with Sarah Michelle Gellar
as the voice of GWENDY DOLL

Toys gain a kind of intelligence after advanced military technology is used in their manufacture. This film could be viewed as a comment on the stupidity of warfare. One scene has a human character literally mowing down the apparently sentient commandos with a riding mower. Commando Elite voices by the original cast members of "The Dirty Dozen" Voices of the Gorgonites by members of SPINAL TAP. Christina Ricci (Kristina Van Tassel in SLEEPY HOLLOW) also did some Gwendy Doll voices. Cheri Oteri (Zora Charmichaels in Southland Tales) is the Globotech Telephone Operator. Robert Picardo is Ralph, the Clean Room Tech.

Kirstin Dunst (Christy Fimple) won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actress.

US release was 10 July 1998. Small Soldiers had a worldwide gross of $71,743,823.


camoflage bra Gwendy Doll close up Gwendy awakens Gwendys advance Borg regeneration unit