- with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Uncle Phil's Daughter

Above: Burt Young and Elliot Gould
in the only scene with Gellar.

Elliott Gould fights tradition and his own indecisiveness to win Margaux Hemingway. There are two memorable scenes in this film. The first is Carol Kane attempting to seduce Elliot Gould, and the second is Gould's highly emotional confrontation with Sid Caesar (Uncle Benjamin) on the lower east side at Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse.

Louis Lantz wrote this about the film in a review for Amazon:

"This film might have been the swan song for it's main characters; Gould, Hemmingway, Winters and Sid Ceaser. Incedently, a wonderful performance by Burt Young. Perhaps casting could have come up with a more appropriate shixa than Margaux Hemingway. Carol kane's character is a little to "pushed", fault the screen writer. O.K. the film is frantic and perhaps overplayed but certain individual scenes were wonderful. A former Brooklyn boy like me especially enjoyed the scenes around Coney Island and the family squabble, in the new restaurant, is a gem."

The original title of OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE was My Darling Shiksa

Producer/Director Menachem Golan's work is sort of uneven. He has been twice nominated for BAFTA awards, and he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jerusalem Film Festival in 1984. However he also has collected three Razzies for Worst Picture. This film received no awards of any kind. During the production, Golan negotiated a contract in which the unions made concessions, demanding less money due to the film's low budget.

Sarah Michelle Gellar sitting on bench in OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE Sarah Michelle Gellar (left) in OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE
Carol Kane and Elliot Gould Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse - where the final scene was filmed


Sarah Michelle Gellar - Phil's Daughter
Elliott Gould - Alby Sherman
Margaux Hemingway - Elizabeth Anderson
Sid Caesar - Uncle Benjamin
Carol Kane - Cheryl
Burt Young - Phil
Shelley Winters - Becky
Amy Ryder - Susan
Carmen Bau - Hooker
Jean Elliott - Rosie the Receptionist
Jerry Lazarus - Leonard Sherman
Francine Beers - Ruth Sherman
Leo Postrel - Seymour Sherman
Rose Arrick - Sarah Sherman
Matt Fischel - Herbert Sherman
Lynnie Greene - Cynthia Sherman
Robert Gosset - Eddie
Karen Shallo - Marlena
Sal Richards - Mr. Giovanni
Leib Lensky - Mr. Goodman
Lou David - Mr. T
Tom McDermott - Billy
Zvee Scooler - Rebbe
Mort Freeman - Cantor
Mary Gutzi - Angela
Aki Aleong - Japanese Buyer #1
Kim Chan - Japanese Buyer #2
Claude Vincent - Cabbie #1
Manuel E. Santiago - Cabbie #2
Jackie James - Paula
Linda Kerns - Cindy
Christopher Wynkoop - Lawyer
Barbara Rucker - Receptionist
Vibeke Trauben - Model #1
Candy Woolard - Model #2
Barbara Kilness - Model #3
Hanne Gravesen - Model #4
Valerie C. Robinson - Model #5
Victoria Barrett
    - Paddleball Player #1
Judith Ledford
    - Paddleball Player #2
Richard Lifschutz - Hassid
Corine Lorain
    - Elizabeth's Assistant #1
Ellen Stein
    - Elizabeth's Assistant #2
Susan Feldon - Angela's Friend
Niki Higgins - Girl in Subway #1
Donna Denton - Girl in Subway #2
Pamela Donnelly - Girl in Subway #3
Ginger Garrett - Girl in Subway #4
Christina Kelsey
    - Girl Outside Restaurant
Martin Shakar - Banker