US Release Date: 20 January 2015
(released in 19 other countries in 2009 & 2010)
Length: 103 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Budget: $9 million
Screenplay: Roberta Hanley
Producers: Johnathan Bross, Chris Hanley
Music: Murray Gold

"Gellar bravely strips away all vanity for the character of Veronika, a thirty-something businesswoman suffering from depression, and brings the viewer head-on into a collision of emotional exhaustion. Veronika is a lonely character, but also a selfish one, and it’s tremendously refreshing how dedicated Gellar becomes in delivering the reality of the character without sugar-coating the ugliness. She doesn’t try to create a heroine, just a fleshed-out human being who has convinced herself that life is nothing but a depressing field of emptiness.
--- jerkwoddjh writing for Reese Film Review



Sarah Michelle Gellar - Veronika Deklava
Jonathan Tucker - Edward
Erika Christensen - Claire
Melissa Leo - Mari
Florencia Lozano - Dr. Thompson
Rena Owen - Nurse Josephine
Erica Gimpel - Nurse White
Victor Slezak - Gabriel Durant
Barbara Sukowa - Mrs. Deklava
Victor Steinbach - Mr. Deklava
Holter Graham - Eric Grafton
David Thewlis - Dr. Blake
Matthew Cowles - Old Fred
Jeff Applegate - Anti-Pundit
Meg Gibson - Pro-Pundit
Christy Bella Joiner - Nurse
Jill Marie Lawrence - Nurse #2
Adrian Martinez - Male Nurse #1
Rafael Sardina - Male Nurse #2
Lisette Bross - Work Colleague #1
David Skeist - Work Colleague #2
Tania Santiago - Work Colleague #3
Jill Dalton - Work Colleague #4
Al Roffe - Superintendent
Nicolette Hart - Reporter
Virl Andrick - Boss
Ward Horton - PR Guy
Jessica Kaye - Bartender
Amanda LaPergola - Shouting Patient
Gregory Marcel - Coffee Boy
Lisa Ramirez - Female Swimming Pool Patient
Stuart Rudin - Deluded Man Patient
Waleed Zuaiter - Lecturer
John Farrer - Old Fisherman
Michael Harkins - Parent

Veronika Decides to Die poster


Drowning (metaphorically) The Psychiatrist Pursued The Parents Spring Finding the piano A window in the rain Veronika and the nurse Swimsuit Hair and shoulders Sex