Season 1 Episode 27
"Hercules and the Dream Date"

Original air date: 2 November 1998

The film from which this sprang is a cartoon musical version that bears almost no relation to Greek myth. In the Disney version, Herc is the son of Zeus and Hera and was made part mortal by Hades. Alcmene was Herc's foster mother. In this episode, Hercules has no date for the school dance so he makes one out of clay and asks Aphrodite to bring her to life. Others voicing this episode include Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow.

The cast for this episode was:

Hercules - Tate Donovan
Icarus - Thure Lindhardt
Galatea - Jennifer Aniston
Helen of Troy - Jodi Benson
Andromeda - Sarah Michelle Gellar
Aphrodite - Lisa Kudrow
Additional Voices - Tate Donovan
Adonis - Diedrich Bader
Cassandra - Sandra Bernhard