Jeremiah Ness Booth was the first Booth in Swans Crossing. The Booth Association Incorporated was established in 1823. The Booths are the oldest family in town, other than the Swans and the Rutledges. Grant Halsey Booth Jr.(Nick Wyman) and Cornelia Booth are parents to Grant Halsey Booth III, Garrett Booth (Shane McDermott), and Glory Booth (Carisa Dahlbo). Garrett is one year older than Glory Booth

Laurie Kennedy as Cornelia Booth Nick Wyman as Grant Booth
Carisa Dahlbo as Glory Booth Shane McDermott as Garrett Booth

Captain Elia Walker (Gerry Bamman) and his daughter Callie Walker (Stacey Moseley) lived in Shanghai and Toyko from 1984 to 1988. They seem to have constantly moved, and have spent time in Antarctica, Thailand, and India. Earlier in his life, Captain Walker mysteriously disappeared for 15 years. His father (Callie's Grandfather) supposedly went insane and built strange sculptures. The elder Mr. Walker was presumed dead when the family estate burnt to the ground. They travel and live in their submarine, The Leda. Callie works with Jimmy Clayton as a mechanic.

Gerry Bamman as Captain Walker Stacey Moseley as Callie Walker

Mayor Margaret Rutledge (Ziska Beveridge) is the daughter of S.O.R and Cyrus Rutledge(buried in the town cemetery), and mother of Sydney Orion Rutledge (Sarah Michelle Gellar). She is soon to be up for re-election. Sydney's great-great-grandfather founded the Swans Crossing Country Club. Ralph, the Rutledges' butler, is played by Donald Symington.

The Rutledge Mercedes convertible Ralph, the Rutledge Butler - played by Donald Symington
Ziska Beveridge as Mayor Margaret Rutledge Sarah Michelle Gellar as Sydney (in hospital after July 4th injury)

The Anglos, two British agents, were able to track the artificially created Professor Vann to Swans Crossing when Katie inadvertently sat on the computer's mouse putting all of J.T. and Neil's work online. The mistake was quickly corrected, but the Brits had the location. Anglo #1 likes the music of Queen. He also likes Swan Soda Shop's All-American Cheese Sandwich. He masqueraded as Dr. Lamb at Swans Crossing General Hospital to attend a sick Neil who was secretly working on ub2b. The Anglos were portrayed by Seth Jones and Craig Wroe. I am assuming that they were British agents because they are called Anglos in the credits. They have no recognizable British accent.

Seth Jones and Craig Wroe as the anglos Larry Attile and Barry Papick as The baldies

Pegasus with boa It is unclear what nation the Baldies are from, but they seem to speak Russian sometimes. Jazz found Baldie #1 sleeping on the bench in front of Swans. At the Walker Estate he bowed down to a man with a boa constrictor draped around his neck, and referred to him as "Pegasus". The baldies were portrayed by Larry Attile, Barry Papick, and sometimes Gary Goodrow. And they worked with a hooded man (Rick Segal), a masked man (Jim Dratfield), and another man who handled the snakes.

The Baldies may be representatives of a phrenology cult. I say this because one Baldie is shown several times fondling a phrenology bust on his desk near his computer. For those who are not familiar with this particular pseudoscience, phrenology is the study of head bumps, because phrenologists believe that the cranial bone shapes itself to the shape of the brain as it develops, thus enabling one to determine psychological characteristics by analyzing head bumps. Phrenology has been discredited as an accurate method of psychological investigation, but there are enough phrenologists around that Michigan imposed a tax on phrenology services as of 1 October, 2007. I have not heard of any connection between phrenology and snake handling. There is a tiny possibility of a connection with the Pegasus character in the sense that Pegasus was the offspring of Medusa.

Officer Moore (Gayle Samuels) is one-half of the Swans Crossing police force. Coach Gromme (Phillip Clarke) is the baseball coach at the high school.

Gayle Samuels as Officer Moore Phillip Clarke as Coach Gromme

Jazz (M.B. Battisti) manages Swans Soda Shop. Mr. Han (Alvin Lum) shown above with J.T. and Neil, is the local librarian.

M.B. Battisti as Jazz Mr. Han (Alvin Lum) with Neil and J.T.

The Clayton Family: includes Mr. Clayton, three unnamed sons, Johhny Clayton, and Jimmy Clayton (Devin Doherty). Mr. Clayton grew up in Swans Crossing and owns the town restaurant. Jimmy works as a mechanic in town, at the Tool'N'Die. Johnny Clayton, one of Jimmy's older brothers, is a photo journalist and in 1992 was in Brazil taking pictured of a Brazilian fruit with medicinal properties.

Dwayne Doherty, Devin's older brother, played Edward, who was Sophia DeCastro's date to Mila's surprise party.

Devin Doherty as Jimmy Clayton Dwayne Doherty (Devin's older brother) as Edward, Sophia's date at Mila's surprise party

Mr. Adams, his wife, and children J.T. (Tom Carroll) and Katie (Ashley Chapman) have a female dog. The family has been in Swans Crossing for at least 2 generations. J.T. has an IBM computer. Katie Adams is J.T.'s younger sister. The Atwater Family includes Bryce Atwater, his wife, and Neil Atwater (Eddie Robinson). Their fortune comes from Atwater Global Cosmetics. They have a yacht that is visible from the Leda (the Walker's submarine). Cornelia Booth works at the Atwater Beauty Shop in Swans Crossing. "Atwater Culligan Degree" was the product used to turn Sandy's hair back to brown after her unfortunate experiment with blondeness.

Eddie Robinson as Neil Atwater and Tom Carroll as J.T. Adams Eddie Robinson as Neil Atwater David Toney as Bryce Atwater Tom Carroll as J.T. Adams Ashley Chapman as Katie Adams Ashley Chapman watering the garden in the opening episode of Swans Crossing

Neil's nickname "buckyball" is a reference to the geodesic domes designed by Buckminster Fuller. Fullerenes, a variation of carbon molecules, were named for their resemblance to geodesic domes. A fullerene is now any molecule composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube. The spherical fullerenes are also referred to as buckyballs.

On the right is an infrared photo of the Small Magellanic Cloud with two callouts. The middle callout shows a magnified view of an example of a planetary nebula, and the right callout shows a magnified depiction of buckyballs, which consist of 60 carbon atoms arranged like soccer balls. -- Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Buckminster Fuller/geodesic dome NASA image of Small Magellanic Cloud with illustration of planetary nebula and buckyball

Nancy Robbins (Kristy Barbera) is barely older than Sydney and has bigger feet. Her horse is named Spice. She had wanted to name her horse Sugar, but Sydney named her horse Sugar first.

Kristy Barbera as Nancy Robbins Kristy Barbera as Nancy Robbins

The show began with the Tool'N'Die being run by Fats Weltman (David Wasson), but he quickly stepped aside to make room for the new manager there one Barek Browler (William Shanks).

David Wasson as Fats Weltman William Shanks as Barek

Sandy Swan (Kristen Mahon) was born March 13th 1978 at Swans Crossing General Hospital and weighed exactly seven pounds. She was born at 11:45 pm when the Great Flood was happening. Sandy has a swan-shaped birthmark on her right foot near her big toe; the swan faces inward toward her left foot. She is the only one in her family to be born a blonde. The Swan Family have lived in town since at least 1624 (four years after the Mayflower). Sandy has several brothers and sisters. Swans Crossing is named after the first of the Swan family to arrive. Grant Booth did a hostile take-over of Swans Landscaping, precipitating the family's financial difficulties.

Sandy Swan and Owen Fowler make up The Band (Sandy does the singing and plays the triangle. Owen plays everything else.) Mila is backup singer.

Kristen Mahon was born 13 January 1979 in New York City. That would make her 13 years old in 1992. She was, at the time of the show, 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighed 106 lbs.

Kristen Mahon as Sandy Swan Evan Ferrante and Kristen Mahon as Sandy Swan and Owen Fowler

Sophia DeCastro's full name is Sophia Eva McCormicK DeCastro. She is 17 years old and a high school junior. Robert DeCastro (Alex Tanaka) is either known as Bobby or Saja. He calls himself Saja the Warrior, Saja Lord Of the Warriors (or Saja the Sojouner) and has been known as Captain Twilight, Super Sleuth Sullivan, and Sullen the Conjuror. Sophia (Mira Sorvino) and Sydney call him Bobby. He is Sophia's younger brother.

Mira Sorvino as Sophia Eva McCormack DeCastro 1957 Ford driven by Sophia DeCastro Alex Tanaka as Bobby DeCastro

Countess Valera Rosnovsky (Delphi Harrington) and her daughter, Contessa Mila Rosnovsky (Brittany Daniel)s have a pet cockatoo, Tutu (Tim Naughton does the voice of the bird). Mila's room has 6 TVs on one wall, all of which are hooked up to cameras around the room as well as cable TV and VCR's. Mila's agent is Jack Goldbrick (Jason Culp).

The TV show in which Mila Rosnovsky starred before coming to Swans Crossing was called "3 O'clock Dreams".

Brittany Daniel as Mila Rosnovsky Delphi Harrington as Countess Rosnovsky