CROSSBOW Season 2 Episode 13 - "Actors"

Gellar is Sara Guidotti, whose family are a travelling acting company in 14th Century Switzerland (the time of William Tell). She and her relatives enlist a stranger (they are not aware he is Tell) to participate in an allegorical play about Swiss politics. They want Tell to play the werewolf.

Regulars on the series were Dana Barron, Will Lyman, Nick Brimble, and Jeremy Clyde (of Chad and Jeremy).

The Emporer referred to in the series must be Leopold 1 of Austria. There is no proof that William Tell or Gessler ever existed, but the Swiss are quite attached to the legend, regarding scientific skepticism about it as an anti-Swiss conspiracy. If Tell did exist, he must have lived at the beginning of the 14th century.

Hilary Mason Sheila Coren-Tissot

Some of the other actors in this episode: Paul Collins, Simon Harrison (Rex Harrison's grandson), the late Hillary Mason, Claude Duneton, Sheila Coren-Tissot, and Catherine Bary.

Jurgen said this about the possibliity of having the series issued on DVD:
"If you have complaints about a release for Crossbow, email NBC-Universal in the UK, who owns right of Crossbow here in Europe. It's in their Sparrowhawk collection. The rights only to use the master of the series is 2500 euros. Transferring that to a workable dvd file will cost you another 2000-2500 euro. Making a glassmaster dvd will also cost you another 2000-3000 euro and then you have the cover art and after that the final print, a set of 500 copies (of 1 and the same disc) cost you another 5000-8000 euro perhaps. So if you have 20,000 euros available (you need trasnporters as well to get it into the stores) or know a company which has 20,000 euros too much on their bank account, go ahead and email NBC-Universal. I'm sure they will say yes, thank you, thank you for the money. As long as there is nobody interested in spending some money into it, it won't happen."

These videos courtesy of jurgen42u.


Opening scene Sara Guidotti and her family looking skyward The family discusses things with William Tell Sara Guidotti pleads with Tell to join their play Lying to the soldiers Being helped off the wagon by a very large Lyman Clinging to her brother's back The play within a play Captured by the werewolf Apple on the head Looking a bit worried