with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the voice of Ella

Mean stepmother (Sigourney Weaver) tries to change the ending of Cinderella. Meanwhile, Ella (of the Cinders) is learning self-sufficiency, and questioning her "happy ending". Ella ends up marrying the dishwasher (Freddie Prinze Jr.) George Carlin was the voice of the Wizard. Wallace Shawn (Munk) was also Baron von Westphalen in "Southland Tales".

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Of all the groups that made music for this film, SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS is the most interesting. The group's members are: James Mathus, Katherine Whalen, Chris Phillips, Stu Cole, Je Widenhouse, Henry Westmoreland, Robert Griffin, Charlie Halloran, and Gabriel Pelli. They play what has been called "30's punk". It's sort of a southern jazz blues. Songs in the film that they are responsible for are: GET WHAT I WANT, and BABY WANTS A DIAMOND RING.

The film played in 2,381 theatres in the US before being released on DVD. It grossed $15,589,393.


Ella Ella at the ball The Prince Mean Stepmother Ella at the ball Wizard assistants Ella after failing to transform frog Captured by Stepmother The dishwasher wins