Introduction to Mariner II

by Jason A. Miller

Mariner II is a work in progress. It's a continuation of some of the ideas and characters first introduced in Mariner, a "Swans Crossing" -- "Doctor Who" fan fiction novel that I wrote about four years ago.

However, you don't need to have read the first Mariner in order to appreciate this sequel! Where the first Mariner was primarily a "Doctor Who" science fiction novel, this one is primarily a "Swans Crossing" novel with some light-hearted "Buffy"-esque science fiction elements thrown in for variety. It's what SC might have been had a ghost story plotline been thrown in (and given some of the weirdness going on at the Walker Estate, that might have been very possible!)

Where the first Mariner only featured five of the original teen cast (and two grownies), Mariner II intends to feature all twelve! It's set in September '92, a month after the show went off the air and roughly a month after the original Mariner story took place.

It opens with J.T. and Neil on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough, as the Baldie spies and the mysterious Barek close in from different directions. Meanwhile, Callie and Jimmy's relationship is growing ever more strained, Saja is being his usual self, Mila and Garrett are living in France, and Owen's musical tastes are... awful.

I suggest you read the introduction to Mariner, kindly posted to this site by the (extremely talented and helpful!) Miss Swan. That outlines the basic "Doctor Who" concepts, which you need not understand to read Mariner II -- the DW elements here are minor, and might vanish altogether at some point, a few chapters down the line. The characters of the Doctor and Benny are back, but Ace is no longer with the series, and two new companions -- police officers from the 30th century -- are along to investigate UB2B.

Mariner II won't be a novel as such. I'm writing chapters now primarily as a diversion while studying for the Michigan bar exam, and will send them out intermittently throughout the remainder of 1998. It will be an ongoing work, reflecting any and all feedback that I might get from you the audience, and even I don't know what will happen next! Think of it as a serial, with subplots coming and going and random, and you can pretty much dip in wherever you like to get a little flavor of SC.

The brilliant fanfic story "The Return" was a major inspiration in my writing for SC again, although I've not adopted most of the ideas written there. Where I depart from "Return" (primarily regarding Barek's identity) means that I've had my own ideas festering in my head since '92.

Anyway, my writing depends heavily on your feedback, so if you're reading, I'd love to hear from you!