- with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Marie

TV episode - voice of Marie - "And They Call It Bobby Love"
Original air date: 22 September 1998

When Bobby begins dating Marie (voiced by Gellar), who is somewhat older, Hank and Peggy are against the relationship for different reasons. Peggy believes he is too young. Hank is mainly worried about Marie's vegetarianism. Meanwhile, a couch mysteriously appears in the alley. The guys try to have it hauled away until they discover how much fun sitting on it can be. The soundtrack includes two Hank Williams songs: "There's a Tear in My Beer", and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". Chuck Mangione does his own voice.

The voice of Marie's mother is Joanna Gleason, the daughter of Monty Hall.

Joanna Gleason Chuck Mangione as depicted on KING OF THE HILL