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Above right, Moseley at the age of 10 in the title role of ANNIE at the Darien Dinner Theater in Connecticut, and in the National Tour of THE SOUND OF MUSIC (with Debbie Boone).

Stacey Renee Moseley was born in Chesapeake, VA on 20 December 1975 to Garland and Jackie Moseley. She began performing in local theater in 1983, first starring as Brigita in The Sound of Music. She later starred in other stage productions including the Marsha Norman musical "The Secret Garden" (as Mary Lennox). Her first film role was as "Young Donna's Friend" in BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY in 1989. (Young Donna was played by Jessica Prunell. Donna was played by Kyra Sedgwick.)

Jessica Prunell (left) and Stacey Moseley in Born on the Fourth of July Moseley did an ABC Afterschool Special, "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great" (based on the Judy Blume novel), in which she played a character called Mouse. Then she had a peripheral role as Gloria in ALAN AND NAOMI.

In Swans Crossing she was Callie Walker, a perhaps overly suspicious girl who lived on a submarine with her father and had a rocky relationship with Jimmy Clayton.

In 1993 Moseley graduated from the Professional Children's School in New York and went on to attend NYU for two years before transfering to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, where she was a Dean's List student in Women's Studies.

She next appeared on film in "Welcome to the Dollhouse" (1996) in a very small role as Mary Ellen Moriarty.

Stacey Moseley as Miss Hollywood 1999 Moseley had been participating in pageants since she was very young, and placed in several of them. She was Little Miss Chesepeake once, and. in 1994, Miss Virginia Peanut. (Finished 2nd Runner up in the Miss Virginia competition that year.) In 1995 she was crowned Miss Apple Blossom and was given another chance to compete for Miss Virginia and in 1996 she won Miss Norfolk and again was 2nd Runner up. In 1999, after moving to California, Moseley became Miss Hollywood and earned her place in the Miss California Pageant. There she finished sixth winning the Preliminary Swimsuit competition. She was married shortly after her attempt at the Miss California crown and forfeited her right to compete again.

On 4 February 2000, Moseley was featured in a Discovery Channel special, "On the Inside: The Road to Miss America", a documentary about the '99 Miss California pageant and was one of the two contestants on which the program focused. Both she and her parents were interviewed.

Stacey Moseley in JANE THE VIRGIN Moseley has made guest appearances on several TV series, including the short-lived 2001 CBS drama KATE BRASHER, THE WEST WING, CROSSING JORDAN, BOSTON LEGAL, LEVERAGE, and LIE TO ME, and has done commercials for Toyota, Toshiba, Pizza Hut, Oreo, Mead Paper, and Bob’s Big Boy.

Moseley is Donna in episode 14.21 of GREY'S ANATOMY, titled "Bad Reputation". Moseley is also Winona in the short film GOBLIN QUEEN, about a teenage girl transported to a magical world and the havoc it wreaks on her mother when the magic follows her back home. She is also Detective Thompson in WRONG SWIPE, a film that first aired on LMN on 10 February 2016.

Stacey Moseley and Kevin Daniels She has taught children's drama, has worked as a consultant for TVI Actors Studio in Los Angeles, and is still pursuing her acting career. And she is writing, producing and directing stage productions in and around the Los Angeles area. Most recently she played a children's photographer and a stripper named Kimmie (2 different roles) in the play LIVE NUDE GIRL at the The Lounge Theatre in LA. She is currently an acting coach for Actors Works LA.

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband. They have a son, who was born in 2008.

Jessica Prunell, who was young Donna, has two other Swans Crossing connections. In 1990 Shane McDermott (Garrett Booth) was in an episode of the TV series THE BABYSITTERS CLUB, of which Prunell was a regular castmember. And in 2000, she was Cynthia Gordon in the film FOLLOWERS which starred Eddie Robinson (Neil Atwater).


  • Callie Walker and her father (Jerry Bamman) Swans Crossing
  • Callie Walker - Swans Crossing
  • Korey Burke - Law and Order - Doubles
  • Leverage - The Stork Job - Dana Morton
  • The West Wing - Opposition Research
  • Bones - The Recluse in the Recliner
  • Boston Legal - Son of the Defender - Karen Sears
  • with Devin Doherty - Swans Crossing
  • winona - Goblin Queen - 2016
  • Kimmie - Live Nude Girls
  • Lie to Me - Depraved Heart -2009
  • Miss Hollywood - 1999
  • bootstrap carousel
  • Born on the Fourth of July
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Stacey Moseley is a NASM certtified professional women's fitness trainer (Pole Fitness Instructor and Weight Loss Specialist).


Goblin Queen from Reed Shusterman on Vimeo.

Moseley is Winona in the short film GOBLIN QUEEN, about a teenage girl transported to a magical world and the havoc it wreaks on her mother when the magic follows her back home. She is also Detective Thompson in WRONG SWIPE, a film that first aired on LMN.


Clip from Season 2 Episode 6 "Dudes Being Dudes", of the TV series MY BOYS (2008).
Moseley is credited as "Woman #1".


Devin Doherty in a scene with Moseley from Episode 33 of Swans Crossing.


Moseley appeared in the Robin Russin play FACE IN THE REEDS at the Ruskin Group Theatre Company in Los Angeles. (video above). The final performance was on 22 November.


The short film CHRISTMAS PRESENCE starring Stacey Moseley and Monica Himmelheber (Sally and her twin sister Maxine in MONARCH OF THE MOON) is set at a holiday party in the home of a young lesbian couple, who retreat to the bedroom to catch their breath and instead find themselves in a discussion of their relationship, brought on by the presence of a recent arrival.