Salvato as Volunteer AIDS Worker
in "Living Out Loud" with Holly Hunter

Laura Salvato, Living Out Loud Laura Salvato Laura Salvato

In LIVING OUT LOUD (1998) Holly Hunter is the ex-wife of a doctor trying to find her identity. Salvato has a brief role as an AIDS clinic volunteer about 89 minutes into the film.

Salvato's badge

In her role as a neo-natal AIDS volunteer worker, Laura Salvato's character wore an identifying badge. I can't make out the name on it, but someone with better software might be able to resolve it.


The above clip is revealing of Ziska Beveridge's character Mayor Margaret Rutledge in the sense that while she is making her speech before the baseball game, the only people paying any attention to her are the two reporters who are (presumably) being paid to do so, and Grant Booth, her arch-enemy. One of those reporters is played by Laura Jane Salvato. (The other is Ted Bardy). For some reason the picture goes black-and-white as the questions begin. Why this happens is unclear, as television news was definitely in colour in 1992. The quality of the video precludes getting a still picture from it.