with Sarah Michelle Gellar as CASEY "CICI" COOPER

Director:    Wes Craven
Producers:     Kathy Conrad, Marianne Maddalena
Screenplay:     Kevin Williamson
Co-starring:    Jada Pinkett Smith, Neve Campbell
US Release Date:    12 December 1997
Length:    120 minutes
Genre:     Horror
Interesting Character Scale
(Jill Robinson=0 Buffy Summers=10}:
Best scene for Gellar:     The classroom

Sarah Christine Smith also appeared as a dancer in SOUTHLAND TALES

"Like all sequels, this one is a transparent attempt to cash in on the original-- but, of course, it knows it is, and contains its own learned discussion of sequels. The verdict is that only a few sequels have been as good as the originals; the characters especially like 'Aliens' and 'The Godfather, Part II.' As for 'Scream 2,' it's...well, it's about as good as the original."
---- Roger Ebert

SCREAM 2 is a really funny spoof of the horror genre. The film played in 2,688 theaters in the US before being released on DVD. It grossed $101,363,301.

In Stab, the film playing in the theatre at the beginning of SCREAM 2, Tori Spelling plays Sydney, Heather Graham was Casey, and Luke Wilson was Billy. In the film, Dewey Riley (David Arquette) asks Sidney (Neve Campbell) "If they make a movie about you, who's gonna play you?" Sidney replies, "With my luck, they'd cast Tori Spelling."

The Chapin Sisters Michael Maccini The premier of "Stab" in the film was shot at The Rialto Theater in South Pasadena, California. The classroom scene was shot at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. The the music for the song "Take Away the Fear" was written by Michael Maccini after his second date with Jessica Craven who then did the arrangement and lyrics that were used in Scream 2. Jessica, who performed the song for the soundtrack along with Maccini, is one of The Chapin Sisters. She is also the daughter of Wes Craven and the stepdaughter of Harry Chapin.

The voice of CiCi's friend on the phone was Selma Blair (see Cruel Intentions). Matthew Lillard was one of the guys at the party (see Scooby-Doo). Wes Craven, who directed the film, had a cameo as the doctor. Corey Mendell Parker, (library guy) was Paul Mayweather on ST:ENTERPRISE for 1 episode. One of the dancers, Sarah Christine Smith, was also a dancer in SOUTHLAND TALES.

Gellar in deleted scene from Scream 2 The outdoor scenes were filmed at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta.

Gellar promoted the film on Letterman in 1997. The classroom scene originally took place in the auditorium without Gellar. Gellar's charaacter was originally introduced in another scene depicted in the picture on right. The dialogue from the Gellar deleted scene is available at

Scream 2: The Deluxe Edition artwork Varese Sarabende has released a deluxe edition of the soundtrack to SCREAM 2. The limited edition (2,000 copies) includes all of Marco Beltrami’s score but Scream 2: The Deluxe Edition also includes Danny Elfman’s Cassandra Aria and Cassandra Reprise. If you only know the score from the previous album, this one will be a wonderful revelation. It can be ordered now for $19.95.


Lots of makeup for class - Gellar as CiCi Cooper I'm not kidding.  There are pillows everywhere This remote control won't work on the pillows But it does warm up the pizza Something in there smells bad! This lighting works well for me Being seized Watch out for the shefflera Mid-air.  Stunt double is Sophia Crawford Dead in the driveway