Swans Crossing: The Season Ending Episodes

© 1997 Daniel and Gregory Greco

Episode #5

Scene #1: Callie's Sub

Callie, Jimmy, and Captain Walker are eating dinner. Jimmy looks somewhat exasperated.

Captain Walker: ...and that's why I think it is absolutely critical to the continued development of this type of nuedabranch research that we develop more technology that will enhance their life support systems and make it safe for all nuedabranches to live peacefully in the water.

Jimmy (looking bored): That's er... fascinating, Captain Walker.

Captain Walker: I agree. Say, Jimmy. If you want, perhaps I could show you some of my research a little later. I have been working on some...

Callie (cutting off her father): Whoa, dad. Don't you think Jimmy's had enough nuedabranch talk for one day.

Captain Walker: Well, my dear, you can never have too much talk about nuedabranches, don't you agree, Jimmy.

Jimmyr: Yeah, sure, I guess. But actually, I have to make an important call, could I use your phone, Captain Walker?

Captain Walker: Our phone is your phone.

Jimmyr: Thank you, Captain Walker.

Jimmy leaves.

Captain Walker: You have quite a young man, there, Callie.

Callier: If he ever comes back.

Captain Walker: Why? Do you think your old man spent too much time talking about his beloved nuedabranches?

Callier: Maybe not for a marine biology convention, but for this dinner... yeah, a little.

Captain Walker: He didn't seem to mind the conversation.

Callier: I think he was just being polite, dad.

Captain Walker: I guess I didn't factor that into my equation. Perhaps when he gets back, we might talk about one of his interests, like... maybe mechanics.

Callier: I think that would be great, dad.

Captain Walker: Oh, the things a father will do for his daughter. Even so, it seems like this Jimmy seems like a very nice, polite boy, despite his... rough exterior.

Callier: He is, dad, he is.

Picture pans to the other side of the sub, where Jimmy is making a phone call. Screen then splits with J.T. answering in his room with Neil in the background.

Jimmyr: Hello, is J.T. there?

J.T.: This is J.T. Jimmy, is that you?

Jimmyr: Yeah, it's me.

J.T.: What gives?

Jimmyr: Well, you know how you asked me to call if I found out anything at Barek's?

J.T.: Yeah, I remember. So, what'd you find out.

Jimmyr: Well, Barek knows that we're onto him. He said we didn't know all of it, but that we knew enough.

J.T.: Enough of what?

Jimmyr: That's what Callie and I can't figure out.

J.T.: Neither can I. Jimmy, listen, thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate it.

Jimmyr: What are friends for?

J.T.: Well, Neil and I really appreciate it. I'd love to talk some more, but unfortunately, we gotta do homework. It's the first night and we're swamped already.

Jimmyr: I know what you mean. Do you really need to read a whole chapter in Spanish to rotate a piston gear?

J.T.: Yeah, two chapters in French isn't going to help with UB2B, either.

Jimmyr: Well, just don't let all that work turn you into a physics book.

J.T.: Sure thing, Jimmy. Take care.

Pan to Jimmy, who hangs up the phone and rejoins Callie and Captain Walker.

Captain Walker: So, Jimmy. My daughter says that you've been doing a lot of work on the concert stage.

Jimmy (excited): Yeah, it's great. I needed to re-figure the piston system, but I couldn't because of an engineering problem, so I calibrated...

Callie gives Captain Walker a hug at the arm, and Captain Walker gives his daughter a wink. The scene ends in the middle of Jimmy's explanation.

Scene #2: Secret Room

Anglo #1 and Anglo #2 are holding headphones.

Anglo #1: Apparently these kids do know more than we'd like them to.

Anglo #2: Well, what do you suggest we do?

Anglo #1: Our agent in Swans Crossing says that everything will be taken care of before the concert.

Anglo #2: For his sake, and ours, he better be right.

Scene #3: Outside the Library

Saja and Sandy are sitting on a park bench, eating cheeseburgers.

Sandy: So tell me, Saja, why did we have to leave the Soda shop so soon? I was really having a good time.

Saja: Sandy, there would be nothing more I'd like to do than share these secrets of the night. However, my honor will not allow me to put you in harm's way. All I can say is that we are tangled up in a web so dangerous that there are no safe words, or safe places...

Sandy (looking puzzled): All right, Saja. I guess... thanks for not putting me in any danger. Anyway, I really enjoyed hanging out with you, Saja.

Saja: I, as well, Sandy. I find our chats... truly enlightening. Anyway, how is your preparation going for the concert?

Sandy: Oh Saja, I don't know. I think that Owen's going to ask Mila to star in the video and sing at the concert.

Saja: Why that's preposterous, I mean, absurd. I mean, why would he work with Mila when you make all the birds jealous with your beautiful voice.

Sandy: You think my voice is beautiful?

Saja: As beautiful as the most beautiful rose at the Walker Estate.

Sandy: I just hope Owen thinks so.

Owen walks by Saja and Sandy.

Sandy: Owen, we were just talking about you.

Owen: You were?

Sandy: Yeah, we were talking about the concert.

Owen: Oh that. Listen, Sandy, I haven't made up my mind about the video, yet.

Sandy: It's only in a few days, you need to choose soon, Owen.

Owen: My mind's been on other things, I just got some bad news from Neil.

Saja: Neil? What did he say?

Owen: I guess that record producer who took my tape isn't a record producer at all. I guess he's some guy interested in J.T. and Neil's work. I thought he was going to make me a star.

Saja: This producer, was he big, bald, and did he have an accent?

Owen: Yeah, that's him. Hey, how'd you know that?

Sandy: That's the guy we saw at Swan's!

Saja: I'm glad you shared this information with me, Owen.

Sandy: What's going on, Saja?

Saja: I can't say, but what I can say is that a warrior's work is never done. I am needed elsewhere.

Saja leaves.

Sandy (looking disappointed): Bye Saja. (Aside) I just wish I knew how to get a warrior to notice me.

Owen: Look, Sandy, I was going to go over to my place and adjust the bass on our last song. Want to come?

Sandy: Sure.

Picture pans back to show Baldies #1 & #2 hiding in the bushes.

Baldie #2: Owen Tapes going to check the code. We must follow. Baldie #1: Owen Tapes need to think I'm big record producer, give me more tapes.

Baldie #2: He's onto you. I don't like this silly teenage music, but perhaps I could be record producer. Baldie #1: Perhaps. Crazy idea, but just might work. Fade to commercial. Scene #4: Glory's Room Garrett is in Glory's room when Glory enters.

Glory: Hi, Garrett. What are you doing in my room?

Garrett: I needed to make a call. Where have you been all day? Oh wait... let me guess. You were with Rocket Boy.

Glory: Garrett! Yes, I was with J.T. We were working on our poetry project. Weren't you supposed to be working with Mila on your poetry project today?

Garrett: I was, but I had a call to make.

Glory: How's your project going so far?

Garrett: It's hit a little bump in the road. But hopefully my call will make things much easier for Mila and me.

Glory: Was that Mila on the phone?

Garrett: Not exactly. Let's just say it's an old friend.

Glory: Aren't you going to ask me how my project's going?

Garrett: No. No offense Glory, but the less I know about you and J.T., the better.

Glory: That wasn't very nice.

Garrett: Look, I'm sorry, sis', but I'm just worried about going to France. I mean, I finally find someone I really care about and dad's sending me away.

Glory: You cared about Sydney, too.

Garrett: Don't remind me. That's all over, though. Now it's just Mila and me.

Glory: What are you going to do about your poetry project? You can't use J.T.'s poems anymore. Mila's going to know you can't write poems.

Garrett: You just leave everything to me, Glory. I have everything under control. I always find a way to land on my feet.

Glory: That's what makes me worry, Garrett.

Garrett: Is it O.K. if I make another call?

Glory: I guess, but not for too long, I'm expecting a call from J.T.

Garrett: Well, then I'll take my time. Thanks, sis'.

Glory: Oh Garrett!

Glory leaves.

Garrett makes a phone call. Split screen shows Mila in her room.

Mila: Hello?

Garrett: It's me.

Mila: Hi Garrett, are you feeling any better?

Garrett: So far, much better. Listen Mila, about your poem. I really like it a lot, but it means a lot to me. I don't know how I'd like it if everyone in class and at the concert heard it.

Mila: But it's my song, Garrett!

Garrett: I just think you could sing other songs that aren't as personal.

Mila: Well, I guess we could use another poem in class, but I'm singing Polka Dot Pink at the concert. Owen and I have been working on it all summer.

Garrett: Terrific (sarcastically, aside). Well, Mila, I didn't know how strongly you felt about the song. I guess I wouldn't mind if you play it at the concert.

Mila: Thanks, Garrett. That means a lot to me. I have to go bed soon. You know how mama is about beauty sleep.

Garrett: Have a good night, and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow.

Mila: Bye, Garrett.

Mila hangs up the phone. Screen pans to Garrett, who makes another call. Sydney answers and there's a split screen.

Sydney: Hello?

Garrett: It's me, again.

Sydney: Didn't I just talk to you?

Garrett: I just talked to Mila, and she's insistent on using her song at the concert.

Sydney: What's the matter, Garrett, your charms wearing thin?

Garrett: I don't care how you do it, but I want you to make sure she sings another song at the concert.

Sydney: I still don't know how you expect me to do that.

Garrett: Again Sydney, my job is to ask, not figure out how. The way I figure it, if you're desperate enough, you'll find a solution, and you are desperate enough, aren't you?

Sydney: I am now, but maybe not for long.

Garrett: You have to stop answering in codes, Sydney, a simple yes will be sufficient.

Sydney: Yes.

Garrett: That's what I like to hear.

Garrett hangs up, and the screen pans to Sydney, looking desperate.

Scene 5: J.T.'s Room

J.T. and Neil are reading, J.T. on his hammock, Neil at the computer.

Neil: Well that's it, I'm finally done with my homework.

J.T.: See, what'd I tell ya, that wasn't so bad.

Neil: Wasn't so bad? Are you kidding? In that amount of time we could have finished UB2B and set up a colony on mars.

J.T.: I think you may be getting a little ahead of yourself there, Bucky Ball.

Neil: Perhaps, but I still think homework is a trivial waste of our time. Learning French and going over last year's calculus isn't helping us out with UB2B.

J.T.: I agree Neil, but it's like eating vegetables. You just have to do it, so there's no point complaining about it.

Neil: You? Complain about food? That'll be the day.

J.T.: But that's cheeseburgers, Bucky Ball, not veggies.

Neil: It's all food, J.T...

J.T.: All right. Either way, we still don't have what we need yet to finish UB2B?

Neil: Speaking about UB2B, what'd Jimmy have to say?

J.T.: He says he saw Barek talking on the transmitter. He said we know too much.

Neil: Too much about what?

J.T.: That part he didn't find out. I don't know either.

Neil: We need to get that last...

J.T. (cutting Neil off): Piece of the puzzle, right Neil. (Whispering) We have to be careful Neil, who knows whose listening.

There is a knock at the door.

J.T.: See what I mean. Who is it?

Saja: It is a warrior bringing important news.

J.T. & Neil: Saja!

J.T. opens the door.

J.T.: Saja, what are you doing here?

Saja: Well, I found out something very important, and I thought you guys would like to know.

J.T.: Saja, what did you find out?

Saja: Owen says, his producer, it turns out he is the great human docking post.

Neil: We know that.

Saja: You do?

Neil: Yeah, we do. I was the one who told Owen.

Saja: Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I think he did say something about that. I guess I forgot that in all this excitement.

J.T.: Well, Saja, your inner soul must be overloaded with homework, your mind's beginning to go soft on you. Speaking of homework, how much you got left?

Saja: I did most of it in study hall.

J.T.: And Neil and I just finished our homework, so now that you're here anyway, how about a game of cards?

Saja: J.T., your infinite wisdom never ceases to amaze me.

Saja sits down with J.T. & Neil to set up the card game.

Fade to Commercial

Scene 6: Outside Callie's Sub

Jimmy and Callie are outside Callie's Sub on their bikes.

Jimmyr: Callie, I had a nice time tonight.

Callier: You mean you thought my father's nuedabranch discussions were interesting?

Jimmyr: Well... not exactly. But I did like our talk about the stage, and I liked having dinner with you.

Callier: Oh, ya did, huh?

Jimmyr: Yeah, I did. (Playfully) Got a problem with that, Walker woman?

Callier: I guess not. So, Jimmy, how are you getting home?

Jimmyr: There you go worrying about me again. If you don't stop, I'll start thinking you like me or something.

Callier: Whatever it takes.

Jimmyr: Anyway, my dad's picking me up. I said my bike was out of commission for a few days. After school, I can hop a ride with you back here to get the bike.

Callier: Sounds like a plan. So, who'd you make that call to?

Jimmyr: J.T. He asked me to call him about Barek, remember?

Callier: Yeah, so what'd you tell him?

Jimmyr: Not much I guess, just what we heard, that they're onto us, and that we know enough.

Callier: I just wish I knew what it all means.

Jimmyr: We're going to find out soon enough. The concert's in a few days.

Callier: That doesn't give us a lot of time.

Jimmyr: You're telling me.

Callier: Well, it looks like your dad's here.

A light from the car headlights shines on Jimmy and Callie.

Jimmyr: I'll see you tomorrow at school. I had a real nice time tonight.

Callier: Bye.

Jimmy leaves, and the camera shows a close up of Callie, with a wide smile.

Scene #7: Sydney's Room

Sydney is laying on her bed when Mayor Rutledge comes in.

Mayor Rutledge: Sydney. How was my baby's first day of school? I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner, but I had an important campaign meeting.

Sydney: First day of school was fine, it was afterwards that wasn't so hot.

Mayor Rutledge: Why? What happened that would ruin such an exciting day in my daughter's life?

Sydney: Let's just say it was an unexpected assignment.

Mayor Rutledge: Well, an extra assignment isn't so bad, is it?

Sydney: Depends on what it is?

Mayor Rutledge: Well, what is it then?

Sydney: I can't say, mother. All I can say is that it's the toughest assignment I've ever had.

Mayor Rutledge: Well, I'm sure my baby can handle it. I hope you don't have to do it by tomorrow. I need you for my Las Vegas night.

Sydney: I don't have to do it by tomorrow, so I can still help you out with that.

Mayor Rutledge: Well that's good. You know, this is the exact type of thing that can push me ahead of Grant Booth in the polls. We even have a kids room, so you can hang out with all your friends. Unfortunately, Grant Booth will be there, too. I guess he wants to show that he can be a good sport, but if you ask me, it's just a cheap publicity stunt.

Sydney: Does that mean Garrett's coming, too?

Mayor Rutledge: I don't know. I suppose it does. You can stomach him for one night. If the Booth's want to play cordial, we'll be even more cordial then them.

Sydney: But mother, I can't be nice to Garrett Booth!

Mayor Rutledge: I don't like it any more than you do, but it's important to keep up appearances, especially with the election so close.

Sydney: I guess, but you don't know what you're asking.

Mayor Rutledge: Again, Sydney, you won't let me down. I know I can depend on you, I always do.

Mayor Rutledge leaves, leaving Sydney alone.

Sydney: This time, though, I've been asked to do the impossible.

Scene 8: Owen's Studio

Owen and Sandy are working on some songs.

Sandy: Owen, I really like the way you integrated the drum beat into the melody.

Owen: What can I say, I was inspired.

Sandy: By what?

Owen: You know, stuff. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the concert. I can't believe it's almost here.

Sandy: Speaking of the concert, I need to know how things are gonna work?

Owen: What do you mean? You have to plug in the amplifiers and then you have to tune the...

Sandy (cutting Owen off): That's not what I mean, Owen! I mean who's singing lead, and what songs we're going to play.

Owen: Oh that. I told you, I haven't decided yet.

Sandy: Owen, when are you going to decide? You said yourself the concert's almost here.

Owen: I don't know yet. I need to think about it.

Sandy: So, do you think there's a chance that... you know... I may... I mean... we might not be playing at the concert?

Owen: Did you here anything about switching the acts?

Sandy: No, I didn't mean that. I meant that you were going to just play with Mila at the concert?

Owen: I don't know, I haven't decided.

Sandy: You mean there's a chance!

Owen: Like I said, I don't know. I haven't thought about it, yet.

Sandy: And about the video!

Owen: Same thing, I haven't made up my mind yet.

Sandy: Well, if that's the way you feel about it, I'm going!

Sandy storms out.

Owen (calling to Sandy): Feel about what? Sandy? Don't you want to hear my tapes?

Screen pans to outside, showing Sandy run off. The screen then pans to the bushes, where Baldies #1 and #2 are hiding.

Baldie #2: Girl may not want to hear Owen's tapes, but I do.

Baldie #1: Owen Tapes is very resourceful young man, very sneaky.

Baldie #2: He is sneaky, but I will trick him into thinking I'm big record producer.

Baldie #1: And Owen Tapes will give secret code to us. And then, our mission will be complete.

Baldie #2: And make us, and... him very happy.

Fade to Commercial.

Scene #9: Callie's Sub

Callie and Captain Walker are sitting in the Sub.

Captain Walker: So, did you have a nice time at dinner, Callie?

Callier: I had a really good time. Thank you for, you know...

Captain Walker: You mean changing the conversation away from my beloved nuedabranches?

Callier: Something like that.

Captain Walker: Well, I guess one night of talk about piston gears won't kill your old man.

Callier: Thanks dad.

Captain Walker: Anything for you, my dear. I do like this Jimmy. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, even if he isn't going to be a marine biologist.

Callier: I like him, too, dad.

Captain Walker: Like I said before, I hope this Jimmy doesn't make you forget all about me?

Callier: Not a chance, dad.

The phone rings and Callie answers. Sydney is shown in a split screen, in her room, alone.

Sydney: Hello, Callie? Is that you?

Callier: Yeah, it's me. How are you doing Sydney?

Sydney: I've been better. I need to know if J.T. & Neil have gotten the papers yet?

Callier: Jimmy talked to them tonight, and they didn't say anything. What's the matter, Garrett having you run another favor?

Sydney: You got it, and this one's even tougher than the last one.

Callier: What is it?

Sydney: An errand for the concert, but it's impossible. I don't think I can figure this one out. I need those birth papers before the concert.

Callier: Sydney, you can't have Garrett control your life. Stall him until your papers come in, then he won't be able to do anything.

Sydney: You're right. I'll just have to stall him, and hopefully, in the meantime, I'll get those birth papers. Thanks Callie, once again, you've been a big help.

Callier: Well, what are friends for?

Sydney: In this case, a lot. Thanks Callie, and I'll see you tomorrow night, right?

Callier: For Mayor Rutledge's Vegas night? Wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm feeling lucky this week.

Sydney: Hopefully I am too, Callie. I hope.

Scene #10: Mila's Room

Mila is laying down when Countess Rosnovsky comes in her room.

Countess Rosnovsky: Oh, my lovely Mila, how was your first day of school?

Mila: It was wonderful, mother. I really like my new poetry class, and Garrett and I are partners, isn't that great?

Countess Rosnovsky: Oh, young love, isn't it wonderful.

Mila: Yes, it is. Oh mother, I'm so excited, and I can't wait for the concert. I hope Owen decides to do my new song.

Countess Rosnovsky: Sounds like my baby Mila has many things going on in her life. But I don't want you to forget Mayor Rutledge's Las Vegas night tomorrow. Simply everybody's going to be there.

Mila: I won't mama, I promise

Countess Rosnovsky: Well, I have to be going now, and remember to get your sleep. I don't want you to be late for school tomorrow. Bye.

Mila: I will mama.

Countess Rosnovsky leaves.

Mila then uses the phone, and Owen answers on the other end on the split screen.

Owen: Hello?

Mila: Owen, it's me, Mila.

Owen: Oh, hey Mila, I was just working on your song.

Mila: Does that mean your going to play it at the concert?

Owen: I don't know, maybe.

Mila: Maybe!

Owen: Yeah, I haven't decided yet.

Mila: But Owen, you promised! Uncle Bobby's going to be there, Billy's going to be there! We just have to play Polka Dot Pink, we have to!

Owen: Well, when I make my decision, I'll let you know.

Mila: Owen, you can't put it off any longer, the concert's right around the corner.

Owen: I know it is, believe me, I know. Can't both of you sing at the oncert?

Mila: Owen, I always thought you were a stand up guy. You know you have to make a decision.

Owen: I guess. I will soon, I promise. I just wish I had my tape back from that producer, or whoever he is.

Mila: Well, O.K. But you have a decision to make.

Owen: You're telling me.

Mila hangs up, showing Owen looking perplexed. The screen then pans to Owen's window where Baldies #1 & #2 are looking on, with Owen in the foreground.

Baldie #1: We need other tape by the concert.

Baldie #2: We will get other tape by concert, I promise, and Owen Tapes will lead us right to UB2B.

Baldie #1: And then, we will complete mission... And Pegasus will be pleased.

Roll Credits. ***This is a D & G Greco Production***