Director:     James Toback
Producers:     Daniel Bigel, Michael Mailer
Screenplay:     James Toback
Co-starring:     Adam Grenier, Joey Lauren Adams
US Release Date:     1 August 2001
Length:     99 minutes
Genre:     good question
Interesting Character Scale
(Jill Robinson=0 Buffy Summers=10}:
Best scene for Gellar:     WHERE'S MY MONEY?

A semi-autobiographical account of director James Torback's experiences at Harvard in the 60's. Cindy is the daughter of a mob boss. Her main boyfriend is a star basketball player at Harvard. Figure out the plot from there. I'm not sure if this film is supposed to be funny or serious. John Neville (Dr. Reese) was Sir Isaac Newton in STTNG (Descent Pt.1). Stoltz replaced Matthew Broderick in the 1986 production of "The Widow Claire" in which Gellar played Molly.

Roger Ebert said this about director James Toback to begin his review of the film:

"James Toback is a gambler and an intellectual -- a Harvard graduate who at times in his life has been deeply involved in betting. His first screenplay, for Karel Reisz's masterpiece 'The Gambler' (1974), was about a university literature teacher with a compulsion not merely to gamble, but to place himself at risk. 'I play in order to lose,' his character says. There is a point at which he contemplates the excellent possibility of having his kneecaps shattered. The only reason Toback himself has never been kneecapped, I suspect, is because he likes to talk even more than he likes to gamble."

Tara Samuel as waitress in HARVARD MAN The film played in 4 theaters in the US before being released on DVD. It grossed $56,653.

Now Senator from Minnesota Al Franken and his daughter, Thomasin Franken, portray themselves in this film. They both attended Harvard.

Leonardo DiCaprio was supposed to play Alan Jensen, but was all tied up with filming GANGS OF NEW YORK. Sarah Michelle Gellar turned down the role of Jenny in that film, a role that went to Cameron Diaz.

Basketball season seems very warm.


Harvard Man - Sarah  Michelle Gellar - left turn? Harvard Man - Sarah Michelle Gellar - wistful Harvard Man - Sarah Michelle Gellar  Harvard Man - Sarah  Michelle Gellar Harvard Man - Sarah  Michelle Gellar Harvard Man - Sarah Michelle Gellar Harvard Man - Sarah Michelle Gellar Harvard Man - Sarah Michelle Gelllar