Swans Crossing: The Season Ending Episodes

© 1997 Daniel and Gregory Greco

Episode #2

Scene #1: Outside Booth House
Callie knocking on front door, and Garrett opens it

Garrett: What do you want? Glory's eating breakfast.

Callie: Well, do you mind if I speak to her.

Garrett: If you must. Hey Glory! (Glory enters) Your friend's here to see you. I gotta go. I've got a swimming lesson this morning and then I've got to put up some fliers up for dad. I will see you two later.

Garrett leaves

Callie: Hi Glory. I have a favor to ask. Could you tell J.T. that Sydney's coming over to pick up the slot machine this morning. By the way, what's Garrett's problem?

Glory: Garrett's still a little upset about dad sending him to France. You know, he leaves next week. And sure, I'll tell J.T. But you didn't come all the way over so early to tell me that. So what does bring you over here, some glorious lemonade?

Callie: Actually Glory, it is glorious, but it's not lemonade.

Glory: What is it? Tell me, tell me!

Callie: O.K., you dragged it out of me (kidding). Let's just say that Jimmy and me have a little more going on than tooling around.

Glory: That's wonderful. See, I told you it would happen sooner or later.

Callie: Looks like a little sooner than later.

Glory: Where did you two go after the party last night? You left so early.

Callie: Jimmy and I went to do a little research at the Tool and Die, and one thing led to another, and you know...

Glory: No, I don't know!

Callie: We kissed.

Glory: That's great. Imagine, both of us in love. Isn't it great.

Callie: It's better than great, it's glorious.

Glory and Callie click lemonade glasses

Glory: Who knows, now that we both have boyfriends, maybe we could even double date.

Callie: That sounds really nice, but I think it would be better if Jimmy and I get to know each other a little better first.

Glory: That is something you definitely don't have to explain to me, I know all about that.

Scene #2: J.T.'s room

J.T.: (shaking Neil, trying to wake him up) Wake up, Neil! Wake up! Today's a big day, Bucky Ball. It's our last chance to get some work done on UB2B before school starts. Neil: It's about time you get your mind on work and off poetry.

J.T.: Speaking of poetry, Swan's has a breakfast special, and I know just who to invite.

Neil: What about our research, J.T. You know, big day.

J.T.: It is a big day, and a big day deserves a big breakfast. And besides, not only is it the last day to work on UB2B, it's also my last full day with Glory.

Neil: There's weekends, Bucky Ball. Choose one or the other, work or Glory.

J.T. picks up the phone

J.T.: Food (to Neil). Hello, is Glory there?

Go to split screen. Glory is in her room with Callie

Glory: J.T.

J.T.: You up for a round of breakfast at Swan's. Last one before school starts.

Glory: That sounds great. Hey J.T., guess what?

J.T.: I'm busy Glory, no time for guessing games.

Glory: It's official. Jimmy and Callie are an item. Heard it first hand this morning.

J.T.: That's great, but not as great as breakfast at Swan's.

Glory: J.T., all you think about is food.

J.T.: Glory, that's not all I think about.

Glory: Oh, J.T.! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Sydney's coming over to your place this morning to pick up the slot machine.

J.T.: Thanks for the warning. I'll see you in about ten minutes.

Glory: Sure thing. Mind if Callie comes?

J.T.: That's no problem. Tell her she's welcome.

Callie waves Glory off

Glory: Hold on, J.T.

Callie (to Glory): Actually, I'm supposed to meet Jimmy at the Tool and Die this morning. I'll tell you what. I'll meet you there afterwards.

Glory: O.K., Callie, see you later (Callie leaves). Callie's going to meet us there. Bye J.T.! See you at Swan's. (Glory hangs up the phone)

J.T.: (to Neil) I guess Sydney's coming over to pick up the slot machine. (knock, knock) That must be her, now. Come in (to the knock).

Sydney: Hello boys, came by to pick up the slot machine.

J.T.: So Sydney, you seem in a hurry. What do you need the slot machine for?

Sydney: My mother's having a Las Vegas night for the campaign. I know you guys must be interested given your interest in gambling you've shown lately.

Neil: No more gambling for us. For now, we're strictly keeping our brain waves linked to research.

J.T.: Thanks again for letting us use it. It was actually kind of nice.

Neil: Yeah, too bad we didn't make any money.

Sydney: Speaking of money, have you guys heard anything else about my birth papers? I hope I'm putting my money to good use. What's the status report?

J.T.: Same as the last time you asked. Zip. Zilch.

Neil: Zero.

J.T.: We'll let you know as soon as we get our hands on it. Until then, you'll just have to wait. It's out of our hands.

Pan to Sydney. Fade to commercial.

Scene #3: Swan's Pool Club

Garret and Mila swimming in the pool.

Garrett: Mila, you've really improved. You couldn't even swim when we first started. Now, you're the most graceful thing in the water.

Mila: Oh, Chandler! I had a great teacher.

Garrett: Look, Mila. I'm crazy about you, I am but... I'm not Chandler, I'm Garrett. Chandler was just an excuse to get close to you, but now that we're together, you don't need to call me Chandler anymore.

Mila: You're right Garrett. I just wish you could end that awful writer's block.

Garrett: Believe me, so do I. It's been great, Mila, it has... but I really have to put up some fliers for my dad. So I will see you tonight for our last night together before school starts.

Mila: Oh, I just can't make it tonight. Mother insists on taking me out to dinner. Just the two of us. You know how the Countess is, I just can't make it tonight. But call me.

Garrett: Wild horses couldn't stop me.

Mila: Promise

Garrett: I promise. Besides, my plane to France doesn't leave until after the concert. I'll still get to see you become a star.

Mila: Great, our last night together. What am I going to go without you?

Garrett: Don't worry, I'm not gone yet. I've got a feeling you'll be stuck with me for a long time.

Garrett splashes water on Mila

Scene #4: Tool and Die

Callie and Jimmy enter the Tool and Die. Barek is there.

Barek: So, it's the last day before school starts and the resident gear-heads are here.

Jimmy: Well, we are on the schedule to work today.

Callie: Yeah, we can't miss our last day of work before school.

Barek: Well, sure you can. I get the feeling you guys would like to be alone, and I can't very well get to work with you two making goo-goo eyes at each other all day, so why don't you take the day off. Besides, I'm a man who likes my privacy, and the way I've been running into you guys all over town, it'll be nice to have a day to myself. But you guys have to finish the concert stage, so I want you in here tomorrow after school. Here, you can even have some of my triple ripple.

Barek gives Jimmy the triple ripple ice cream

Jimmy: Thank Barek, we were kind of hoping to get the day off.

Barek: Now get out of here and have some fun. That's what kids are supposed to do, isn't it, have some fun.

Jimmy: C'mon Callie, I know just where to go.

Barek: Be here tomorrow, after school.

Jimmy: You got it.

Jimmy & Callie leave, but spy outside. Barek uses his transmitter.

Barek: Pegasus, we're getting close. I don't know... I don't know... I'll get back to you... sure... at the Walker Estate. Bye.

Jimmy: That's just where I was going.

Callie: C'mon Jimmy, let's go.

Scene #5: Swan's Soda Shop

J.T. & Glory enter Swan's soda shop. Already there is Sandy, Mila & Owen. Jazz and Baldie #1 are at the counter.

Glory and J.T sit at the counter. Baldie #1 stares at J.T.

Glory (whispering to J.T.): C'mon, let's sit at a booth. This guy gives me the creeps.

J.T.: Me, too.

Baldie #1 (to Jazz): Do you know Owen's tapes?

Jazz: I don't know any Owen Tapes, but I know an Owen Fowler. He's right over there. (Jazz points to Owen)

Baldie #1: Thank you woman with pancakes light as air.

Jazz: My name's Jazz.

Baldie #1: Sure it is.

J.T.: So Glory, I've been working on a new poem.

Glory: J.T, that's wonderful! Can I hear it?

J.T.: Sure, I've got it right here. It's called The Star.

Everyone has a star in their life,
someone to shine bright in the night.
A star is someone who is decent and kind.
Once in your life a star you will find
To be bright and strong as the night will allow
My star gives me the light and strength to shine myself

Glory: J.T., that's beautiful.

J.T.: You think so? You know, I wrote it just for you.

Glory: I know you did. (J.T. and Glory hold hands)

Baldie #1 joins Mila, Owen, & Sandy

Baldie #1: Is this where I find Owen Tapes?

Owen: I'm Owen, Owen Fowler. Wow! Are you from the record company?

Baldie #1: Record company?

Owen: Are you a big record producer?

Baldie #1: Record producer? Yes, I am big record producer. Do you have tapes?

Owen: Yeah, I've got some right here. You want one? (Owen gives Baldie an audio tape)

Baldie #1: Thank you, you most helpful (Baldie #1 leaves, chats with Jazz)

Owen: Wow! Thanks! (to Mila and Sandy) I'm going to be a star!

Sandy: Owen, we have to talk about the video.

Mila: Yeah, Owen!

Owen: I lent Barek the tapes. I'll get them tomorrow, I can't do anything until then.

Sandy: Owen, whose going to star in the video, me or Mila?

Mila: Yeah, Owen. You have to make a decision.

Owen: Why can't you both star?

Sandy: We've been working together longer.

Mila: We're doing my song.

Sandy: You have to decide, her or me. Three's a crowd

Mila: Yeah!

Owen: Do I have to decide today?

Mila: No.

Sandy: But before the concert.

Mila: Yeah.

Owen: O.K., O.K., I'll decide before the concert.

Baldie #1 gets up to leave

Jazz (to Baldie #1): Hey you, the guy from Milwaukee. You ever find that Professor Vann?

Pan to J.T., looking shocked

Fade to commercial.

Scene #6: Swan's Soda shop

Glory & J.T. are together at a booth. Baldie #1 is talking with Jazz. Owen, Mila, & Sandy are at a table discussing the concert.

Baldie #1: No, no Professor Vann today.

Glory: J.T., Professor Vann, that's who the kidnappers were asking about.

J.T.: I know. Let's get out of here fast.

Glory & J.T. leave

Jazz (to Baldie #1): Do you want anymore pancakes?

Baldie #1 notices J.T. & Glory leaving

Baldie #1: No thank you, but I must be going. I got important meeting... Verutzka!!!

Baldie #1 leaves to follow J.T. & Glory

Scene #7: Walker Estate

Barek's talking to Pegasus (wearing a black robe). Jimmy & Callie are hiding behind some trees.

Barek: It will be completed.

Pegasus: When?

Barek: Before the concert. I can promise you that.

Pegasus: Good. You have done excellent work, Barek.

Barek: Right now, I got to get back to work at the Tool and Die, I can't blow my cover.

Pegasus: No, that would be bad. Very, very bad.

Barek leaves.

Jimmy: Well, it's clear what Barek's up to now.

Callie: Yeah, just like I've been saying all along.

Jimmy: I can't believe he'd blow his cover that easily. He really slipped up.

Callie: Or maybe Barek wanted us to know.

Jimmy: Why would he want us to know?

Callie: Well, there's only one way to find out. C'mon, let's go back to the Tool and Die.

Jimmy: I guess there goes our fishing trip. Maybe another time.

Callie: Another time.

Jimmy & Callie leave to follow Barek.

Scene #8: Outside the Library

J.T. & Glory walking briskly

Glory: J.T., am I in any danger.

J.T.: No, they must know that you don't know anything at this point. But Neil and I, I think we're in a lot of trouble.

Glory: What are you going to go, J.T.? Why do they want to catch you?

J.T.: You know I can't tell you that, Glory. But they probably aren't going to come for you again. They're definitely after Neil and me. All I know is that I've gotta get home and tell Neil. He may already be in danger.

Jimmy & Callie walking.

Jimmy: All Barek was doing was tuning a twin-engine fuel system.

Callie: Barek must know we're on to him.

Jimmy & Callie run into J.T. & Glory.

J.T.: Am I ever glad to run into you guys.

Callie: What's the matter, J.T., you look like you've just seen a ghost. We were just going to Swan's to meet you.

J.T.: I wouldn't go over there if I were you.

Jimmy: Why?

J.T.: I think we just saw the guy who kidnapped Glory.

Callie: What did he look like?

Glory: He was big, and bald, and had an accent, and I think he was the one who kidnapped me.

Callie: That sounds like him. I think we're all in a lot of trouble.

Jimmy: I think we better get out of here. Who knows how many people are listening to this conversation?

Saja enters kicking, in a warrior outfit.

Saja: At least one. What's going on?

Callie: The great mamba jamba.

Jimmy: At least two of them.

Saja: What happened?

Callie: We saw Barek talking to a guy, he was dressed in black, just like you Saja. Barek was talking about not blowing his cover, and said something about finishing something before the concert.

Saja: That's only in one week.

Jimmy: Looks like you've been on the right track the entire time, Saja.

J.T.: And Glory and me saw some bald guy with an accent asking about my work.

Saja: That's the human docking post.

J.T.: What?

Saja: Never mind.

J.T.: O.K. We're really close, but we're in real danger. Lay low ‘till school tomorrow. Glory's already been kidnapped and Neil's been drugged, so we all have to stick together. No one can be alone.

Saja: What about school?

J.T.: Act like nothing's happened. But never be alone, not even in the bathroom.

Callie: What about Glory, she's not involved.

J.T.: She is now (to Callie). I'm sorry. (to Glory, then hugs her)

Glory: That's O.K., I know you'll protect me.

J.T.: We gotta get out of here. I need to warn Neil. I only hope it's not too late.

Fade to commercial.

Scene #9: Booth Front Porch

Mr. Booth and Garrett talking

Garrett: Dad, I want to start school tomorrow.

Mr. Booth: Garrett, I thought we decided you were leaving for France next week.

Garrett: I want to start classes, dad, just in case something happens so that I can stay in Swans Crossing.

Mr. Booth: Far be it for me to tell you to miss school, so if you want to start classes tomorrow, fine. But let me warn you, this is in no way going to influence my decision to send you to boarding school, so you better start packing now for France.

Garrett: But dad, I have to stay in Swans Crossing.

Mr. Booth: Garrett, you'll be home for summers and holidays. Now stop acting so childish. This is a great opportunity for you. You are a very lucky man. You should be happy.

Garrett: Thrilled (sarcastically).

Mr. Booth goes into the house. Garrett goes in seconds later and dials the phone. He calls from Glory's room. Mila answers. Split screen shown.

Mila: Hello.

Garrett: It's me.

Mila: Oh Garrett, you called. I'm so happy. I've missed you today.

Garrett: How was dinner with the Countess?

Mila: Boring. Anything without you is boring.

Garrett: You know I feel the same way.

Mila: Is you dad letting you start school tomorrow?

Garrett: Yeah, but he says I still have to go to boarding school.

Mila: Not when you hear from those record producers.

Garrett: I haven't heard from them, yet.

Mila: You will, I know you will. You have to take Mrs. Birdsong's English class. We're going to read poetry all semester.

Garrett: Great (sarcastic, aside) Looking forward to it. See you tomorrow in class.

Mila: I can't wait. Bye Garrett.

Mila hangs up the phone. Garret makes another call. Sydney answers. Split screen shown.

Sydney: Hello

Garrett: It's me.

Sydney: What do you want? I was just getting in a good mood.

Garrett: I need you to do another favor.

Sydney: Oh no, not another poem.

Garrett: Oh, no, nothing like that. Not yet.

Sydney: Then what!

Garrett: I need you to get in contact with our little English friend, Billy Gunn. I want to make sure that he comes into town for the concert.

Sydney: I already talked to him. He said maybe.

Garrett: That's not good enough. I need you to be a little more persuasive.

Sydney: How?

Garrett: Didn't you say he was interested in making you a little more than a social secretary?

Sydney: Yeah, so.

Garrett: So, use your charms, figure it out.

Sydney: Look Garrett, I'm tired of running your errands for you.

Garrett: Maybe you've forgotten, but if you don't do this for me, I can make your life very miserable Sandy-

Sydney: O.K., O.K. But watch it Garrett Booth. I've got a little plan of my own.

Garrett: What's that supposed to mean?

Sydney: Bye Garrett.

Sydney hangs up the phone quickly, is alone.

Sydney: You better not let me down, J.T. Adams.

Scene #10: J.T.'s Room

Baldie #1 in bushes about to stand up. J.T. runs to his room, where Neil is looking.

J.T. hurriedly enters his room.

Neil: Where have you been?

J.T.: I was at Swan's.

Neil: We were supposed to work today. Your stomach does nothing but get us in trouble.

J.T.: Neil, we're already in trouble.

Neil: Yeah, we're in trouble. School starts tomorrow and you haven't done a thing all day.

J.T.: No, not that kind of trouble, I mean real trouble.

Neil: Why? What happened?

J.T.: I was at Swan's with Glory when I saw this big, bald guy with an accent looking for Professor Vann.

Neil: You found the guy who's after us?

J.T.: There's more. Glory thinks that's the guy who kidnapped her. Barek is definitely in on it, and-

Neil cuts off a panicked J.T.

Neil: Slow down, Bucky Ball. Now tell me, nice and easy.

J.T.: Fine. That guy, the bald one, I think he kidnapped Glory, and he's probably the guy who drugged you.

Neil: Where is he now?

J.T.: I don't know, we got out of Swan's before he could follow us.

Neil: Does he know where we live?

J.T.: I don't know.

Neil: Does he know who Professor Vann is?

J.T.: I don't know. You can't rule anything out at this stage. All I know is that everyone's in danger. Neil, listen to me. You can't be alone. Assume someone is following us at all times.

Neil: O.K., O.K. I'll be careful, Bucky Ball.

J.T.: Not careful, Neil, mistake free.

Neil: What does Barek have to do with this?

J.T.: I don't know. Jimmy and Callie saw him talking to some masked guy at the Walker Estate. Whatever he's doing, he's got to get it done before the concert.

Neil: That gives us a week, Bucky Ball. What about the work?

J.T.: It's all in the computer, right?

Neil: It is now, no thanks to you.

J.T.: Then we'll put a safeguard on the computer, and burn what's written down.

Neil: What's the password?

J.T. writes in the computer (we see the back of the computer screen).

J.T.: This. And never repeat it. Who knows if we're being bugged or followed or what. Someone might even be watching us this minute.

Pan outside J.T.'s house, where Baldie #1 is talking into a transmitter.

Baldie #1: I think they onto us. But one more thing. We have a new player. Who? Owen. Owen Tapes.

Roll Credits

***This is a D & G Greco Production***