A 1993 made-for-TV film by Todd Haynes,who also made POISON and SAFE. Another of his films, FAR FROM HEAVEN, was nominated for an Oscar in 2002. The subject matter of DOTTIE GETS SPANKED makes it an extraordinary film for its time. Others in the film are: Evan Bonifant (Stephen), Julie Halston (Dottie), and Barbara Garrick (Lorraine). The clips below were posted on YouTube by gabyladyboy. The DVD has a rare 1989 short film, HE WAS ONCE, which co-starred and was co-produced by Haynes, and was a parody of the 1960s claymation show "Davey and Goliath".

Gina Gallagher, Rhea  Silver-Smith, and Ashley Chapman in DOTTIE GETS SPANKED  alt=

Dottie Gets Spanked Poster Legally Blonde 2 Poster

Intern Dancer - LEGALLY BLONDE 2 - 2003

There are eight dancers in this scene, and they are: Junior Case, Ashley Chapman, Carol Hatchett, Roger Màlaga, Jen Osorio, Juliet Pinto, Caroline A. Rice, and James Tuaileva. As to which one is Chapman, there isn't much to go on. Five of the dancers are women and one of those is black. So a guess would have a one in four chance of being correct. If she was still a blonde in 2002 that would narrow it down to one in two possibliities. If anyone knows which dancers are which in the photos below, please CONTACT PIXEL 51

The intern dancers - Legally Blonde 2 The intern dancers - Legally Blonde 2 The intern dancers - Legally Blonde 2