Christian Baskous as photographer at Mila's Birthday Party David Andrew MacDonald

The photographer at Mila's Birthday Party in Episode 10 of Swans Crossing is Ansel, played by Christian Baskous. On the right above is David Andrew MacDonald (Jerry the megaphone guy) in a different role. I have been unable to identify Jerry the megaphone guy in Swans Crossing. I continue to search.

Jason Culp as Jack Goldbrick Kristine Byers as Dolores

Many of the peripheral characters of Swans Crossing are associated with Mila Rosnovsky, and her mother, the Countess. They include an agent, Jack Goldbrick (Jason Culp), a rock star named Billy Gunn (Holter Graham), Katherine, one of the Rosnovsky's maids, and the entertainment for the nudibranch benefit, which consisted of synchronized swimmers (from Waterworks Foundation Inc.), and a harpist (Simone Cunars). There was also Dolores (Kristine Byers) whose job it was to dress up as a nudibranch. The Baroness Condadeani (Angela Pietropinto) is a friend of the Countess from Italy. Then there is the Countess' bird, Tutu the cocatoo, who is voiced by Tim Naughton, and appears quite regularly in the series.

Holter Graham as Billy Gunn Katherine - one of Countess Rosnovsky's maids Harpist Simone Cunars
Tutu the cockatoo - voiced by Tim Naughton Angela Pietropinto as Baroness Condadeani

Sydney, having been confronted with a faked birth certificate indicating that she was switched at birth with Sandy Swan, and encountering a disturbing amount of circumstantial evidence to support that notion, has a recurring dream in which a wizard with a magic wand causes Sydney and Sandy to exchange identities. It is unknown who portrayed the wizard.

Wizard in Sydney's dream of being transformed into Sandy Swan Reporter - played by Ted Bardy

Since Margaret Rutledge is the Mayor, she gets interviewed by reporters, one of which was played by Ted Bardy. (Another was played by Laura Salvato.)

photos of Sydney's mother and grandmother Inside Sydney's locket

part of birth certificate faked by Garrett Booth Sydney is shown holding photos of her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother had the same initials as Sydney
(S.O.R.) but her full name is never mentioned. That birth certificate Sydney got so worried about is based on
Sandy Swans certificate, and it does indicate that Sandy Swan weighed 7 lbs 0 oz at birth. It appears that
the photos in the locket and the larger photos that Sydney is holding (picture on left above) are of different people.
Perhaps the locket that belonged to her grandmother has a photo of Sydney's great-grandmother, or maybe her mother and her aunt?

Terence Caza as FBI Agent Horton Wai Ching Ho as Dr. Kamber

FBI Agent Horton (Terence Caza) investigates the disappearance of Glory Booth (Carisa Dahlbo) after Barek (William Shanks) notifies the authorities. Dr. Kamber is Neil's attending physician when he is in hospital after ub2b explodes.

Two passers-by played by unknown actors John Cunningham was the second actor to portray Grant Booth

The names of the two actors who were the passsers-by in the above picture are unknown. The scuba diver, who is working with Captain Walker, is played by Dean Erickson. John Cunningham was the second actor to portray Grant Booth.

Denise Taylor as nurse Seth Jones as Anglo #1 masquerading as Dr. Lamb Dean Erickson as scuba diver

Denise Taylor played the nurse assisting the bogus Dr. Lamb in caring for Neil when he was in hospital. Anglo #1 (Seth Jones) is masquerading as the doctor. It is unclear if she is a real nurse at the hospital, or one of Anglo #1's confederates.

Unnamed band members at the Swans Crossing Fourth of July festivities Mark V. Lake as Officer Tapert

Mark V. Lake was Officer Tapert, who seemed to be subordinate to Officer Moore on the Swans Crossing police force. The bamd that played at the abbreviated July Fourth festivities was never identified by name, nor were any of its members.

The mayor's assistant - both the character's name and the actor are unknown Don, apparently an acquaintance, speaks to Owen Fowler before the July Fourth events

The assistant to Mayor Rutledge is never identified by name and the actor who played him is not known. The same goes for the fellow named Don holding the triangle and speaking to Owen Fowler before the events of July Fourth. We know he is called Don because he is addressed as such by Grant Booth who presents him with an insurance policy a bit later.