- co-hosted by Sarah Michelle Gellar

The pilot is available in three parts on
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A teen magazine show that first aired in September 1989. Only 5 episodes were made. Produced by Allen Bohbot. Directed by Kevin S. Murray.

Sa-Fire debut album, self-titled, 1988 There were five others who appeared on Girl Talk. Soleil Moon Frye, Russell Koplin, Rod Brogan, Brad Caleb Kane, and Brian Robbins. Brad Kane was Jonathon Levinson's singing voice in the BTVS episode "Superstar". He also portrayed Tucker Wells in "The Prom".

About 14 minutes into the pilot episode of GIRL TALK, the next episode's guest stars are announced on screen. The guests for episode 2 were Joey Lawrence and Sa-Fire (Wilma Cosumé).

Soleil Moon Frye Russel Koplin Rod Brogan


The Girl Talk Secret Diary board game

Though the show only lasted 5 episodes, a board game was marketed, at least as recently as 1995, called GIRL TALK - SECRET DIARY. The game was for ages 10+ and for 2 to 6 players.

This is the way the game was described:

Have you ever wanted to find out someone else's secrets without having to tell your own? That's exactly what you can do if you win at Secret Diary. The object is to be the first player to collect 12 Calendar Cards - one for each month of the year. If you do, you'll get to read the Personal & Confidential secrets of your friends, while yours may remain a secret - if you wish.

Secret Diary spawned at least two other Girl Talk games: Truth or Dare, and Dateline. The games were manufactured by Golden.

Girl Talk - Truth or Dare