Neptune /8.33 /5
Saturn /Trine /Neptune /6.50 /-6
Saturn /Square /Ascendant /0.37 /-25
Uranus /Conjunction /Ascendant /8.22 /20
Neptune /Sextile /Pluto /2.22 /25
/1145 /-455 /690



  • Ascendant in Scorpio -
    Emotional life certainly very changeable. Lovers will come and go, and then come back again. Sexuality is very important for her, for her stability.
  • House II in Sagittarius -
    Social success in one of the professions or in a company dealing regularly with foreign countries.
  • House III in Aquarius -
    A liberal, she is always at the forefront of progress. Likes everything that is new, original and ingenious. Likes every new idea, as long as it improves life and naturally is good for everyone. She is happy to travel even at a moment's notice, likes a life full of change.
  • House IV in Pisces -
    Very susceptible to the mood of those around her. When a child, has to be protected and given confidence.
  • House V in Aries -
    Full of initiative. Things are done to the full, with energy, vigor and strength of purpose: It is the same with love life. Children will be hardy and rarely ill.
  • House VIII in Gemini -
    If she is a writer, a painter or involved in another of the Arts, and if fame doesn't come when living, then it will come posthumously. Small inheritance from near relations.
  • House IX in Leo -
    She is tolerant, accepts all differences and respects them. She is honest and loyal.
  • House XI in Libra -
    Looks for friends among "well-placed" people, artists known even regionally, influential people in society, the social or political world, likes high class evenings.
  • House XII in Scorpio -
    Work in the police field, likes investigating other people's private lives.

  • Conjunction Mercury-Venus -
    She looks on the bright side of life: she is agreeable, optimistic, and sociable. She likes to speak and write, and does both with charm and artistry. She is amorous and sensual. She likes beauty and the Arts but also travelling.
  • Opposition Moon-Ascendant -
    She is probably loved insufficiently by her parents, but looks for more love especially from her mother. She is susceptible, has superficial sensitivity and is sometimes irascible.
  • Square Moon-Saturn -
    Her relationship with her mother is disturbing and difficult, she has considerable family problems. This is the standard aspect for children who are abandoned or lack maternal love.
  • Trine Sun-Mars -
    She likes to dominate, command, direct. She overcomes all difficulties by sheer will-power. She is frank.
  • Square Sun-Jupiter -
    She is negligent, spendthrift. She goes to excesses of all sorts. She is proud and arrogant, and considers herself much superior to others.
  • Opposition Moon-Uranus -
    While her life is full of change, she is full of hot air. She is eccentric, irritable and stubborn. Her friendships are like her professional and love life - unstable.
  • Square Saturn-Ascendant -
    Has problems in being open. She accepts solitude, rather than looks for it. Has family problems.
  • Square Sun-Neptune -
    Lots of day-dreaming. She is easily influenced, and complicates life unnecessarily.
  • Trine Sun-Uranus -
    She likes change, reforms, and is allergic to everything routine. She has a strong personality, and has many friends.
  • Trine Mars-Uranus -
    She is impulsive but bold. She takes on risky enterprises for the good of the community with all the energy she possesses. She has a great need of independence and likes her freedom of action.
  • Opposition Jupiter-Neptune -
    A dreamer who lets herself be seduced by fine words, which are not always sincere, she does not see wickedness and is often fooled by people.