Giselle Loren

Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Xbox Giselle Loren, also known as Giselle Achecar, graduated from Duke University, is a lawyer and a certified fitness trainer. She appeared in the short film The Caretaker (Elizabeth Santos), in General Hospital, and The Bold and The Beautiful, and has done a fair amount of LA theater including BEYOND LOVE, a play by Odalys Nanin. Loren was the voice of Buffy in two video games and would have been the voice of Buffy in the animated series had it been produced.

Chaos Bleeds for PlayStation 2 Achecar has created ECO-RICO, a green education and reference project.

Her first film appearance was as Sally in THE PORTRAIT, a short by Paul A Levin in which she co-starred with Tammy Grimes, Meagan Fay, and Russell Young.

She was the voice of Stargirl in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and the voice of Martha Connors in the Spiderman animated series.


Voice Cast:
Giselle Loren as 'Buffy Summers'
Alyson Hannigan as 'Willow Rosenberg'
Nicholas Brendon as 'Xander Harris'
Anthony Stewart Head as 'Rupert Giles'
Charisma Carpenter as 'Cordelia Chase'
Michelle Trachtenberg as 'Dawn Summers'
Kristine Sutherland as 'Joyce Summers'
Armin Shimerman as 'Principal Snyder'
David Boreanaz as 'Angel'

Giselle Loren as a police officer in The Wonderful World of Disney's version of Nancy Drew.

Giselle Loren as a police officer in Nancy Drew