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Swans Crossing aired from 29 June 1992 to 25 September 1992.

Tutu - The Rosnovsky Cockatoo - voiced by Tim Naughton

SONG OF THE DAY: "You Gotta Grow Up Sometime" (Theme to Swans Crossing)

This weekend, I realized a staggering truth. There are certain pop culture items of which most people under 30 are completely unaware. I’m not talking about big things like She-Ra or Thundercats or Diff’rent Strokes... I’m talking about the little things. The shows that only mattered when they were on (if then). The shows that we watched and loved as kids, didn’t stand the test of time, but nonetheless shaped who we are...

SWANS CROSSING and the Makings of a Forgotten Teen Melodrama

In 1992, I became hooked on a short-lived teen soap opera called "Swans Crossing." A lot of people don't remember it, but those that do were probably just as obsessed with it as I was. (I was 13 -- obsession came easy.) I stumbled upon the show on my own, but it wasn't long after I started watching it that I learned, to my tween heart's delight, that the main character, Sydney Rutledge, was played by a client of my half-sister's talent-manager mom: Sarah Michelle Gellar...

#FlashbackFriday: Can We Please Talk About Swan’s Crossing?

The soap took place in the fictional New England town of Swan’s Crossing–ostensibly not too far from Salem and Harmony–and starred a pre-Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar as Sydney Rutledge, a scheming Blair Waldorf-esque rich-girl in the midst of a mystery romance, a pre-Sweet Valley High Brittany Daniel as Mila, the good-girl actress daughter of a countess who is new to Swan’s Crossing and dating Sydney’s ex-boyfriend Garret Booth, and even featured a pre-Oscar winning Mira Sorvino...


Swans Crossing" is not, however, the first soap opera for young teens. For three seasons Nickelodeon cable service has been airing "Fifteen" on Sundays at 1 and 6 p.m. Although that series aims at viewers from 13 to 16, its own research shows it draws fans as young as 5 and others into adulthood. "Swans Crossing" is set in a fictional Atlantic seaboard town that appears to be populated entirely by the privileged. Chauffeurs have to be alert for swans crossing the roads. So do the kids tooling around on Hondas...

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