Episode #43 with Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Escape From New York" - Air date: 10 September 2000

For lip readers, the star "interested" in the film version of one of Carrie's columns is Warren Beatty, who turned the part down after the scene was shot. McConaughey's name was dubbed in later.

Faith Salie plays Rina. She also was Sarina, Dr. Bashir's geneticaly enhanced friend, in two episodes of STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE 9. And Salie was Lacey in WILD THINGS 2 (which starred Susan Ward, an uncredited extra on SWANS CROSSING).

Eddie McClintock (of WAREHOUSE 13)can be seen by the pool in a scene from this episode. He is not credited.

IN THIS EPISODE: Charlotte is gets desperate after an uneventful honeymoon in the Bermudas, so she measures Trey's nocturnal erections. Carrie's column caught the eye of a small Hollywood production company (by whom Gellar's character is employed), so she goes to LA for a meeting and takes the other girls to LA to escape from their New York sorrows. Once there, Sam picks up a dildo, Miranda finds that men there also prefer more direct women, and Carrie remains unable to get over Adrian.

Matthew McConaughey plays himself in this episode. Robert Peters (announcer) was Arney in 2 episodes of ANGEL. The episode was directed by John David Coles.

Eddie McClintock comes on to Carrie Bradshaw by the pool in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Faith Salie as Bend in THE BLACK SCORPION (2001)