on "Spenser for Hire"

Episode #62, COMPANY MAN, aired 12 March 1988. Eddie Jones (J.D. Hayes) was Jonathon Kent in TNAOS and played Sam Evans and Baliff Henry Evans in the brief 1991 revival of DARK SHADOWS. Louis Zorich (Jack DelRoy) was Burt Buckman in MAD ABOUT YOU.

In this episode Spenser suspects insurance fraud when a building blows up. In an unrelated subplot, Susan has a possibly cancerous mass removed, which places her in hospital where she meets Gellar's character.


Avery Brooks as Hawk The Director of this episode, Winrich Kolbe, also directd 16 episodes of STTNG, 13 episodes of ST: DEEP SPACE NINE, 18 episodes of ST: VOYAGER, and 1 episode of ST: ENTERPRISE. He did not direct any of TREK: TOS, but did direct 3 episodes of the unfortunate T.J. HOOKER.

Winrich Kolbe In the Trek universe, Captain Winrich Kolbe was the 22nd century commanding officer of the VK Yuri Gagarin, a DY-732 class Earth starship. He commanded the starship in 2105, on a colonization mission. He was never verbally referenced on screen but his name appeared on Picard's desk monitor in the TNG episode "Up The Long Ladder".

And then there was Avery Brooks as Hawk, who was also
Captain Benjamin Sisco of Deep Space Nine.