1992 was an election year. Bill Clinton was on the verge of ending the Republican's twelve year grip on the White House. The President, then George H. W. Bush, lived in Maine, and all the younger Swans Crossing characters grew up during the 80's when greed, selfishness, and materialism flourished.

It was also the beginning of the age of the home computer. It was one year after the announcement of the world wide web project. Computers were tiny. Memory was measured in megabytes. The personal computer was mainly used as a word-processor, a spreadsheet generator, and a games platform. There was email, but only tiny bits of what would become the internet were available to conduct it.

Cell phones existed in 1992, but apparently not in Swans Crossing. I mean they did cost about $900 each, but why are these rich folks all still using clunky wireless phones? Perhaps no network existed in the area to support cell phones.

On television, Johnny Carson retired. The Sci-Fi Channel launched. It was the last year of DALLAS.


Sydney and Garrett The American versions of Romeo and Juliet. Their families hate each other, they love each other, but this is the USA in the early 90s so they love themselves more. Their story is one of continuous, mutual revenge.

Glory and J.T. Glory is Garrett's sister and apparently got all the good genes. She is in love with J.T., one of the town's science geeks. J.T. loves her back. It takes them about forty episodes before they get to kiss.

Sandy Swann and Owen Fowler Sandy is rather fond of Owen Fowler. Fowler just doesn't think of her that way. They seem to hang out together mostly because of their common interest in music. Sandy is relatively poor, and hence rather low on the social ladder in Swans Crossing. Owen's social status seems similar.

Mila and ? Mila's relationship to the rest of the Swans Crossing crew is just to screw things up. She's a big, flashy blonde, so all the young males fall over each other trying to mate with her. Mila is also not the brightest bulb. She needs to have everything explained to her, and pretty much believes what everyone tells her. The airheadedness seems to be inherited from her mother.

Sophia DeCastro and ? Sophia is something of a loose cannon. She seems to have some interest in Jimmy Clayton, but also seems to have a general interest in males. Is older than the rest of the bunch, but it is unclear by how much.

Callie and Jimmy are attracted to one another, but each has trouble expressing that to the other. They fight a lot.

Countess Rosnovsky and Captain Walker the Countess is hot for Callie's dad (Captain Walker) and agrees to have a benefit for the nudibranch, which is Captain Walker's favourite charity, and which benefit was about as embarrassing for Mr. Walker as Mila's surprise birthday party was for Mila.

Other possibilities that are not mentioned (it is 1992): Jazz is very flirtatious around Sydney. Neil and Saja are a natural match.

Though Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Garrett (Shane McDermott) are clearly the principal characters in the show, they are not first in the credits. That honor goes to T.J. Adams (Tom Carroll) and Glory Booth (Carisa Dahlbo). The credits are not in any sense alphabetical, and so one is left with the impression that these two were somehow intended to be the stars of Swans Crossing.