Swans Crossing: The Season Ending Episodes

© 1997 Daniel and Gregory Greco

Episode #1

Scene #1: Sydney’s Pool Party

Sydney and Nancy talking, joined by Saja and Sandy.

Sandy: Sydney, as usual, another great success!

Saja: I couldn’t agree more. Your gracious hospitality has once again created an event worthy of the gods (bong!).

Sydney: I try, but you know how putting these parties together are. Then again, maybe you don’t.

Sandy: I guess I don’t know what it’s like to be Sydney Rutledge.

Sydney (aside): And you never will.

Sandy: Well, it’s getting late, we better get going.

Saja (to Sandy): I would be honored if you would let me, once again, ward off the dangers of the night and walk you home.

Sandy: That would be really nice Saja. Bye Sydney. (Saja and Sandy walk off)

Nancy: Saja and Sandy? What an odd combination. Then again, who else would be seen with either of them?

Enter Garrett, Mila, J.T., Glory, and Neil

Garrett: Mila, it’s getting kind of late. Why don’t you end your conversation with rocket boy over there and let me walk you home?

Mila: Garrett, that’s rude, you should be sensitive to other people, especially those who share an interest in poetry.

J.T.: Garrett a poet! It makes sense though, I hear there are a lot of poets in France. Right, Garrett?

Garrett: You’re not rid of me yet, techno-geek. Making Mila a star is my ticket to stay in Swans Crossing. Later Glory. Sydney, as always, it’s been a pleasure. (Garrett and Mila leave)

J.T.: O.K. Glory, let’s get out of here. Wanna get a bite at Swan’s?

Glory: Sure, J.T.

Neil: We don’t have time to refuel, Bucky Ball. We got to get back to our research.

J.T.: Neil, my performance quotient always goes down without a pit stop. Besides, there ain’t much to do until we get that last-

Neil: OK, we’ll eat, but let’s make it quick.

Glory, J.T. & Neil: By Sydney, Nancy.

Nancy: Sydney, this has simply been marvelous, but I must be going. I’m riding with Master Marsukian tomorrow morning, and you know how he gets when you’re late. Then again, with your attendance at the stables lately, maybe you’ve forgotten. Too-do-loo!!

Sydney: Bye Nancy. (Nancy leaves) When I get those papers from Neil and J.T., that’ll be the worst day you’ve ever had, Garrett Booth.

Scene #2: Tool and Die

Barek and Own inside looking at tapes. Callie and Jimmy are spying on them.

Barek: Owen, you have some interesting stuff.

Owen: You really think so?

Barek: Oh yeah. Sure. You know, you could have a real future in movies. Is this your first film?

Owen: No, in 6th grade I made a movie about frogs. It was awesome: There was blood-

Barek (cutting Owen off): Sounds great, but I’m sure this will be much better. Say, Owen, why don’t you leave the tapes overnight? Maybe I could do something with them. You know, I majored in film at UCLA for a semester.

Owen: Wow! That would be cool!

Callie (spying and whispering to Jimmy): Is there anything Barek hasn’t done?

Jimmy: Or claims to.

Owen (to Barek): Barek, how long do you think it’ll take for you to look at my tapes?

Barek: Oh, at least a couple of days. Film making takes time, you know. It doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s obvious you’re in a hurry, so why don’t you pick up the tapes Monday morning before school?

Owen: That would be great. Thanks a lot, Barek.

Barek: Now this part here is really good...

Fades to Jimmy and Callie

Callie: Look Jimmy, we better split before Barek catches us. We’ll get a fresh start in the morning.

Jimmy: Yeah, I’ll walk you back to the sub.

Callie: That sounds nice.

Jimmy: What do you think Barek wants with Owen’s tapes?

Callie: I don’t know, it probably has to do with that bald guy, the one with the band aids.

Jimmy: I just wish I knew where Barek fit into all this.

Callie: So do I, but we’re not gonna get anywhere tonight.

Jimmy (looking romantic): I don’t know about that.

Callie: Wait.

Jimmy: What is it? Barek?

Callie: Yeah, I just can’t get all this off my mind. I think our friends are in trouble.

Jimmy: Don’t worry about it, now. We’ll figure it out in the morning.

Callie: O.K. I’m sorry.

Jimmy: No problem. So what’s on your mind now, Walker woman?

Callie: Oh, I don’t know, maybe a little tooling around.

Jimmy: I don’t see any tools.

Callie: Oh, we’ll figure something out.

Jimmy and Callie kiss

Cut to commercial

Scene #3: Outside the Tool and Die

Jimmy and Callie end their kiss.

Jimmy: That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

Callie: Actually, I’d say it was pretty good.

Jimmy: I’m glad you feel that way. Sure took us long enough.

Callie: Some things are worth waiting for.

Jimmy: You got that right, Walker woman.

Scene #4: Outside Sandy’s house

Saja and Sandy talking.

Saja: Well, we’re here. I had a really good time tonight.

Sandy: Yeah, so did I.

Saja: So, Sandy, maybe someday you might want to...

Sandy: Yes!

Saja: Ah, forget it.

Sandy: No, What?

Saja: Well, it was really great talking and stuff and I was thinking that someday you might want to, you know... go out for a burger or something?

Sandy: Sure, Saja, that sounds great!

Saja: It does?

Sandy: Yeah, that sounds really nice.

Saja: Great! So, I’ll give you a call, you know, telephones, the great communicator? O.K., bye.

Scene #5: Swan’s Soda Shop

J.T., Neil, and Glory sitting at the counter.

J.T.: Jazz, I’ll have one last double cheeseburger, please.

Jazz: And this is only your fourth.

Neil: Four burgers, J.T.! I thought this was going to be a quick pit stop. Besides, you said you wanted to get an early start tomorrow. Remember, it’s the last day to work before school starts.

J.T.: Neil, it’s still early, plus how can this be a quick pit stop when I’ve got double cheeseburgers, my Bucky Ball, and... (looks at Glory).

Neil: Oh, brother (aside). Look you guys, I’m going to get a little head start on that research.

J.T. and Glory (looking at each other): Bye.

Neil leaves. Garrett and Mila enter Swan’s soda shop. Neil bumps into Garrett while leaving.

Garrett: Watch it, dweeb!

Neil: Yeah, whatever Garrett.

Garrett: I can’t wait to here from those record producers. I know they’re going to love you at the concert. I already do.

Mila: Oh, Garrett. I don’t know how much I’ll be singing at the concert. Sandy wants to sing lead, and Owen has worked with Sandy much longer than he’s worked with me.

Garrett: Mila, why would Owen choose to work with Sandy over you? You’re much better. You’re the one that’s going to be a star. In fact, I’ve got a little plan so that you’ll sing lead at the concert instead of Sandy.

Mila: What plan Garrett?

Garrett: I can’t tell you anything yet, but when I can, I’ll let you know.

Mila: Oh look, there’s Glory and J.T.!

Garrett: Great! (sarcastically)

Mila: Come on, Garrett. I want you and J.T. to be friends. You have so much in common.

Garrett: What could I possibly have in common with J.T.?

Mila: You both have an interest in poetry.

Garrett: Oh, that.

Mila and Garret go to J.T. and Glory’s table

Mila: Hi Glory. Mind if we sit down with you?

Glory: Sure, you can sit here (points to two open seats).

J.T.: Got your bags packed for France yet, Garrett?

Garrett: I’ve had just about enough of you for one day, tech-weenie.

Mila: I don’t know why you guys fight. You’re both so sensitive.

J.T.: The only thing Garrett’s sensitive about is Garrett.

Glory: J.T.!

Garrett: Get out of here, J.T. You’re just jealous because I have the starting quarterback job and you have to spend another year at tight end. So, get back to your food, rocket boy, you’re making me sick.

J.T.: Suddenly, I’ve lost my appetite. C’mon Glory, let’s get out of here. (J.T. and Glory leave suddenly)

Garrett: Mila, why do you hang out with that dweeb?

Mila: C’mon Garrett. J.T.’s really nice. He’s very sensitive.

Garrett: Is he as sensitive as yours truly?

Mila: Of course not. No one’s as sensitive as you and Chandler.

Garrett: Yeah (sort of annoyed). Anyway, so Mila, why don’t you let the both of us walk you home?

Mila: Sure, I’d be honored.

Cut to commercial

Scene #6: Outside Callie’s Sub

Jimmie and Callie alone, with Baldie #1 watching them.

Jimmy: I had a great time tonight.

Callie: So did I.

Jimmy: Tomorrow’s the last day before school starts. Maybe we should do something special.

Callie: Like watch Barek?

Jimmy: I was thinking of something a little more intimate. You know, just the two of us.

Callie: Yeah, I’d like that a lot, but we have work tomorrow. Do you think Barek will give us the day off?

Jimmy: I don’t know, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. So what do you want to do?

Callie: You want to go fishing?

Jimmy: I’d like that. I still remember my brother used to take me when I was little. I miss it. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have take his place.

Callie: Well, here’s your chance. I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll meet you at the Tool and Die in the morning, before work.

Jimmy: Can’t say no to you, huh, Walker woman?

Callie: Nope, I guess you can’t.

Jimmy: Then tomorrow morning it is. We’ll talk tomorrow. Thanks Callie, tonight was really special.

Callie (hearing a noise): Wait!

Saja enters, kicking

Callie: Saja, what are you doing?

Saja: A thousand pardons, but what happened to you guys at the pool club?

Callie: We went to the Tool and Die to spy on Barek.

Saja: And you didn’t invite me?

Callie: Saja, you seemed a bit pre-occupied yourself.

Saja: Me? You mean with Sandy? I guess, but nothing takes precedence over the great mamba jamba. You guys should have invited me.

Jimmy: Sorry Saj, but we were a bit pre-occupied ourselves.

Saja: What? Oh, I see. So am I in the way now, is that it? Are my services no longer necessary?

Jimmy: Not really (aside).

Saja: Is there anything a warrior can do to help solve the great mamba jamba?

Callie: Don’t be ridiculous Saja. How could we solve the great mamba jamba without you?

Saja: You mean it? Great, the three musketeers together again. Mighty warriors fighting in the stance against the evils of the night.

Jimmy: Sure, Saj. (somewhat sarcastically)

Saja: So, what did you guys find out over at the Tool and Die?

Callie: Barek was looking at Owen’s tapes, and on the tape we saw... him looking at J.T. and Neil.

Saja: Who? Barek?

Callie: No, your human docking post.

Saja: Looks like we’ve found our great mamba jamba.

Baldie #1: Owen’s tapes? Mamba jamba?

Scene #7: Sydney’s room

Mayor Rutledge enters the room with Sydney alone.

Mayor Rutledge: Hi, Sydney. How’s my little baby?

Sydney: From the looks of it, about as good as you, Mother. What’s wrong? Still haven’t found your keep-safe box?

Mayor Rutledge: It’s more than that. You don’t know what it’s like to run a campaign. It’s so tough, especially since Grant Booth is gaining in the polls. Speaking of Booths, why were you speaking with Garrett? I thought you decided to stay away from him.

Sydney: I did Mother. But he hasn’t decided to stay away from me.

Mayor Rutledge: I know how tough it is to lose someone, but you must break your ties to Garrett. He’s just like his father: Sneaky and conniving. If you don’t stay away, you could jeopardize the election.

Sydney: If only I could (aside).

Mayor Rutledge: Oh, Sydney, my little baby. (Hugs Sydney) I know you won’t let me down. Us Rutledge women always get through these things. I remember when you were a little baby, you had a very bad fever. You had a temperature of 104. I was so worried. We had to rush you to the hospital, but you were so strong. You didn’t even cry. It was then that I knew you were a real Rutledge woman.

Sydney: Really Mom?

Mayor Rutledge: Oh, by the way Sydney, I need the slot machine back I lent you. We’re having a Las Vegas night for my campaign next week, and I need back soon.

Sydney: Sure mom, I’ll pick it up at J.T.’s tomorrow.

Mayor Rutledge: Good night, sweetie.

Sydney: Good night, Mom. (Mayor Rutledge leaves). A real Rutledge woman, I like the sound of that.

Scene #8: Outside Mila’s house

Garrett and Mila alone, talking

Mila: Garrett, you didn’t have to be so rude to J.T.

Garrett: Right now, I’m not thinking about J.T.

Mila: So, what are you thinking about?

Garrett: I’m thinking about how to make Mila Rosnovsky the biggest star this side of Hollywood.

Mila: Oh, Garrett!

Garrett: I’m waiting to here from those high-powered record producers. They’re going to keep me in Swans Crossing and keep us together.

Mila: Garrett, when do you think you’ll be able to write some more poems?

Garrett: They’ll be coming. But first, I’ve got to make sure there will be someone to write them. I’m not going to rest until I know I’ll have you all to myself.

Mila: Then will you write me poetry?

Garrett: The most beautiful poetry you’ve ever read.

Mila: Oh, Garrett. (they embrace)

Fade to commercial.

Scene #9: J.T.’s room

Neil working on the computer, J.T. comes in.

J.T.: So, Bucky Ball, how’s the old project going?

Neil: Great. I’ve phased the fusion applicator into the formula.

J.T.: All we need now is for the Rodavians to mail us the last element to finish off...

J.T. & Neil: UB2B!!! Blast off!!! Yeah!!! All right!!!

J.T.: Adams and Atwater, the two greatest scientists since Einstein!

Neil: Oppenheimer!

J.T.: Newton!!!

Neil: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Bucky Ball. We still need to do the application.

J.T.: Yeah, but this time we won’t glue the elements together. Right, Bucky Ball?

Neil: This time you’ll be in charge of the application.

J.T.: And Professor Vann will finally get the credit he deserves.

Pan outside of J.T.’s house to Baldie’s #1 and #2 spying

Baldie #1: Don’t worry, Professor Vann, you will get what you deserve.

Scene #10: In Callie’s sub

Captain Walker alone in the sub, Callie enters

Callie: Dad, what are you still doing up?

Captain Walker: I was doing some last tests on the bio-luminescence of a particular kind of Nudebranch. Your friend Barek gave me some of his research to look at. Your friend does some very interesting work

Callie: That’s not the only interesting work Barek is into.

Captain Walker: Yes, I hear he knows quite a bit about geology as well. I’ll have to plug him for his theory of the volcanic properties of Mt. Vesuvius. Callie, you look very happy, happier than usual. Was it a nice party?

Callie: Dad, do you remember that boy I like?

Captain Walker: How could I forget, you talk about him constantly. Jimmy, isn’t it? Did something happen between you two? (Callie nods) From the look of it, something quite wonderful.

Callie: Dad, how do you know when you’re in love?

Captain Walker: The only thing I love is the sea. And you, of course. But their was a time when I would have done anything in the world for this beautiful, special woman.

Callie: Mom?

Captain Walker: Yes. I’m referring to your mother.

Callie: You don’t talk about her much. What was she like?

Captain Walker: She had beautiful brown eyes, and brown hair just like you, and she was stubborn. Was she ever stubborn. Remind you of anyone?

Callie: A little.

Captain Walker: Oh, she loved horseback riding, and cotillions and teas. She just wasn’t a seafaring woman. You get a lot of your qualities from your mother, but not your sense of adventure. I’m afraid, young lady, that’s an attribute you got from me.

Callie: And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Captain Walker: I do love you Callie, more than you know. I hope this Jimmy isn’t going to make you forget all about your old man.

Callie: Of course not. There’ll always be room in my life for you, father.

Captain Walker: I hope so.

Phone rings

Callie: Hello?

Split screen with Sydney in her room

Sydney: Callie, it’s me, Sydney.

Callie: Hi Sydney, what’s up?

Sydney: I need to know what’s going on with the papers.

Callie: I think J.T. and Neil are still waiting for the papers. Don’t worry, Sydney, I’m sure they’ll come soon.

Sydney: I hope. Callie, you seem in a good mood.

Callie: Yeah.

Sydney: Jimmy Clayton?

Callie: Is it that obvious?

Sydney: Yes, it is. Callie, one more thing. If you see J.T. and Neil, tell them to expect me tomorrow morning. I have to pick up the slot machine. Mother’s having a Las Vegas night fund-raiser, and I need the slot machine back.

Callie: If I run into them, I’ll let them know. Mayor Rutledge looking for a little luck?

Sydney: Yeah, we need all the luck we can get.

Pan to Sydney

Roll credits.

***This is a D & G Greco Production***