Swans Crossing: The Season Ending Episodes

© 1997 Daniel and Gregory Greco

Episode #4

Scene #1: Tool & Die

Jimmy & J.T. ride their bikes to the entrance of the Tool & Die. Neil is riding with J.T.

Jimmy: Thanks for driving with me to the Tool and Die. You can never be too careful.

J.T.: No problem, Jimmy. Thanks for all your help with this stuff. It's nice to know we have some friends we can count on, right Neil.

Neil.: Oh right, friends. Yeah, Jimmy, thanks for helping us out.

Jimmy: Not a problem, guys.

J.T.: Hey Jimmy, if you get any info on Barek, let me know.

Jimmy: I can do that. Anyway, I'll catch up with you guys later.

J.T. & Neil ride of on J.T.'s bike. Jimmy enters the Tool & Die where Callie and Barek are working.

Barek: Young James, you're late.

Jimmy: Sorry, Barek. I guess I should have told you, I'm playing football this year.

Barek: Young James, that's wonderful. I'm glad to see you expand your horizons.

Callie: Jimmy, you didn't tell me you were going out for football. I was waiting for you. I had to walk to the Tool and Die alone.

Jimmy: That's right Walker woman. I'm sorry, I spaced. I should have told you. I won't let it happen again.

Barek: What's this I hear, Callie? You're not afraid of walking in the daytime now, too, are you?

Callie: No more than I should be.

Barek (annoyed): Now, what's that supposed to mean!

Jimmy: O.K. guys, why don't we just settle down. C'mon Callie, we need to get the stage ready for the concert.

Callie: O.K., but I'm tired of all these accusations.

Barek: Well, I'm tired of always having to accuse you of these things. I know you guys are following me, and I don't like it, so cut it out.

Jimmy: Well, Barek, what makes you think we're following you?

Barek: I'm not as dumb as I look, people. I can figure it out when people are snooping on me, so leave me alone.

Callie: If you've got nothing to hide, why are you so worried about us allegedly following you?

Barek: Because I like to keep my private business private, if you don't mind. Now put those brains of yours into something productive, like getting some more work done, or I'm gonna have to dock you pay.

Jimmy & Callie: O.K.

Scene #2: Post Office

J.T. & Neil enter at the same time as Garrett.

J.T.: Garrett, what are you doing here?

Garrett: Looking for something that's going to keep me in Swans Crossing for a long time, how about you?

J.T.: Actually, so am I.

Garrett looks in his P.O. box. He finds nothing.

Garrett: Great, I'm going to kill Sydney. I can't believe it's taking those record producers so long.

J.T. looks at his P.O. box and also finds nothing.

J.T.: I can't believe it. I can't believe it hasn't come in, yet.

Garrett: What are you looking for, J.T.?

J.T.: None of your business, Garrett. Private stuff. So, if you don't get your stuff by Saturday, it looks like you're off to France.

Garrett: That's right. That gives me five whole days to stay in Swans Crossing. And when I'm desperate, I can do anything.

Neil.: Look, J.T., we don't have time for this.

J.T. (ignoring Neil): Looks like you are pretty desperate, Garrett.

Garrett: What's that supposed to mean?

J.T.: It looks like Coach was pretty impressed by that Jeff kid.

Garrett: Your point being?

J.T.: My point being that it looks like you're going to be warming the bench this year, Garrett. Imagine, I'll actually have someone who can throw me the ball this year. That'll be a nice change.

Garrett: I've had enough of you, techno-geek. Except for classes and football, I don't want to see your face.

J.T.: Believe me, the feeling's mutual. Unfortunately, I'm picking up Glory to work on our project tonight.

Garrett: What does your sister see in you, anyway?

J.T.: Someone who's kind, someone who's sensitive, someone who treats your sister with respect. In other words, someone nothing like you, Garrett.

Garrett: Mila seems to think I have those qualities.

J.T.: I don't know what you've done, but obviously you've deceived Mila into thinking you're sensitive.

Garrett: Just stick to stuff you know, J.T., like physics.

J.T.: I'd love to chat all day, but I've got work to do. Then, I'm going to pick up Glory.

Garrett: Call first, so I'll be sure to be out of the house.

Garrett leaves

J.T. & Neil go outside the Post Office.

Neil.: Why do you insist on letting him bother you so much? We have much more important things than Garrett to worry about.

J.T.: I just wish I knew why it was taking the Rodavians so long to send us the-

Neil (cutting off J.T.): The package.

J.T.: Right, the package, Bucky Ball. Anyway, I'm going to Glory's for our poetry project. I'll give you a lift to my place so you can get a head start on homework.

Neil.: Sounds good to me, but what about you? You gonna make it their all right?

J.T.: Two blocks on my bike, I think I can handle.

Baldies #1 & #2 hiding behind the bushes.

Baldie #2: Perhaps, but don't worry, they will slip.

Baldie #1: And when they do, UB2B will be all ours.

Fade to commercial.

Scene #3: Swan's Soda Shop

Saja and Sandy enter.

Sandy: Well, we're here.

Saja: So we are. Our first... burger together.

Sandy: Yeah, I'm hungry, so let's sit down.

Saja: O.K.

Jazz: Saja, Sandy. I didn't know you two were going out.

Saja: Don't be silly. I mean, me have a girlfriend, it's ridiculous.

Jazz: Why?

Sandy: I don't think so.

Saja: You don't... think it's ridiculous.

Sandy: The only thing that's ridiculous is that you don't think you could have a girlfriend.

Saja: You think so.

Sandy: Yeah, I think so.

Saja: Great. Jazz, give us two cheeseburgers with everything on it, my treat.

Jazz: All right, happiest warrior at Swan's (bong).

Saja and Sandy look at each other as Baldie #1 enters.

Baldie #1: Woman with pancakes light as air, give me two cheeseburgers, please.

Jazz: My name's Jazz, remember?

Baldie #1: Oh yeah, how could I forget.

Jazz: So, how did that meeting go?

Baldie #1: What meeting?

Jazz: The meeting you flew out of here for, like a bat out of hell.

Baldie #1: Oh that. Goal still not accomplished. Did not track down Professor Vann yet.

Saja notices Baldie #1.

Saja: Jazz, could you make those cheeseburgers to go. I just remembered, I need to go home and was my sister's car.

Sandy: Oh no. I was just starting to have a good time.

Saja: You were? ...I can't tell you, but we can't be here right now. I'll take you back to your place and we'll eat them there.

Saja and Sandy leave.

Baldie #1 (to Jazz): Have to go. Maybe cheeseburgers later.

Baldie #1 follows Saja and Sandy.

Scene #4: Sydney's Room

Sydney picks up the phone and calls Billy Gunn. Split screen with Sydney in her room and Billy Gunn in his room.

Billy Gunn: 'Ello, who's this?

Sydney: So soon you forget. It's me, Sydney.

Billy Gunn: Oh, it's you luv. This is your second call in a week. Makes me think that you might miss the old rock star.

Sydney: I called for business, not pleasure. Although the two aren't entirely exclusive.

Billy Gunn: That's what I like to hear, Luv.

Sydney: Billy, I have to ask you for a favor.

Billy Gunn: Anything for you, my cruel swan.

Sydney: I need to know if your still interested in coming to the concert this week.

Billy Gunn: Well, that depends.

Sydney: Depends on what?

Billy Gunn: Depends on whether or not you intend on combining business and pleasure.

Sydney: I think that could be arranged.

Billy Gunn: Great. I'll be there. Looking forward to it. Bye, Luv.

Sydney: Wait. Can you ask your producer, Bobby Clarke, to come too.

Billy Gunn: What do we need that old bird here for? Aren't I enough for ya?

Sydney: Sure, but a lot of record producers are going to be there. They're really hot. I just don't want you to miss out.

Billy Gunn: Well, all right then, I guess I can get the old geezer to show up.

Sydney: Hold on, I have another call. Hello?

Garrett answers. Screen split between Sydney, Garrett, and Billy Gunn.

Garrett: Have you spoken to Billy Gunn yet?

Sydney: I'm on the phone with him now.

Garrett: Is he coming?

Sydney: Garrett, just hold on a second. (Switches to talk to Billy) Billy, are you there?

Billy Gunn: Yeah, but I got a plane to catch. I'll talk to Bobby.

Sydney: See you both on Sunday?

Billy Gunn: Sure thing, Luv. Bye.

Billy Gunn hangs up. Split screen with Sydney and Garrett.

Sydney (to Garrett): Everything's all set.

Garrett: Is Billy's producer coming?

Sydney: He'll be there.

Garrett: He better. I don't need to remind you what will happen if he doesn't.

Sydney: No, you don't.

Scene #5: Tool & Die

Barek, Jimmy, & Callie are working.

Jimmy: All we need to do now is to fluctuate the piston heads, and we'll have our revolving stage.

Callie: Did you remember to rotate the calibrators?

Jimmy: Did that too, Walker woman.

Barek: Well, my young friends. It looks like you two lovebirds stopped making goo-goo eyes long enough to do some decent work for once.

Callie: What are you trying to say, Barek?

Barek: I'm saying that you two have spent so much time snooping in other people's business lately that it's effected your work.

Callie: Well, there's a lot to see if you have your eyes open.

Barek: Just don't look too close, or you might get burnt. Listen, I don't want you two to blame me for getting behind on your homework, too, so why don't you get outta here and get a head start on your studies. That keep you well rounded, you can't spend all your time in here. Besides, you did enough work on the stage for one day.

Jimmy & Callie: All right.

Jimmy: You need a lift to the sub?

Callie: That'd be great.

Jimmy: Let's get outta here.

Jimmy & Callie leave but spy on Barek from the outside the Tool & Die. Jimmy & Jimmy (whispering): I promised J.T. I'd let him know if I found anything.

Callie: Barek's using his transmitter, let's listen.

Barek speaks into the transmitter.

Barek: Yes Pegasus... I know... Not yet... Listen, these kids aren't dumb, they know what's going on... No, not all of it, but enough... I already said by the concert... Yes, I know how important it is... I will.

Jimmy: I think we need to make that call.

Fade to commercial.

Scene #6: The Booth Porch

J.T. knocks on the front door and Glory answers.

Glory: J.T.! I'm glad you stopped by.

J.T.: We're meeting for our poetry project, remember?

Glory: Of course I do. I'm so happy we're partners.

J.T.: So am I. So Glory, how'd you get home?

Glory: I walked home with Saja and Sandy.

J.T.: I know, I saw them at school today. Unbelievable. All we need is to get Neil a girlfriend now and...

Glory (cutting J.T. off): I think you're getting ahead of yourself. I wouldn't hold my breath on Neil getting a girlfriend anytime soon. Besides, how did you get home?

J.T.: I dropped Neil off at my place and came here. It's only two blocks. I know I need to be more careful.

Glory: You have enough to worry about, J.T. You don't have to worry about me, too.

J.T.: Yes, Glory, I do. I can't help but feel responsible for getting us all in this mess.

Glory: It's not your fault they're after your work.

J.T.: It's not that. It's, well, Glory, I made a promise to you. I said I'll always protect you. I meant it when I promised you that.

Flashback to a scene after J.T. saves Glory. J.T. is hugging Glory.

J.T.: I'm never going to let that happen to you again. Glory, I have to tell you, as long as you live, I'm never going to let that happen to you again.

Flashback ends.

Glory: Don't worry, J.T., I'll be O.K.

J.T.: I'm not willing to take that risk, Glory. I want you to wait for me until after football practice every day so I can walk you home.

Glory: Well, I guess I'll be at cheerleading anyway, I can do that. J.T., I love the way you protect me.

J.T.: I just wish I didn't have to.

J.T. leans over to kiss Glory, then stops.

J.T.: Swan's should have a lot of people. It should be O.K. to work on our project there.

Glory: I know you, J.T. You want Swan's first day of school cheeseburger special.

J.T.: I guess you do know what I'm thinking. Can you guess what I'm thinking now?

Glory: I can try.

J.T. & Glory hold hands.

Scene #7: Mila's Room

Mila and Garrett are studying poetry. Garrett is looking frustrated due to his "writer's block."

Mila: Maybe it might help if you read some poetry?

Garrett: It's no use, I just have too much on my mind right now. Until this writer's block ends, I'll just have to help you with your poetry.

Mila: Well, this is what I have so far: You're a vision I think, in polka dot pink I love your mocha lips, they're better than chocolate chips I love your cherry smile, it's better than a crocodile Garrett (cutting Mila off): Mila, that's er... very nice.

Mila: You think so, because that's what I'm singing at the concert. Garrett (alarmed): That's what you're singing at the concert!

Mila: It is. What's wrong Garrett?

Garrett: Oh, nothing. I just didn't know you were singing that song at the concert. I'm suddenly not feeling all that well.

Mila: What about the project?

Garrett: I've got to go. I need to make a phone call that may just help us out. Garrett leaves and Mila calls Sydney. Split screen shown between Mila and Sydney, with Nancy in Sydney's background.

Sydney: Hello?

Mila: Hi Sydney, it's me, Mila. I was just calling to see how your project is going?

Sydney: Nancy and I are just starting. We're reading a bunch of old poems to inspire us.

Nancy (to Sydney): I found some Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She's very exquisite.

Mila: Any inspirations so far?

Sydney: Just one, desperation.

Mila: That doesn't sound like a fun poem.

Sydney: Believe me, it isn't.

Scene #8: Outside Callie's Sub

Jimmy & Callie sitting on their bikes.

Callie: So, what are you doing, now?

Jimmy: I'm going over to my folks bakery and grabbing dinner there.

Callie: Will you be O.K.?

Jimmy: What's this I hear, Walker woman? You worried about me?

Callie: Remember what J.T. said about never being alone?

Jimmy: I'll be all right on my bike. Besides, I don't know anything.

Callie: Neither did Glory.

Jimmy: Good point. Maybe it might not be all that safe after all.

Callie: If you want, you could have dinner with me and my dad.

Jimmy: I think I'd like that, as long as your dad doesn't grill me about the mating habits of the Nudibranch. So, Callie, what do you think Barek was talking about?

Callie: I don't know, but it's clear that he knows we're onto him.

Jimmy: I just wish I knew what we were onto.

Callie: So do I, Jimmy, so do I.

Fade to commercial

Scene #9: Swan's Soda Shop

J.T. & Glory enter Swan's Soda Shop. Neil is sitting alone at the counter. J.T. goes to Neil, and Glory follows.

J.T. (whispering and upset): Neil, what are you doing here?

Neil (normal volume): I just couldn't take another one of your computer sandwiches. Besides, you're the last one to talk about skipping work for food.

J.T. (still whispering and upset): I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about your safety Neil, our safety. Remember, we need to be mistake free.

Glory: J.T., I'm worried too, but people need to live their lives. You can't protect all the people all the time.

Neil.: Glory's right, J.T. I can take care of myself.

J.T.: Like you did, Neil, the night you were drugged, or you did, Glory, when you were kidnapped. I just don't want either of you to get hurt again. We only need to do this for a few more days, until we get what we need from the post office.

Glory: Well, J.T., think of it this way: You and Neil can walk me home, and then go back to your place.

J.T.: I guess. We just all need to be really careful from here on in. Can you both promise me that you will be.

Glory: Sure, we can do that.

Neil.: No problem, Bucky Ball.

J.T.: Great. Say Neil, listen. Glory and I were going to work on our poetry project.

Neil.: I don't mind, go on.

J.T.: Actually Neil, Glory and I could use a little...

While J.T. is talking, Owen enters, comes over to the table, and interrupts J.T.

Owen: I just sent in a demo tape to my new record producer.

J.T.: Thrilled (sarcastically). Look, Owen, we were talking about something important. Owen (ignoring J.T.'s bitter tone): He was asking about a Professor Vann. You don't happen to know who he is, do you?

J.T.: He asked about Professor Vann? What did he look like?

Owen: He was sort of big, and bald, and had an accent. I think he was from Milwaukee.

J.T.: Well, that's him. Did he say why he was looking for Professor Vann, or where he was going?

Owen: No, just that he was looking for Professor Van. He's going to make me a star, you know.

Neil.: He's more likely to turn us into a vanishing act.

Owen (sounding confused): What? Are you guys in the concert?

J.T.: Neil, why don't you explain it all to Owen over there.

J.T. points to an open booth. Neil and Owen go, leaving J.T. & Glory at the counter.

J.T.: Finally, I thought we'd never be alone. Remember what I said about being careful. They're even tracking Owen.

Glory: You're right, J.T.

J.T.: Well, we're safe, for now. Let's go over these poems.

Glory: I wish we were reading your poems.

J.T.: Well, I have a new poem here.

Glory: For me?

J.T.: Who else would they be for.

J.T. gives Glory the poem. Glory reads it silently.

J.T.: I was thinking we could use this one for our project.

Glory the reads the poem aloud.

Glory: Unsafe Love
Love is a risk that you have to take
It's reasons are trust, hope, and faith
The more dangerous the risk, the faster the beat
Of the heart that seers with scorching heat
A risk means putting your heart on display
But the rewards are love, no questions, no delay
Love is unsafe at any speed, so accelerate, race
and feel the cool breeze on your face

J.T.: Well, what'd you think?

Glory: J.T., that's wonderful, but I think I like that one just for me.

J.T.: Well, we can think of something else to write for the project.

Glory: I'd like that.

J.T. & Glory hold hands.

Scene #10: Sydney's Room

Sydney is sitting in her room with Nancy, discussing their poetry project.

Sydney: Well, it's a good start. I never knew how many poems mother had.

Nancy: I must say, we did find a lot of stuff, didn't we. I don't want to say this too loudly, but poetry class might actually be some fun.

Sydney: Who knows, I might actually enjoy it once Garrett leaves for France.

Nancy: You mean if Garrett moves to France. I wouldn't count on it. Garrett can be very resourceful, but you probably know all about that.

Sydney: Do I and how.

Nancy: Well, I gotta run. I've got to finish my geometry and get ready for my riding lesson tomorrow.

Sydney: Well, see you later Nancy.

Nancy: Toodles.

Nancy leaves and the phone rings.

Sydney: Hello, who is it?

Split screen shows Garrett calling from Glory's room.

Garrett: It's me, Garrett

Sydney: How lucky for me.

Garrett: As usual Sydney, you've got things turned around. This call's lucky for me.

Sydney: And why is that, Garrett?

Garrett: 'Cuz, Sydney-kins, I need you to do some more favors.

Sydney: More favors! Like what? Haven't I done enough?

Garrett: As a matter of fact, no, you haven't. I need you to do some more.

Sydney: What could you possibly want this time, more poems!

Garrett: Only half correct. I do need you to send more poems coming my way, but I also need you to help me out with Mila's concert. I heard Mila's song and it's not very good. I expect that it will be by the concert, and I'm putting you in charge.

Sydney: How do you expect me to do that? And besides, J.T. is in our class. He'll know that the poems aren't yours, and knowing how well you two get along, he won't be shy about pointing that out.

Garrett: That's not my problem now, is it? I don't care how you do it, just do it... Sandy.

Sydney: I'm really getting tired of all that Sandy stuff. You just better hope it doesn't come before the concert.

Garrett: What come before the concert?

Sydney: You just better hope and pray, Garrett Booth.

Sydney hangs up and looks out the window.

Roll Credits. ***This is a D & G Greco Production***