Ward was Olivia in the 2002 film WOULD I LIE TO YOU, which co-starred Brad Rowe. The film was loosely based on Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Above is a clip.

Susan Ward as stripper Layla French in BOOMTOWN Brittany Foster (Susan Ward) being revived by Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) in THE IN CROWD Laura Harris (left) and Susan Ward in GOING GREEK (2001)

Susan Ward is exactly the same height as Sarah Michelle Gellar, and was born one year and one day earlier (14 April 1976) in Monroe, Louisiana.

Susan Ward as Psyche in HERCULES:TLJ Her first role was as an uncredited extra in SWANS CROSSING (1992) She turned up in the Swans Soda Shop from time to time, and was also one of the Billy Gunn fans in episode #45. After Swans Crossing, Susan Ward had a small role as Camille in ALL MY CHILDREN at the same time Sarah Michelle Gellar was on that show. Then she was Bree in MALIBU SHORES, a series that lasted 10 episodes in 1996. Another castmember of that show was Charisma Carpenter.

The last episode of MALIBU SHORES aired on 1 June 1996. (The first episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER with Carpenter as Cordelia Chase aired 10 March 1997.) In 1996, she appeared in HERCULES:THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS as Psyche in The Green Eyed Monster, and the following year she voiced the character of Psyche in Episode #46 of XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS (A Comedy of Eros).

Susan Ward (yellow arrow) in SWANS CROSSING

Ward's first starring role in a feature film was as Brittany Foster in THE IN CROWD (2001), although she had a small uncredited part as "girl at party" in the third POISON IVY film which went direct to video.

Also in 2001 she was Wendy in GOING GREEK, which was a film mainly about disgusting college students, which co-starred Laura Harris (Daisy on DEAD LIKE ME). In 2003, she had a television role as stripper Layla French in episode 17 of Boomtown.

Susan Ward in Poison Ivy:The New Seduction (1997)

Her most recent starring role on film was as Michelle in TOXIC (2010), a movie too complex to adequately describe here. Her last television appearance was on 15 October 2012 as Annette Raber in Episode #10 of MAJOR CRIMES (TNT).