Sarah Skilton There were four types of dolls: Dance Party, Slumber Party, Rock Concert, and Hangin' Out. Not every character had all four types of doll. The first doll I've seen for a male character is the John Troy "J.T." Adams doll. I do not recall the full name ever being mentioned on the show, but the doll is labeled that way.

There was, apparently, a Garrett Booth Dance Party doll. On the back was Swans Crossing Society News. John Troy Adams was the only other male Swans crossing character to have a doll.

Miss M wrote on the blog DIARY OF A DORKETTE on 7 February 2012 about the Swans Crossing dolls.

Sarah Skilton blogged about THE DOLL CONSPIRACY, a theory that has pretty much disappeared from the web. The theory is that Swans Crossing was conceived by toymaker Playmates as a means of selling, not only Swans Crossing dolls, but other toys as well. When the Swans Crossing dolls did not do well, the show was cancelled. Supportive of the conspiracy theory is the fact that while it was on the air, one of its main sources of advertising revenue was from toy companies marketing Star Trek and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys and the like. Swans Crossing dolls were advertised during the show, in violation of Federal law. Some think that the dolls were a money pit that bankrupted the production.

Playmates Toys is located in Costa Mesa, California, and is a subsidiary of Playmates Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong.

Swans Crossing dolls are frequently up for bid on eBay.