Swans Crossing: The Season Ending Episodes

© 1997 Daniel and Gregory Greco

Episode #3

Scene #1: J.T.'s Room

It is early in the morning and J.T. is trying to wake Neil up.

J.T.: Neil, time to get up. It's the first day of school.

Neil: Leave me alone, I need my REM sleep.

J.T.: You need to get up, Bucky Ball, it's time for school.

Neil: Not another year. I mean, I love learning, but I just can't go through one more year in the public school system.

J.T.: School's not that bad. C'mon Neil, football practice starts today. What position are you going out for?

Neil: Football, J.T., football?! You are impossible. We've got half the international spy ring after us and all you can think about is football.

J.T.: What's the matter, you think one of those guys are gonna take my spot on the team?

Neil: I'm gonna get you, Bucky Ball.

Neil tackles J.T. and they playfully wrestle on the floor.

Scene #2: Sydney's Room

Ralph is attempting to wake Sydney

Ralph: Wake up, Miss Sydney. You don't want to miss your first day of school. Your mother is waiting for you downstairs at breakfast.

Sydney: School, school, school! I was just getting used to it being summer.

Ralph: Well, I'm afraid the summer's over Miss Sydney. You need to get dressed and have breakfast.

Sydney (somewhat annoyed): Oh, all right, just give me a minute.

Sydney pictures a summer montage.

Scene #3: Callie's Sub

Callie is waiting on the ship's deck for Captain Walker.

Callie: Dad, I'm leaving for school, don't you want to come and wish me luck?

Captain Walker enters.

Captain Walker: If only it were necessary. Now don't you embarrass any of the other children with your brilliance. Now that you're going to public school, you have to understand that not every one's going to be as smart as you.

Callie: Oh, Dad. I'm just really nervous. I mean, I've never been to a real school before. What do I say? How do I address the teachers? What kind of homework do they assign? It's going to be a lot different than having you teach me all those years.

Captain Walker: My dear Callie, even if I could answer those questions, I'm sure they'd be dated. I have full confidence that you can handle any situation put before you. Remember, you are a Walker.

Callie: Thanks, Dad.

Scene #4: Mila's room

Countess Rosnovsky comes into the room to wake up Mila, who is in her bed.

Countess Rosnovsky: Mila, my dear, time to get up. I know beauty sleep is important, but it is time to get up for school.

Mila: Oh, Mom. I'm so excited. It's my first day of school.

Countess Rosnovsky: I know, and if you don't get up, you're going to be late.

Mila: I'm up. Between Garrett, school, and the concert, I just couldn't get to sleep last night. I'm so excited.

Countess Rosnovsky: I know, my precious Mila has so many things going on in her life. You know, you've been so good since you got rid of that riff raff Billy Rifle.

Mila: Gunn, Mother. Billy Gunn. But he's history. Now, the only boy in my life is Garrett.

Countess Rosnovsky: Garrett Booth? I thought you weren't speaking to him. Oh, who can keep track? But I guess we were all like that at your age.

Mila: Mother?

Countess Rosnovsky: Yes, Mila?

Mila: Do you think I'll be popular at school? What if no one likes me?

Countess Rosnovsky: What a silly question. Not only are you a Rosnovsky, you already have so many friends.

Mila: Your right, Mama. I guess I'm just nervous that it's my first day.

Countess Rosnovsky: And you don't want to be late, either. Look at the time, you better make it fast if you want to be at school on time.

Mila: Thanks Mama, I will.

Scene #5: Glory's Room

Garrett enters the room. Glory is fast asleep.

Garrett: Glory, Glory, wake up. You are impossible. It's almost time for school, you're going to be late.

Glory (waking up): J.T.?

Garrett: No, it's your brother, and we're going to be late for school.

Glory: I didn't think you were going to school.

Garrett: I had a little talk with Dad and we decided that I can start school today.

Glory: Does that mean you're not going to France?

Garrett: Well, according to Dad I still am. (Garrett looks at his watch) Great, I was going to check the post office to see if I got any mail from those record producers, but thanks to you it's too late.

Glory: Don't blame me, Garrett. It's not like you've done anything wrong to me, like steal my poems or anything.

Garrett: Are you still harping on that?

Glory: Yes, Garrett, I'm still upset. Those poems were very personal to me.

Garrett: I know, you're right, I shouldn't have taken them. I just couldn't help myself. I'd do anything for Mila.

Glory: Anything?

Garrett: Almost anything. I'm taking Mrs. Birdsong's poetry class. That qualifies.

Glory: That's great. J.T. and I are taking the class. It will be so much fun.

Garrett: Great, can't wait. (said sarcastically)

Telephone rings and Garrett answers. Split screen shows J.T. calling.

J.T.: Hello, is Glory there?

Garrett: One second, rocket boy.

J.T.: Garrett! Would you just give the phone to Glory, I'm in a hurry.

Garrett: Fine (said with annoyance). Glory, it's a telephone call for you.

Glory: Who is it?

Garrett: Who do you think it is?

Glory: J.T.! (picks up the phone) Hi, J.T. It's me, Glory.

J.T.: Just called to say that Neil and I are coming by to pick you up.

Glory: Hold on a few minutes, I'm not ready yet.

J.T.: Glory, hurry up, we're going to be late.

Glory: The why don't I just meet you at school?

J.T.: Glory, I don't want to leave you alone, remember?

Glory: Don't worry, I'll walk with Garrett.

J.T.: Garrett? Why is he going to school?

Glory: He had a talk with dad. He's letting Garrett go to school.

J.T.: You mean Garrett's not going to France?

Glory: Not yet, but Dad still expects Garrett to go to boarding school.

J.T.: Well, I can put up with Garrett in school for one week. I'll see you first period.

Glory: Bye, J.T. see you in poetry class.

Garrett (sarcastically): Great, this looks like it's already shaping up to be a great year.

Fade to commercial.

Scene 6: Tool & Die

Owen enters the Tool & Die. Barek's there working on a motorcycle.

Owen: Hey, Barek, it's me, Owen. What's up? Did you get a chance to look over my tapes?

Barek: Yeah. I got a chance to look at ‘em.

Owen: Well, what'd you think?

Barek: I liked ‘em. You did a lot of interesting things with it.

Owen: Like what?

Barek: Like using that bald guy, Now he's really interesting. Do you know anything about him?

Owen: Yeah, he's a big record producer. He's looking over a couple of my tapes.

Barek: A record producer, how interesting.

Owen: Yeah. The guy was a little far out. He kept asking for a Professor Vann. I mean, I know I've never heard of the guy, have you?

Barek: As a matter of fact I have. Owen, I want to thank you for lending me the tapes, you've been so helpful.

Owen: Thanks for looking at them. You've been a lot of help, too.

Barek: Not as much help as you, my friend, not as much help as you.

Scene 7:Mrs. Birdsong's Classroom

Mila and J.T. in class talking.

Mila: I'm so excited. Have you looked at the reading list? We're going to be reading Emily Dickinson this semester. She's my favorite poet.

J.T.: Dickinson, Shakespeare, Robert Browning, Robert Frost! Wow, this is great stuff! It'll certainly give me a break from all those science courses.

Mila: I'm so glad this is my first real class.

J.T.: You should be glad. Last year my first class was Mr. Pemberbrook's history class. Was he ever boring.

Callie enters. She sits near J.T.

J.T.: Callie, I didn't know you had an interest in poetry.

Callie: There are a lot of things you don't know about me.

J.T.: I guess there are.

Mila: Callie, are you excited for your first day of school? I know I am.

Callie: I guess so, but I already miss the summer.

Sydney and Nancy enter. They sit near Mila.

Sydney: Well, at least there are some familiar faces in this class: Hi Mila, Callie, J.T.

Mila: Sydney, you have to tell me about all the best clubs to join.

Nancy: There's cheer leading, there's booster club. However, given your special talents, Mila, maybe glee club might be your best bet. They haven't been good in years.

Sydney: I'm running for Student Council President.

Mila: Sydney, you've got to let me be your campaign manager.

Sydney: We'll see.

Garrett & Glory enter. Garrett sits next to Mila, Glory next to J.T.

Garrett (to Mila): Our first class together.

Mila: And think, our favorite subject. You must be hoping for all A's.

Garrett: Yeah, but football practice starts today. I don't know how much time I'll have for both.

Mila: But Garrett, you can't quit poetry. What am I going to do without your poetry to read?

Garrett: Don't worry. I'll have more time for poems once Dad lets me stay in Swans Crossing.

Mila: Speaking of that, have you heard anything from those record producers?

Garrett: Not yet. I didn't get a chance to check the post office this morning. I'll check tonight after football practice.

Sydney (to J.T.): Did you hear anything about my birth papers this morning?

J.T.: They weren't there when I checked this morning. I'll check tonight. Don't worry, Sydney. I'll let you know when they come.

Sydney: But I need them before the concert.

J.T.: I'm sorry, Sydney. You'll just have to wait.

Saja enters

Everyone: Saja!

Saja sits near J.T. and Callie.

J.T.: What are you doing in this class, Saja? You don't seem like the poetry type.

Saja: I'm not. It was either this or Home Ec.

J.T. signals for Callie and Saja to join Glory and him.

J.T. (whispering): Remember the plan. Stay cool and stick together. Nothing happened to Neil last night, but he was lucky. We've got to be careful, who knows who's watching us.

Saja, Callie, & Glory give reassuring responses (sounds good, O.K. etc.)

Mrs. Birdsong enters and goes to the front of the class.

Mrs. Birdsong: Good morning class. In case you haven't heard, this class is all about poetry, not just the rhymes and rhythm's of poetry, but the art and beauty of poetry. This semester, we will read some of the most breathtaking poems ever written...

Fade. Reappear at the end of class.

Mrs, Birdsong: So your first assignment is to read the first four chapters of Poetry: A Writer's Guide. (Bell rings) And remember to start on those projects. You must find a partner by next week.

Everyone walks out of class.

J.T.: Glory, would you like to be my partner?

Glory: I'd love to, J.T., that sounds great.

J.T.: Great, then come by tonight. On second thought, I'll come over to your place.

Glory: Oh, right.

Mila: Bye, Garrett. I'll see you in History.

Garrett: Looking forward to it. (Garrett grabs Sydney. The rest of the class leaves). Have you talked to Billy Gunn yet?

Sydney: I haven't had time. I'll call him tonight.

Garrett: When?

Sydney: After school. Just get off my back.

Garrett: You better not let me down this time, Sydney. I'd hate to think what could happen if you do.

Fade to commercial.

Scene #8: The School Hallway

Sandy and Saja bump into each other through the halls. Baldie #1 is hanging out at the lockers, unsuccessfully attempting to look unsuspicious.

Saja (not noticing it's Sandy): Hey, watch it! Oh, it's you, Sandy. A thousand pardons. I thought it was someone unfamiliar with a warrior's ways. What a coincidence running into you in the hallway (said somewhat puzzled) both literally and figuratively). So, Sandy, have you found school to your satisfaction so far?

Sandy: As a matter of fact, I have. I'm taking French this year. French is such a romantic language, don't you think?

Saja: Why, er, yes, yes it is. It is very... poetic. Speaking of poetry, Mrs. Birdsong's already assigned homework: four chapters, can you believe that? So, how successful are you at warding of the demons of homework?

Sandy: Are you kidding? I'm swamped already. I've got three chapters to read in French, and I've got to finish a whole book for English class this week, and in History, I've already-

Saja (cutting Sandy off): Enough! You're making me worry. Alas, the demons of homework are alive and well.

Sandy: You're telling me.

Saja: So, what class do you have next?

Sandy: I've got trigonometry next period.

Saja: With Miss Sanders?

Sandy: Yeah.

Saja: Great, we're in the same class. Mind if I walk you to class?

Sandy: No, not at all. I'd like that. Lunch is right after class, so why don't we just go to lunch from there.

Saja: That sounds great. (Aside) For once, it appears the gods are with me (gong).

Saja and Sandy walk by J.T. & Neil.

Saja: Hey guys.

J.T.: Way to go, Saja!

Once J.T. & Neil pass Sandy, they give Saja a thumbs up.

Baldie #1 follows J.T. & Neil, reading a paper.

J.T.: Saja with a girlfriend! I don't believe it. That just leaves just you, Bucky Ball.

Neil: I've got more important things to worry about than girls, J.T., like UB2B. And homework. I can't believe it. J,T., look at this. I have read 60 pages tonight in calculus, and 45 in physics. Don't these teachers understand I've got important work to do? I can't be bothered by this trivial homework business.

J.T.: Neil, don't you remember, dork brain, I'm in those classes, too. Besides, all the stuff's review. We knew that stuff in fourth grade. It will take us an hour, tops. Besides, hopefully tonight, we'll have everything we'll need to finish-

Neil (cutting J.T. off): Our homework. Right, Bucky Ball.

J.T.: Oh, yeah. Homework, right. You get a head start on homework, and I'll meet you here after football practice. I still think you'd make a good wide receiver.

Neil: Save it, J.T. There's no way I'm going out for football.

J.T.: I tried, I tried. (J.T. notices Baldie #1, whispers) Neil, I think we're being followed. See that bald guy over there, at the lockers. He's the one that asked for Professor Vann at Swan's, the one Glory thought kidnapped her.

Neil (whispering): O.K., let's get out of here, fast.

J.T. (extra loud): So we should really hurry to class, we don't want to be late, especially with all those OTHER people there.

Neil (extra loud): Right, Bucky Ball. It will be very crowded there, so we better leave.

Baldie #1: Screwball kids not so lucky next time.

Scene 9: Cafeteria

Sandy and Saja are sitting down for lunch. Sydney and Nancy are sitting at the next table over. Neil, J.T., & Glory are carrying trays and sit at an empty table. Garrett & Mila sit at the table with Sydney & Nancy.

Mila: This is great. I'm sitting with my best friends, and my boyfriend.

Garrett & Sydney (sarcastically): Great.

Garrett: Sydney, did you do that favor I asked?

Sydney: I told you I'd get it done after school.

Mila: What favor is this?

Garrett: Nothing special: Only something that will make things between the three of us much better. Right, Sandy?

Mila: Garrett, that's Sydney, not Sandy.

Garrett: Oh yeah, right.

Nancy: Mila, you simply have to go with Sydney and I to club signing after school. We'll join all the coolest clubs. It'll be so much fun.

Mila: I don't know how much time I'll have for clubs. Mrs. Birdsong gave us four chapters to read.

Nancy: My dear Mila, we know that. We're in the same class, remember? I didn't say we'll actually do anything in these clubs, I just said we'd sign up for them.

Mila: Garrett and I are already partners for the poetry project. Who's your partner going to be, Nancy?

Nancy: Well, since you and Garrett are partners, and Glory must be doing her project with J.T. I suppose that I'll have to have Sydney as my partner. Sydney (sarcastically): With an offer like that, how can I refuse?

Mila: All I know is that with Garrett as my partner, we'll have to get an A.

Sydney: An A for arrogant.

Garrett: With Mila as my partner, A will stand for awestruck, like I am right now.

Sydney: I don't think I can handle this. C'mon Nancy, let's go to class.

Sydney gets up and leaves.

Nancy: But I just started eating my sandwich. Sydney, wait up!

Nancy follows Sydney and passes Jimmy and Callie, who are walking with their trays.

Callie: There's

Glory: Let's sit over there.

Callie & Jimmy sit down with Glory, J.T., & Neil.

Jimmy: Hi Glory, J.T., Neil. How's it going? Everyone: O.K. Fine. Pretty good.

Glory: So tell me Callie, how's your first day of school been?

Callie: Well, I'm up to my ears in homework, I'm drowning in it.

J.T.: I guess it's a good thing you live in a sub?

Callie: Ha, ha. Very funny, J.T. We're also in a lot of hot water, get it?

J.T.: Speaking of hot water, guess who I saw in the halls today?

Jimmy: Not Barek?

J.T.: No, it was our bald friend.

Callie: What was he doing?

Neil: He was following us. I've never seen the guy before, but he gives me the creeps.

Jimmy: You and everyone else.

Saja walks by with Sandy.

Saja: There you guys are. How come you didn't sit down with us?

Sandy: I gotta go. I've got singing practice now.

Saja: Bye. Walk you to Swan's after school?

Sandy: Sounds great. See you then.

Jimmy: As I was saying, we didn't want to interrupt you.

Saja: Interrupt who? Me and Sandy. Come on guys, don't be ridiculous. Sandy and me are just friends.

Callie: Friends don't have that look, Saja.

Saja: What look?

Jimmy: That stupid grin on your face.

Saja: Can't a man be happy while not in the pursuit of woman?

Jimmy & J.T.: NO!

Neil: Saja, take a seat. We're talking about...

Jimmy: The great mamba jamba.

Neil: Now what's that?

Callie: That's just what Saja calls all this.

Jimmy: Before we say anything else, we better make sure we're alone.

Everyone looks around the cafeteria. No one sees anything

Jimmy: We are, for now.

J.T.: I wouldn't bet on that. This guy's sneaky. Let's just be careful.

Neil: C'mon, let's get out of here. J.T. and I have class.

Everyone gets up. When Neil dumps his plate, Baldie #1 appears from behind the garbage can.

Fade to commercial.

Scene #10: School Hallway

Nancy, Mila, & Sydney join Owen at the club sign-up.

Owen: Anyone signing up for band?

Nancy: No, I'm signing up for booster club.

Mila: I'm going to go out for cheer leading.

Owen (to Mila): Are you going to be head cheerleader?

Sydney: No! I've been head cheerleader the past two years.

Mila: No, Owen. I'm just hoping to make the squad. Have you thought about the video yet?

Owen: Oh right, the video. I haven't quite made a decision yet.

Mila: O.K., but remember, you have to make your decision before the concert.

Owen: O.K., bye Mila.

Mila: Bye, Owen.

Owen leaves.

Nancy: Now he's the kind of person you can't be seen with if you ever hope to be popular.

Mila: But Owen's going to make me a star.

Nancy (sarcastically): Sure he is.

Sydney: C'mon Mila, let's go. We have to practice cheers. You're going to have to get better if you want to make the squad. The competition is going to be very tough this year.

All leave for practice.

Scene 11: Football Field

Coach Johnson addresses the team. J.T. and Garrett are listening up at the front.

Coach Johnson: All right, team. We did well last year, but we lost a lot of people. we need our experienced players to step up this year. The Newport game is in less than a month. I don't need to tell you how important that game is, so we need a total effort, no slacking off. We need people on time for practice, and we need people to workout everyday. So if you don't have the time, I need to know now.

Jimmy enters.

Coach Johnson: Clayton, isn't it?

Jimmy: Yes, sir. Sorry I'm late.

Coach Johnson: Don't let it happen again. Your brother played for me, tailback. He was pretty good.

Jimmy goes next to Garrett and J.T.

J.T.: Jimmy, I didn't know you were into football.

Garrett: Yeah, I thought you were just a primo gearhead.

Jimmy: C'mon guys, there's more in my life than just engines and piston systems.

Garrett: Oh yeah, I forgot, there's also Miss Walker.

J.T.: That's right. National Inquirer headline: Jimmy Clayton and Callie Walker, together at last.

Jimmy: Funny guys... Hey, that's Jeff Simpson over there. What's he doing here?

Garrett: I saw that dweeb in poetry class, who is he?

Jimmy: Only the best player Swans has ever seen. Don't you remember? He was the guy who threw four touchdowns for Central to beat us last year. He's won two straight league championships.

Garrett: You heard what Coach Johnson said, that the experienced players must step up. There's only room for one quarterback on this team, and I'm afraid for that guy Jeff that it's going to be me.

J.T.: Of course it is (sarcastically). Assuming that you don't go off to France. And assuming that this guy Jeff gets struck by lightning, and assuming, if none of those things happen, that you can beat me out for the position. And you know what assuming does?

Garrett: In this case, makes an ass out of you, but not me.

Coach Johnson: Enough chit chat over there, boys. C'mon, let's see what you got. Booth, you throw the ball, Adams, go out for the pass.

J.T.: But Coach, I want to try out for quarterback this year.

Coach Johnson: Adams, are you crazy? We need you at tight end. You're our only experienced player at that position. We can't have the whole team try out for quarterback. We need you concentrating on being a great tight end.

J.T.: Yes, sir.

Garrett: See what I mean, rocket boy?

J.T. goes out for the pass. Garrett throws a perfect spiral. J.T. catches the pass.

Coach Johnson: Nice throw, Booth. A little more zip and you'll be there. Hey, Simpson, come over here.

Jeff comes over to Coach Johnson.

Jeff: Yes, Coach?

Coach Johnson: Jeff, I want you to meet two of our best players. Garrett Booth, last year's quarterback, and J.T. Adams, our tight end.

Jeff: Hey, guys. Booth, right... I saw you play last year, you looked pretty good. Too bad about that interception at the end of the game.

Garrett (annoyed): Let's just see what you have, Simpson.

Coach Johnson: That's a great idea. Simpson, throw the ball to Adams.

J.T. goes out for the pass. Jeff throws a perfect, hard spiral. J.T. catches it, but the speed of the ball knocks him down.

Coach Johnson: Great throw Simpson. Looks like those press clippings are true. In that case, we're going to have quite a year.

J.T. (to Garrett): I think it's gonna rain tonight. There's always a chance for lightning, Booth.

Garrett: Lightning only strikes once, Adams, so be careful.

J.T.: I am, Garrett, I am.

Scene #12: Inside a Undisclosed Room

Baldies #1 and #2 listening to Owen's tape with headphones.

Baldie #2: What is this?

Baldie #1: This is Owen's Tapes. But I don't understand code.

Baldie #2: Sounds like teenage music to me. I don't like it.

Baldie #1: I don't know what it means, but I like to dance to it.

Roll Credits.

***This is a D & G Greco Production***