Green Apple Quick Step was a post-grunge band from Seattle, Washington that released a few albums in the mid-1990s. Kid appeared on the soundtrack of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and includes clips from that film. The video is available on YouTube.

HEPBURN - I quit - 1999

This song was never included in a Buffy episode, but it is in the soundtrack of the series. The British group consisted of: Jamie Benson (vocals), Lisa Lister (guitar), Sarah Davies (bass), Beverley Fullen (drums) and Tasha Bayliss (replacement drummer). They disbanded in the summer of 2000. Buffy clips are used in this video.

i quit by aurelbuffy

PLACEBO - Every You Every Me - 1999

Clips from Cruel Intentions are used in this video from the alternative rock band formed in London in 1994, currently consisting of Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest (Forrest was not there when this video was made). To date, they have released six studio albums, six EPs and twenty-seven singles. Thus far, Placebo is best known for the songs "Nancy Boy", "Pure Morning", "Every You Every Me", "Infra-Red", and a cover of the Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill".

BREE SHARP - David Duchovney - 1999?

In July 1999, Bree Sharp released her first album, A Cheap and Evil Girl, to strong critical reviews. The album's first single was "David Duchovny," quickly garnered a cult following for both its music and its humorous references to the actor. This is the unofficial video of "David Duchovny", done for Duchovney's birthday, and produced by Will Shivers and Charles Forsch, production assistants and producers from the set of "The X-Files". Sharp is a vegetarian and animal rights activist. Gellar appears briefly (live) in this one. Video is available on YouTube

MARCY PLAYGROUND - Comin Up From Behind - 1999

Marcy Playground is an American alternative rock band consisting of John Wozniak (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan Keefe (bass), and Shlomi Lavie (drums). This song only appeared on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack. Clips from Cruel Intentions.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Sourgirl - 2000

Stone Temple Pilots is an American rock band consisting of Scott Weiland (lead vocals), brothers Robert (bass guitar, vocals) and Dean DeLeo (guitar), and Eric Kretz (drums, percussion). This song appeared on their "No.4" album. Gellar is in this video live. The video is available on YouTube.

OUTKAST - Land of a Million Drums - 2002

OutKast is an American hip hop duo from East Point, Georgia. They were originally known as The OutKast Brothers. They have won six grammy awards. This song is from the Scooby Doo soundtrack. Clips from Scooby Doo.

SIMPLE PLAN - Don't Wanna Think About You - 2004

The Montreal-based punk-pop (!) group Simple Plan is Pierre Bouvier (vocals), Jeff Stinco (guitar), David Desrosiers (bass), Sebastien Lefebvre (guitar), and Chuck Comeau (drums). Gellar appears very briefly in a clip from Scooby Doo.