ERICA (Lindsay Bushman)

Lindsay Bushman as Erica, one of Juliet's short-lived friendships

Juliet had trouble keeping friends. Erica (Lindsay Bushman) was one of those Juliet acquaintances who showed up briefly and then vanished.


Kether Donohue as a waitress with important information in RINGER episode 11

Kether Donohue was a waitress with a great memory and important information in Episode 11. She recently voiced the character of Iris in POKÉMOM BEST WISHES!, and stars in the soon-to-be-released science fiction film ALTERED STATES OF PLAINE, about a man (played by George Gallagher) who teleports in his sleep. She also was the "haircut girl" in a recent iPhone ad.


Jason Furlani as cop who returns Bridget's wallet to her in Episode One of RINGER

Jason Furlani is the East Hampton cop who returns Bridget's wallet that she almost left in a diner.

GEMMA BUTLER (Tara Summers)

Tara Summers as Gemma Butler - Siobhan's best friend

Siobhan's best friend Gemma Butler (deceased as of Episode 10) was played by Tara Summers (Kate Lloyd in the last 2 seasons of BOSTON LEGAL), and was an architect with a bad marriage. Gemma was married to Henry Butler, an alcoholic novelist who had an affair with Siobhan. She leaves behind a pair of redheaded twins of and a lesbian nanny to care for them.


Zahn McClarnon as Bodaway Macawi

Bodaway Macawi, the man from whom Bridget Kelly is hiding, is played by Zahn McClarnon. McClarnon is a native american actor whose last film role was as Calvo Huerta in NOT FORGOTTEN, a 2009 film with Chloe Moritz and Simon Baker. He has a role in the just completed film THE LEGEND OF HELL'S GATE, which stars Eric Balfour (Jesse in BTVS).


Gina Shaw as Gemma's assistant

In episode 6, Gena Shaw who is Officer Tori Jones in the film LESBIAN COPS was Gemma's assistant, Maddie Smithfield.

CLAUDINE (Meagan Holder)

Meagan Holder as Andrew's assistant Claudine

Meagan Holder was Claudine, Office Assistant at Martin/Charles. She once made a date with Malcolm Howard, but it was sidelined by other events.

SIOBHAN'S SHRINK (Merle Dandridge)

Merle Dandriidge as Dr. Anabel Morris

Dr. Anabel Morris was played by Merle Dandridge who was Lacey Shepard in the ANGEL episode "Home".


Amber Benson, Tationna Bosier, Dustin Quick, Nikki DeLoach, Porter Lynn

Tationna Bosier as stripper in Episode 6

Tationna Bosier was a stripper in the original pilot but did not appear until episode 5 in Malcolm Howard's drug fantasy, and also appeared in Episode 6. Bosier is a dancer, model, and sometime actor. She was in a short film I AM JULIA, which was shown at the Big Apple Film Festival last 5 November, and deals with bullying in the New York City school system.

Dustin Quick

Dustin Quick, who was the only stripper in Episode 5 with a spoken line, will be Jenny in the film MANSION OF BLOOD, to be released later this year. The film stars are Gary Busey and Robert Picardo. She was also in the 2009 film OFF THE LEDGE, which also had Bree Sharp in it. Bree Sharp did one of the eight music videos in which Sarah Michelle Gellar was included, a birthday wish to DAVID DUCOVNEY (see the Music Videos Page).

Amber Benson

Amber Benson plays Mary Curtis, a srtipper (episode 10) and friend of Bridget Kelly, who is also an informant feeding information about Macawi to the FBI. She is killed at the beginning of the episode and appears in flashbacks.

Nikki DeLoach as Shaylene Briggs, whose murder was witnessed by Bridget Kelly

Shaylene Briggs, the stripper whose murder Bridget Kelly was witness to, was played by Nikki DeLoach. Briggs was sleeping with Agent Machado at the time of her murder and was carrying his child. The role will be recurring (in flashbacks). DeLoach was an original member of the musical group INNOSENSE, along with Brittney Spears.

Zane McClarnon and Porter Lynn in Episode 17 of RINGER

Porter Lynn, star of the 2012 film TOUCH, as an unnamed stripper with RINGER’s villain, Bodaway Macawi (Zahn McClarnon) It was Lynn’s first TV appearance.


Adina Porter as the school principal

Adina Porter (Lettie Mae Daniels on TRUE BLOOD) turned up as Principal Caruso in Episode 6 and again in Episode 12.

THE PARTY PLANNER (John Paul Karilak)

John Paul Karilak as the party planner

John Paul Karilak, who wrote and preformed the one act play DONNA/MADONNA, was the party planner in episode 2.

TYLER'S BIMBO (Andrea Florescu)

Andrea Florescu as the Parisian bimbo

Andreea Florescu is the woman that Tyler hooked up with after he thought Siobhan dumped him in Paris.

HOT GUY (Brian Borello) & OPERA SINGER (Alyson Cambridge)
(from episode one)

Brian Borello as Juliet's boyfriend. Juliet is played by Zoey Deutch. Alyson Cambridge in Episode One of RINGER

Juliet's boyfriend in the pilot is credited as "hot guy" and is played by Brian Borello. He was never seen again. Soprano Alyson Cambridge was featured in Episode One.


Abe Lebovic sitting directly in front of Gellar at the Opera in the pilot episode

THE MAN IN BLACK (Anthony Vincent)

Anthony Vincent as the Man In Black in the RINGER pilot

Stuntman Anthony Vincent (son of Frank Vincent who was Phil Leotardo of THE SOPRANOS) was the "man in black" in the RINGER pilot (Bridget kills him).


Bridget's new phone (left) and the old Nokia (right)

Siobhan's phone in New York was originally a NOKIA E71 with the name Nokia blocked out. As of episode 8, Bridget (pretending to be Siobhan) has a new phone, and it seems to be a Samsung Galaxy.


Emily Swallow

NYPD Detective Saldana is partnered with Detective Tower. They investigate the disappearance of Gemma.

GREGOR (Darryl Stephens)

Darryl Stephens as Gregor

Darryl Stephens (Noah of NOAH'S ARC) was fashion designer Gregor in Episode 2.


James Madio as Sketch, the passport counterfeiter

In Episode 12, Siobhan purchases a counterfeit passport from this guy, is dissatisfied with it, and tosses it in the trash.

THE PARTY GUESTS FROM EPISODE TWO (Elizabeth Ann Roberts/Kristen Kerr)

Two party guests played by Elizabeth Ann Roberts (right) and Kristen Kerr

the two women at the party with whom Shivette converses at length (and from whom she learns that Siobhan uses botox) are Elizabeth Ann Roberts (Sheila Weaver in WHITE MEN CAN'T DANCE) and Kristen Kerr ( Herja in the Asylum version of ALMIGHTY THOR).

SIOBHAN'S DOORMEN (Mike Hodge and Kan Hanes)

Mike Hodge as Robert the doorman in RINGER

Mike Hodge (Robert the doorman in RINGER) has been elected president of the Screen Actors Guild, New York Division. The doorman has not been seen since the pilot episode, which is being shot in LA.

Kenny the doorman played by Kan Hanes

Kenny the Doorman was killed by Bodaway Macawi in the series finale.


Emily Chang as a rather intense looking reporter on RINGER

I really don't try to find ex-vampires in RINGER. They just keep turning up. Emily C. Chang, credited as Reporter #1 in Episode 7, did an ad for TRUE BLOOD, a show in which, near as I can tell, she has never appeared.