Air date 29/6/1992

Sydney returns from horse camp. Garrett returns from France. Callie and her father return from the Seychelles. Ralph gets a ticket for doing 80 chasing Garrett on his mini-bike (at Sydney's urging). They are all greeted by J.T. and Neil's rocket launch, which explodes on the pad. Garrett runs toward Sydney, who has caught up with him, as the rocket is launched, then ducks out of sight under cover of the smoke. Sydney becomes hysterical, thinking she has killed him. After a few minutes, Sydney realizes what Garrett has done and says that if Garrett doesn't show at Swans Soda Shop in one hour she's going to send the cops after him. Garrett sits by the water, planning to wait one hour and ten minutes before returning, when he is confronted by a helmeted figure...


Air date 30/06/1992

Callie encounters Garrett while he is hiding out near the shore. Sydney learns of Garrett's deception and the impending arrival of Mila, then interrupts Sandy and Owen's rehearsal to get Sandy to help her find out about Mila. Garrett is located by Officer Moore and Officer Tapert. Moore warns Garrett that she is watching him. Garrett decides to pretend to Sydney that he met Mila while he was in France.


Air date 01/07/1992

Neil wakes up J.T. to explain that he has solved the UB2B problem but that it will require rare elements. J.T. initiates a computer search for those elements. Coach Gromme talks to a few of the members of the baseball team in the Soda Shop and J.T. and Garrett get into a fight. Bobby DeCastro becomes Sasha and kicks a hole in a door. Sophia invites Jimmy for a ride in her convertible. Sydney sets up a small dinner party for Glory and J.T. The first spies watching J.T. and Neil's computer activity are seen wearing fur hats and sounding sort of Indian.


Air date 02/07/1992

Neil and J.T. invent the alter ego of Professor Vann to make it easier for them to get materials for their research. The spies in fur hats are seen again. Sydney has an abortive dinner party with J.T. and Glory, in an attempt to learn about Mila. Garrett executes an elaborate plot to embarass Sydney by making her think Mila looks like Callie. Sydney searches for what to wear to the July Fourth celebration.


Air date 03/07/1992

FOURTH OF JULY - J.T. and Neil test a remote control for the fireworks display with Coach Gromme. The Anglos are seen for the first time. Jimmy goes for that ride with Sophia. The July Fourth festivities begin as Sydney mistakes Callie for Mila. Her chagrin is short-lived because at that moment the towers that had been built for the fireworks display begin to topple. Fleeing, someone steps on Neil's remote control and sets off the fireworks.


Air date 06/07/1992

Mila gets knocked into the water and can't swim. J.T., Garrett, Owen, and others jump in to attempt a rescue. Most of them end up rescuing each other. Owen saves Mila. Sydney gets a cut lip when she falls fleeing from the falling towers.


Air date 07/07/1992

Sydney recuperates from her injury. A photo of Garrett holding Sydney after she fainted makes the front page of the local paper and Mayor Rutledge doesn't like it. The hole in the stone wall between the Rutledge and Booth properties where Sydney and Garrett meet is patched by the Mayor. Sophia and Callie clash.


Air date 08/07/1992

The baldies (now without their fur hats and sounding sort of Russian) intercept the letter sent from Professor Vann. Garrett and Sydney begin meeting in her mother's Mercedes instead of at the wall. Sydney goes to visit Mila. J.T. and Neil continue to work on UB2B, but are interrupted by Katie and Glory. Sydney and Garrett make a written agreement between themselves to use Mila as an excuse for seeing each other. Callie begins working at the Tool and Die.


Air date 09/07/1992

The Baldies and the Anglos both locate Swans Crossing when Katie inadvertently bumps J.T.'s computer keyboard. Garrett begins teaching Mila to swim. The Countess remembers Mila's birthday three months early and sends out a ridiculous video invitation to a surprise party for her.


Air date 10/07/1992

MILA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY - One of the Anglos is dispatched to Swans Crossing. Mila's birthday party happens up to the point where J.T. and Neil rewire the rotating cake platform and the cake spins out of control splattering everyone with icing.


Air date 13/07/1992

The second half of Mila's Birthday Party. The cake disaster loosens up everyone except Jimmy, who is still depressed about Sophia's attending the party with Edward, and Sophia, who leaves the party early. Jimmy decides to go for a ride on his bike, which Callie warns him is still in need of adjustment. He loses control and crashes. Neil learns to dance. We learn that Callie is afraid of the dark.


Air date 14/07/1992

Mayor Rutledge and the Countess talk about old times. Mila has her second swimming lesson with Garrett. Callie fixes Jimmy's bike because his right arm is in a sling.


Air date 15/07/1992

The baldies conspire to kidnap Professor Vann. Mila's swimming lesson continues. Callie is introduced to her new boss, Barek. Owen and Sandy work on new material. Barek quizzes J.T. and Neil about the history of Swans Crossing. Sydney and Garrett meet by a tree in the park and Sydney agrees to stand up to her mother and be open about her feelings for Garrett, so long as Swans Crossing wins the big game against Newport.


Air date 16/07/1992

Neil delays J.T. and makes him late for an appointment with Coach Gromme. Gromme picks Garrett as starting pitcher. Glory is conflicted about whether she should be happy for her brother, or unhappy with J.T. Sydney has a daydream about going public with her relationship with Garrett. Professor Vann receives a letter confirming that J.T. and Neil's equations for their UB2B research check out after testing. Mayor Rutledge tells Sydney tha she will make a big announcement before the baseball game.


Air date 17/07/1992

THE BASEBALL GAME - Mayor Rutledge announces the building of a new concert stage in Swans Crossing and that Sydney will be in charge of that. Grant Booth announces that he will run for mayor against Rutledge. Barek watches the game with Jimmy. Sasha makes a critical error at third base, but also hits a home run, after coming to philosophical terms with baseball. Garrett wins the game for Swans Crossing, but is a bit unsportsmanlike about it. Sydney does not keep her promise to walk off the field with Garrett, and instead stays to be interviewed with her mother.


Air date 20/07/1992

Coach Gromme warns Garrett that his behaviour on field is unacceptable, and places him on probation. Sydney has a change of heart and runs to the Soda Shop to be with Garrett, tripping over her grandfather's grave on the way. When she gets there, Garrett has moved on, and is with Mila.


Air date 21/07/1992

On the way home, Callie finds Barek lurking in the shadows. J.T. finds his computer on when he returns from the post- baseball-game celebration and suspects (corrrectly) that his files have been tampered with. Katie reads "Muffin Meets Moonbeam". Two baldies discuss their inability to penetrate Professor Vann's computer security and mention their "agent in Swans Crossing". Barek walks Callie home and behaves suspiciously. Neil uses a new anti-virus program. Sydney and Nancy hatch a plot against Garrett.


Air date 22/07/1992

Sydney convinces Mila to have a slumber party at the Rosnovsky house. Cornelia Booth, having taken a job at the local department store, helps Sandy with her make-up. Barek rejects an overture from Sophia, possibly because Jimmy is hiding under the workbench to avoid her. Neil gives Glory a notebook full of poems by J.T. Owen sings. Mila interrupts his rehearsal.


Air date 23/07/1992

The Countess consults Sydney about the slumber party. Glory reads J.T.'s poems. Sandy finds Mila with Owen and doesn't like it. Nancy and Sydney continue to conspire at the Soda Shop.


Air date 24/07/1992

THE SLUMBER PARTY - Lots of games, wigs, and giggling. Garrett, Saja, J.T., Owen, and Jimmy head out to crash the party.


Air date 27/07/1992

The boys arrive at the party. Owen chickens out. Garrett picks up Sandy and Sydney points out the swan-shaped birthmark on her foot. Sydney reads the what she and Garrett wrote agreeing to use Mila as an excuse to see one another. Mila breaks up with Garrett. Officer Moore arrives and arrests Garrett. All the other boys escape.


Air date 28/07/1992

Grant Booth grounds Garrett. Mila and Sydney spend time together at the Country Club. Garrett is suspended from the baseball team for four weeks.


Air date 29/07/1992

Mila is elected chairperson of the Concert Stage Project. Barek tells people he's going fishing, so Jimmy borrows some fishing gear from Captain Walker, hoping to go along. Mila's first decision as chairperson is to choose Owen and Sandy as the project's official band. Owen tells Sandy that he wants Mila to sing back up on their demo tape.


Air date 30/07/1992

Saja, Owen and Garrett all have fantasies. Grant Booth sends Garrett to the hospital to attempt recovery of some of the lost town records. Garrett finds Sydney's birth certificate and formulates a plan for revenge. He fakes a birth certificate to make it appear that Sandy and Sydney were switched at birth. Callie and Saja discuss Barek.


Air date 31/07/1992

Jack Goldbrick, Mila's agent, comes to town at the behest of the Countess to convince Mila to do a new TV show. Mila turns it down. Jimmy asks Callie to the Swans Club Dance. Sydney lends Sandy a dress for the dance. Garrett shows Sydney the faked birth certificate. One of the baldies calls the Adams house looking for Professor Vann. Katy answers.


Air date 03/08/1992

THE DANCE At the dance, Garrett presents Sydney with the faked birth certificate. Mila tells Sandy that Owen is writing a new song, " Vision in Polka Dot Pink". Mila is wearing pink and polka dots. Sophia speaks to Saja about Jimmy in Japanese not realizing that Callie can speak the lauguage. Jimmy dances with Sophia, Callie dances with Saja. Neil disappears. Neils mother gets worried and calls J.T., who, along with Glory, begin a search for him. They do not find him. Sydney pushes Garrett into the pool.


Air date 04/08/1992

Katy tells J.T. about the phone call. Nancy and Sandy wish for Jimmy to show up and he does. Saja helps J.T. look for Neil. Nancy has a fantasy about Jimmy. Callie, trying to avoid Jimmy by hiding in the bushes, sees Barek following him. Mayor Rutledge talks about the day of Sydney's birth, telling her that it was the day of the great flood and there was much confusion. This lends credence to Garrett's hoax. J.T., worried about the missing Neil, climbs up to Glory's window to see if she's heard anything from him.


Air date 05/08/1992

Sydney has a dream about being changed into Sandy Swan by a wizard. J.T. wears a Colorado Rockies t-shirt, which is interesting since they did not begin play in the National League until 1993. She holds a meeting of the Concert Stage Committee but has difficulty concentrating. The Countess visits Captain Walker on his submarine. J.T. and Saja find Neil. He is asleep in a cabana at the Swans Club. Mayor Rutledge gives Sydney an impromptu present.


Air date 06/08/1992

Sydney opens the present from her mother and it is a gold locket with the initials S.O.R. which belonged to her grandmother. Sandy opines that Sydney looks nothing like her grandmother. Neil thinks he has been drugged, which makes J.T. think someone may be after them because of their UB2B research. Garrett makes another hole in the wall between the Rutledge and Booth properties so that he and Sydney can meet there to discuss things.


Air date 07/08/1992

J.T. and Neil think an envelope sent to Professor Vann might contain a bomb. Katy grabs it and opens it thinking it is her story of the month. When Neil's beeper doesn't work, they deduce that it has been replaced with a bugging device. They send out loud music over it and we find out that both the Anglos and the Baldies are listening in. Then J.T. hits it with the end of a baseball bat, causing injury to the ear of the Baldie listening. Mayor Rutledge reveals to Sydney that she wanted to be a singer when she was younger. It doesn't explode. Jimmy decides to try to make up with Callie, and visits the sub, but Captain Walker, being an anti-social fellow, scares him away. Garrett is no longer grounded, so he meets Sydney in No Man's Land. A baldie watches Glory's room from a tree outside.


Air date 10/08/1992

The Countess decides upon a benefit for nudibranchs as a way to get together with Captain Walker, since that's the main thing he's interested in. The Baldies spy on Glory, thinking she knows something about Professor Vann. Sandy dyes her hair orange with Sydney's help, but somehow it turns orange. Everybody goes to breakfast at the Swans Club. J.T. gives Glory more poems. Billy Gunn, the rock star, is there as well with Mila and Owen. Saja and Callie go fishing. Baldie is ordered to find out what J.T. gave Glory.


Some have a ladder,
Others a ship, a zeppelin, a saucer.
But what do they matter?
My ladder is my rocket to paradise.
Drawn to your light,
The gravity of your night.
Star by star, I climb,
Nearer to you every time.
Am I a fool?
Should I stay on the ground?
Pretend my heart is made of ice?
What does it matter?
I have my ladder,
My rocket to paradise.
Nothing would make me gladder,
If you'd ride on my ladder.
Our ladder,
Our rocket to paradise.


Air date 11/08/1992

Sydney goes to Neil's father for a cure for Sandy's orange hair. J.T. and Neil are there attempting to convince Mr. Atwater to continue to fund their research. The Baldies continue to follow Glory. Barek feeds ice cream to Callie and Jimmy. Glory goes to see Mr. Han to get some basic physics books so she can talk to J.T. Jimmy wears a t-shirt from Lee Myles Transmissions. Ralph returns overdue books to Mr.Han. Sydney and Mila dye Sandy's hair.


Air date 12/08/1992

The baldies' agent in swans crossing tells the other baldie on the phone that he has not gone to the ear doctor and that his cover is secure. He is crawling on all fours with a birds' nest on his head. Sandy's hair is brown again and Sandy is unhappy about it. Jimmy manages to get Callie alone at the Country Club and they lie by the pool and look at clouds. Jimmy mentions that Callie is an only child and Callie gets upset. Mila talks to Sydney about Billy Gunn. Sandy's hair is turned back to brown and Sandy doesn't like it. Garrett leaves a note with an ultimatum for Sydney at the hole in the wall. Sydney reads it and tears it up. The Baldie finds the pieces later.


Air date 13/08/1992

J.T. is writing poems. J.T. and Neil receive a phone call for Professor Vann and trace it to the Soda Shop. Sydney finds her mother's keepsake box and finds a crystal Swan inside. This makes her believe that she may really have been switched at birth. Callie sees Barek acting suspiciously again and gets in a fight with Jimmy about it.


Air date 14/08/1992

THE NUDIBRANCH BENEFITSandy shows up with Garrett and blonde hair. Barek questions the Mayor about Grant Booth's government contracts. Midway through Captain Walkers speech, the Countess launches the synchronized swimmers and Dolores who, dressed as a nudibranch, rubs against his legs. Then unfortunately, the Countess sings. A baldie is present in a navy uniform. After the benefit, Sydney approaches Garrett. he video of Love is Strange by Everything but the Girl is in the background as Glory, Neil and J.T. make fun of the Countess' song. Sydney tells Garrett she's ready to negotiate.


Air date 17/08/1992

Billy Gunn calls Mila. Glory visits the submarine. Glory says Callie can stay with her for a week while Captain Walker leaves Swans Crossing. Sydney agrees to help Garrett get back together with Mila in exchange for his not revealing the secret of her birth. Glory says that having Callie stay with her is like having the sister she's always wanted. Captain Walker looks uncomfortable. Mila calls Sydney at the Swans Club.


Air date 18/08/1992

Looking for Callie at the docks, Saja leans on a sleeping baldie and is chased by him. The baldie bumps into a jogger during the chase. Saja ends up leaping onto Glory's porch and knocking over the lemonade. He tells Callie of his experiences.


Air date 19/08/1992

Saja and Callie search the docks for the men who chased Saja. Sydney tells Mila about helping Sandy hide her horse, and tries to figure out a scheme to stop Mila and Billy Gunn from getting together while making Mila think she's doing the opposite. Callie finds a cotton ball at the docks. J.T. climbs up to Glory's window to read her a poem and runs into Garrett instead. Sydney decides that Mila should meet Billy Gunn in disguise. Callie finds another cotton ball at the Tool and Die. A Baldie searches Glory's room Glory sleeps through it all.


My love is like a rose.
Red like a heart that beats steady and true.
There are thorns to remind you
That mistakes can be a part of love too.
Foregiveness is like the petals
That embrace the morning dew.
Your smile is like the sun,
Keeping the rose blooming all year long.
And every time you read this poem,
Think of that rose like our love,
Beautiful, devoted, and strong.


Air date 20/08/1992

A Baldie searches Glory's room. Glory still does not wake up. Saja and Callie witness a total lunar eclipse. Saja is apparently surprised by the eclipse and that is understandable. The only total lunar eclipse in 1992 was on 9 December. Glory tells Callie about J.T.'s poems, and remarks that Callie seems like a sister. Callie, Glory, Mila and Sydney meet at the Swans Club pool.


Air date 21/08/1992

THE KIDNAPPING The Baldies have breakfast at the Soda Shop. Baldie #3 makes his first appearance. One of them cuts his pancakes with a very large knife. Sydney calls Billy Gunn as Mila's Social Secretary. Garrett convinces Sydney to help Sandy with her laundry. Callie and Jimmy have a big fight at the Tool and Die. Glory decides to leave and when she gets outside she is kidnapped by the two baldies.


Air date 24/08/1992

At the laundromat, Sydney and Sandy discover that the laundry bag is missing. The Baldies have used it to bag Glory. Neil asks Callie about the book of J.T.'s poems he gave Glory, and that makes Callie suspicious. Glory is tied up somewhere dank and dark. The Baldies and a third masked man threaten her with snakes. People begin searching for Glory.


Air date 25/08/1992

Glory is questioned by her kidnappers, two Baldies and a snake handler. They tell her they want the little book that she has, and use lots of foreign sounding words ending in "ski" trying to sound Russian. Near as I can tell, none of the words are actually Russian. FBI Agent shows up at the Booth house to make inquiries about Glory. Jimmy finds Barek's secret camera, which makes him think there might be something to Callie's suspicions. Garrett, Sasha, and J.T. go out to search for Glory. Neil stays behind ostensibly in case Glory calls or comes home, but really to search her room for the book of poems. Sydney reveals Mila's new look, which involves a temporary tattoo of a snake. The Baldies give up on trying to get anything out of Glory and leave to figure out what to do with her. Glory falls asleep. Barek finds her.


Air date 26/08/1992

J.T. (wearing a New York Rangers shirt) and Neil track Glory to the Old Walker Estate by following the cotton balls dropped by one of the Baldies. Someone, probably Barek, cuts Glory free, gratuitously killing a snake in the process. They wander the Walker Estate, locating one of the statues that Callie's grandfather made, and run into Garrett. J.T. eventually finds Glory lying on the ground covered by a sheet. She is unharmed. Glory is more upset about losing the book of poems than anything else. J.T. begins to figure out what Neil did.


Air date 27/08/1992

Glory returns home and is questioned by FBI agent Horton. Neil admits to J.T. that he put the UB2B formula into the book of poems. Glory lies to protect J.T. and Neil's work The Baldies don't know where Glory went but they are relieved their problem has been solved. Garrett doesn't believe Glory's story. Garrett punches J.T, who then punches Neil. Jimmy and Callie make up. Billy Gunn arrives in town. Callie pretends to no longer be suspicious of Barek. Jimmy breaks the lens of Barek's camera/visor and Barek discovers him with it.


Air date 28/08/1992

BILLY GUNN AT THE SODA SHOP The Countess and the Baroness reminisce and plan to go to the Garden Club meeting, which the Countess has been informed has been moved to the Soda Shop. Sydney has leaked word of Billy Gunn's impending arrival. A crowd gathers at the Soda Shop in anticipation of Billy Gunn's arrival. J.T. breaks up with Neil via a letter. J.T. wears an Oakland A's shirt. Neil decides to do the UB2B test by himself. One of Billy Gunn's songs is identified as "Steal Your Thunder". Sydney brings Billy Gunn to the Soda Shop where he waits for Mila. Mila shows up in disguise. Before she and Gunn can get together, the Countess shows up with her friend the Baroness looking for her garden club meeting. She sees Mila and freaks out. Mila is forced to leave. An explosion is heard. Realizing what has happened, J.T. runs off to find Neil.


Air date 31/08/1992

The Countess freaks out at home and grounds Mila indefinitely. Mila cries a lot. J.T. pulls Neil out of the rubble. Billy Gunn turns his attentions to Sydney. The Anglos hear about the explosion and try to contact their agent in Swans Crossing. The Baldies are at the explosion site and find no signs of life. J.T. calls the Soda Shop and tells people there's been an accident.


Air date 01/09/1992

Nancy and Sydney visit Mila to tell her that Neil is in a coma. Dr. Kamber tells Bryce Atwater that Neil had no burns as a result of the explosion. Barek is found to have warm rocks taken from the explosion site in his shirt pocket. He claims to be an amateur collector. The Baldies also collect rocks from the site. Everybody except Mila, who is grounded, congregates around Neil's hospital bed. They have a party. Billy Gunn talks Sydney into going for a ride with him in her mother's car. J.T. and Glory finally kiss at the hospital where Neil is in a coma.


Air date 02/09/1992

Sydney and Billy Gunn park in a remote place. Billy calls Mila to break up with her so he can get something going with Sydney. Once he does that Sydney takes off. Neil comes out of his coma. Garrett comes up with a plan to get Mila back. Mayor Rutledge paraphrases Hillary Clinton's "It takes a village" statement. Sydney tries to tell her mother about the Garrett problem, but the Mayor doesn't listen. Sydney hands Mila a rose and tells her that she has a secret admirer. She tells Mila only that it's a guy, Mila writes a thank you note for the rose.


Air date 03/09/1992

Glory reads J.T.'s latest poem to Callie. Simultaneously, Mila reads the same poem to Sydney. She has received it from her Secret Admirer.

J.T.'s Poem

Accidental flares of love
Burst through the atmosphere
Protected from the searing heat
My heart skips a beat.
Like a rainbow after a storm
I see your face shining through
The darkest clouds just disappear
Without a trace. And the sky
Is the bluest shade of blue.

Dr. Lamb, the Anglos' agent in Swans Crossing, shows up. A baldie shows up in a surgical mask. Mila determines that her Secret Admirer is named Chandler. Jimmy almost kisses Callie. Garrett finds out that his alter ego, Chandler, has written Mila a poem and that Mila wants more. Sydney finds she cannot write poetry. Callie sees Barek examining his rock samples. The Baldies plan to interrogate Neil. J.T. reads Glory his latest poem and Sydney, hiding in the bushes, copies it down.


Air date 04/09/1992

Sydney holds a meeting of the Concert Stage Committee and no one shows up. Nurse? Dr. Kamber has okayed Neil's release, but Dr. Lamb decides he wants him kept in hospital another day. J.T. gets another letter for Professor Vann, which states that the materials for UB2B are available for the right price.


Air date 07/09/1992

Saja creates a distraction enabling Callie to steal some unusual bits of material in Barek's possession. Garrett reads poems to Mila, poems written by J.T. Saja distracts Barek while Callie swipes some of his rock samples. Ralph can't find the Mayor's keepsake box. Neil's father discontinues the funding for the UB2B project. Garrett shows up at Mila's in disguise, pretending to be Chandler. Sydney feeds him the lines from J.T.'s most recent poem and he repeats them as he stands beneath Mila's bedroom window.


Air date 08/09/1992

"Chandler" finishes the poem and leaves. He tells Mila that when she's not grounded anymore, they will be together. Mila thanks the Countess for locking her in her room. The Countess thinks Mila is going crazy, so she releases her from captivity. Callie takes Barek's rocks to J.T. for analysis. Sydney feigns a visit to Katy so she can purloin some more of J.T.'s poems. Sandy and Owen practice. Barek asks Callie to get something using the stepladder. The ladder breaks and Callie falls.


Air date 09/09/1992

Jimmy catches Callie. Mila attempts to sing. Sydney goes to the pool. Jimmy escorts Callie back to the Booth house. Neil and J.T. go see Mr. Han, the librarian, looking for moneymaking ideas. Sydney makes a bet with Garrett that Mila will reject him if he reveals his true identity. Garrett decides to meet Mila at the hole in the wall in No Mans Land. Jimmy almost kisses Callie again. Baldie jogs with a very large listening device on his head. Sydney has a dream about large dice and a slot machine.


Air date 10/09/1992

Glory and her mother come to the Soda Shop after shopping, where they meet Sandy and Garrett. Owen and Mila avoid the campaign dinner and talk about music. Sydney remembers her dream of the previous night as she prepares for Mila's encounter with Chandler. J.T. and Neil analyze the material that Callie stole from Barek and find that it is from the heat shield experiment. Sandy decides to make a music video. Jimmy tells Callie about Barek's visor/camera. Owen gets excited about making Sandy's video. Sydney takes Mila to No Man's Land and points out its features. Garrett reveals himself to Mila. J.T. wears a Georgetown Hovas shirt.


Air date 11/09/1992

Mila and Garrett get back together and they kiss. Jimmy and Callie return Barek's rock samples after consulting with J.T. and Neil. Callie says her father has been away too long. Jimmy tells Callie about his older brother who is photographing rare plants in Brazil. Sydney has a waking dream in which Mila, Garrett, and Sandy mock her while being served canapes by Ralph. Callie and Jimmy assemble the engine that will rotate the new concert stage. Sydney, somewhat disoriented, wanders near the shore and drops her grandmother's locket into the water. Attempting to fish it out, she falls in and her hand is caught under a rock. Callie sees her fall in and dives in after her.


Air date 14/09/1992

Barek finds the rocks that Callie returned. Captain Walker and his submarine return. Walker thanks a scuba diver for something. Jazz finds a baldie sleeping on the bench in front of the Soda Shop. Callie saves Sydney from drowning and is not entirely convinced that the incident is accidental. She takes Sydney back to the submarine. Jazz makes Baldie pancakes and flirts with him. Fixing a fuel leak on Barek's bike, Jimmy finds a strange device. Sydney tells Callie all about the faked birth certificate. Mila wants Garrett to write her another poem.


Air date 15/09/1992

Jimmy shows Callie the communicator he took from Barek. Garrett discovers he can't write poetry. J.T. and Neil try to figure out how to fund their research and come up with an idea for a Night of Games. Owen and Sandy begin work on the music video. Sydney starts being nice to people. Callie examines the device Jimmy found and calls it a micro-communicator. She hears a baldie speaking through it. Glory borrows the slot machine from Sydney for J.T.'s Night of Games. Jimmy hears a Baldie address Barek through the communicator.


Air date 16/09/1992

From the seashells he has brought back, Callie deduces that her father has been to the mouth of the Amazon. The man talking on Barek's communicator says "Pegasus on hold". Sydney helps J.T. and Neil with their Night of Games. Callie and her father play darts and then decide to go to dinner at the Swans Club. Captain Walker suggest that Callie invite Barek. Barek accepts the invitation. Sydney meets Garrett at the hole in the wall. A baldie on the Old Walker Estate meets Pegasus, who apparently is a person with a very large snake.


Air date 17/09/1992

NIGHT OF GAMESCallie asks Saja to get J.T. to find Sydney's real birth certificate. J.T. and Neil prepare for their Night of Games. Callie and Captain Walker have dinner with Barek. J.T. and Neil decline to help Saja with finding the birth certificate. Glory discovers that Garrett has been using J.T.'s poetry. Then Garrett discovers it. Saja follows Barek to the Walker Estate where he is chased by a Baldie and sees a snake. Sydney brings a slot machine for the Night of Games.


Air date 18/09/1992

Saja sees Pegasus and flees. Owen films J.T.'s room for his video. Glory agrees reluctantly not to tell Mila that J.T. wrote the poems, if he agrees not to steal any more poems. Garrett swipes another of J.T.'s poems from Glory's room. Sydney drops her purse and Saja steals the money in it, then offers it to J.T. if he finds Sydney's birth certificate. Ralph wins the voice activated scooter. The Night of Games makes no money. A Baldie tries to listen to many phone calls at once.


Air date 19/09/1992

Sandy calls Sydney for image pointers. Grant Booth tells Garrett that he must return to school in France. Mila and Sandy squabble over their roles in the music video, because Owen promised them both similar things. J.T. and Neil send off a request for Sydney's birth certificate. Jimmy tells Callie that he followed Barek to the airport, where Barek took a private plane somewhere. Jimmy and Callie decide to go to the old Walker Estate.


Air date 22/09/1992

Ralph tries to use his new scooter. Sydney does her midday mud mask, and Owen shows up filming for his video. Garrett decides to tell Mila he has writer's block and that he may be going to France. Sydney and Ralph search for the keepsake box, which has gone missing. Garrett informs Mila of his impending departure. Saja, Jimmy, and Callie plan to go to the Old Walker Estate. A Baldie eats an ice cream cone and is filmed by Owen. Jimmy almost kisses Callie again. Sandy goes to see Glory and sings a lot. Jimmy, Callie, and Saja set up camp on the Old Walker Estate next to the big snake.


Air date 23/09/1992

J.T. finds that Mila shares his interest in poetry. Garrett wants Sydney to call Billy Gunn and get him to call a promoter to sell Mila's video. Jimmy, Callie, and Saja go the the Walker Estate. Saja figures out that he's a third wheel and ends up walking Sandy home.


Air date 24/09/1992

Sydney calls Billy Gunn. Jimmy and Callie are found by Barek, who claims to be hunting fireflies. A Baldie and an Anglo are in the Soda Shop watching Mr. Han and Ralph. Jimmy, Saja, and Callie follow a Baldie. Ralph visits the Tool and Die for repairs to his scooter.



Air date 25/09/1992

Sydney and Mila return from shopping in preparation for the new school term. Garrett awaits word from record producers he has contacted on behalf of Mila. Barek discovers that Owen has been filming at random all around town and insists on a screening. He has Owen freeze the frame that first shows one of the Baldies. Sydney and Nancy do more shopping. Garrett announces to Sydney his intention to make public her "questionable" ancestry. Mayor Rutledge drops all sorts of hints that something unspecified is wrong. Sandy announces that she is a vegetarian. It all ends with the Goodbye to Summer Party (thrown by Sydney). None of the plots is resolved.