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"There's a whole recipe for how to make a Buffy. Take one cup Sarah Connor from the first Terminator movie; one cup Ripley; three tablespoons of the younger sister in Night of the Comet; a few sprigs of A Little Princess (the book, not the movies); and a pinch of Jimmy Stewart for pain, because nobody does better pain. Bake those up. Once it's cool, add a little Rosalind Russell from His Girl Friday. All of this must be in a P.J.-Soles-in-Halloween crust. That's very important."
      ------  Joss Whedon


LARA plays the Buffy Theme on violin.


In an interview with the Sunday Times in 2013, Gellar said that she would only reprise the character of Buffy Summers if she were to appear on SESAME STREET, which is her daughter Charlotte's favourite TV show. "I could share a scene with Elmo. I mean, I've worked with some great people – Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker - but they're not Elmo", she said, noting that she would also be willing to share a scene with Count von Count. Gellar appeared on Sesame Street for the first time on 7 January 2014. She and Elmo discussed the word disapointed Video is available on YouTube.


Amber Grove (left) and stuntwoman Lisa Dempsey (right)

In Season One Episode Three, Buffy tries out for cheerleader and ends up saving Amber Grove, another cheerleading hopeful, from a fiery death. According to the Buffy Wiki, Grove was played by an "unknown actress". I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Grove was played by stuntwoman Lisa Dempsey, who was known to have worked on this episode. Dempsey is 1.6m tall, has brown hair and blue eyes, and lists "partial burns" as one of her specialties.


Tamblyn (left) as Janice Penshaw in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Amber Tamblyn portrayed Dawn's best friend, Janice Penshaw. Penshaw is mentioned throughout Season Six, but she appears in only one episode (Season 6 Episode 6 which is the *Halloween episode for 2001). In that episode, she and Dawn tell their mothers they spending the night at each other's homes and then sneak out to with a couple of boys who turn out to be vampires. Dawn gets her first kiss and Janice is bitten. They are both rescued; Penshaw by Giles, and Dawn by Buffy and Spike. In Season 6 Episode 12 Dawn says that Janice's sister is a lawyer.


Obscurus Lupa demotivational poster

OBSCURUS LUPA reviewed the Buffy episode BEER BAD. She also reviewed the original Buffy film.


Ginger Williams in BUFFY Episode 34

Ginger Williams, who played the girl whose death brought the gypsy curse on Angel (Buffy Episode #34), appeared on RINGER 14 November as the receptionist for Siobhan's shrink. She was also Clorissa in the 1999 film CRUEL INTENTIONS. Her BTVS appearance was also her acting debut.


Vladimir Putin, Dima Sokolov, and the Bulgarian shepherd Buffy

Russian PM Vladimir Putin has renamed his new Bulgarian shepherd puppy Buffy, after a national contest to choose a new name for the dog. The Russians admit to no connection to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The name was chosen by a 5-year-old from Moscow, Dima Sokolov. Dima said the name was found on the internet with the help of his parents. The dog was previously known as Yorgo.


Left- Jennifer Sky as Amarice in XWP - right - as Heidie Barrie in BTVS

Musetta Vander as Natalie French Jennifer Sky was Heidi Barrie in Buffy Season One Episode Six (THE PACK) and (possessed by hyenas) was one of the group who ate Principal Flutie. Sky was also Amarice in 6 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess.

And Musetta Vander was Ilainus in "Amphipolis Under Siege" (Xena episode 104). She was also Natalie French in "Teacher's Pet" (Episode 4 of BTVS).


Harry Groener as Mayor Wilkins

In a whimsical moment, Harry Groener, the actor who played Mayor Richard Wilkins in 14 episodes of BTVS, was cast in the role of Nathan Samuels in the penultimate episode of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. The name of the episode was "DEMONS"


Jiang Shi In Chinese lore, the undead hop like bunnies, and appear in varying states of decay, depending on how long they were dead before returning to life. They fear their own reflection. They are called jiang shi, and their hoppiness most likely derives from the widespread practice in ancient China of transporting a corpse from his place of death to his hometown for burial. China being a big place even then, that often involved a journey of many hundreds of kilometers.

The bodies would often be carried home by a friend or family member. To make carrying the corpse easier, it was wrapped tightly in a shroud.

Before embalming became common, catalepsy sometimes caused people to be buried when they were not really dead. If the body were tightly wrapped, and a cataleptic "came back to life", hopping would be their natural form of locomotion, at least until they could figure out how to get themselves free of the shroud.

Buffy never got to China, although Spike did. Chinese vampires are never discussed in BTVS.


This playlist has three TV ads with Kristine Sutherland, a 1985 ad for Diet Coke, a 2011 ad for Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners, and one from 1991 for Lipton Golden Saute.

Sutherland changed her name because there was another actor with the name Kristine Young. She took Sutherland from her cat, which was named Donald (after Donald Sutherland). The actor who precipitated the name change is now Kristine Young Gaffney and works as an editor for various reality shows. Her first TV role was as mystery writer Pamela Johns on REMINGTON STEELE.


"Living Conditions", Season 4 Episode 2, deals primarily with Buffy's interaction with her demon-like roomie who plays the Cher song "Believe" repeatedly throughout the episode. Not really Buffy's music. Somehow this let to a Gellar appearance at a Cher press conference in New York. "Believe" was number one at the time, and Cher was the oldest person ever to have a number one single.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Cher at press conference in NYC in 1999 Cher and SMG


Riff Regan was Willow. She is now Director of Operations for a non-profit HIV/AIDS organization in Washington, D.C. Stephen Tobolowski, who was the principal in the MAD ABOUT YOU episode "Uncle Phil Goes Back to High School", played Principal Flutie.


Video of Nick Brendon at the Paris convention in 2010 was posted on YouTube by enilecccc. Below are some photos from CONVENTION:THE MUSICAL by Saeko Doyle. Below are photos from the event.

Claire Guyot performing at Convention: The Musical Nick Brendon taking questions at Convention: The Musical in Paris Nick Brendon doing the Snoopy dance in Paris Dancers opening Convention: The Musical


THE THRONE OF THE SLAYER - BUFFY SUMMERS MAQUETTE THE THRONE OF THE SLAYER - BUFFY SUMMERS MAQUETTE, a detailed sculpture presenting an elaborately seated chosen one, awaiting her next battle with the weight of her duty as the Slayer heavy on her shoulders. Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail. The limited edition of 400 by SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES is sold out.

Question: If they're calling it a maquette, does that mean somebody is going to make a full-size version?


Kyle Kallgren aka Oancitizen, a video reviewer on thatguywiththeglasses.com, has summarized each Buffy episode through Season 3 Episode 9 on Tumbler in a limerick. Below is an example (Season 1 Episode 1).

Kyle Kallgren
The two Summers women arrive
In a new town to start their new lives
Ones with no expulsions
And no gym explosions
(Let’s just hope that Buffy survives)


If Eliza and Sarah were combined into one person

Alyson Hannigan posted the above photo on her twitpic account. She apparently found a Buffy/Faith hybrid.


Life sized cardboard cutouts of Buffy are available at:


The first line spoken by Buffy in episode one, season one was: "I'm up, mom." In the pilot, her first line (after correcting the Principal about her name twice) was: "Principal Flutie, I'm not here to cause trouble." The last word spoken by Buffy in the last episode of the series was "Spike". (In response to a question by Giles as to what caused the giant crater.)


Buffy birthday cake 2004 Buffy's birthday was celebrated each year (except for Season 7) in a mid-January episode. In the first-year birthday episode, Buffy's school records are displayed twice on a computer. In one view, we see that Buffy was born on 24 October 1980, and she is a sophomore. The second time we see the records, her birthday is 6 May 1979, and she is a senior. Clearly the records are in error. Joss Whedon asserted at one point that Buffy's birthday is 19 January 1981, but this is not borne out by other evidence.

The date is January 22, 1981, because in 1999, her eighteenth birthday fell on a Friday. As it is also known that Buffy's birthday is on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, it must be January 22.


Spike, who is not supposed to breathe, smokes cigarettes. He is either a demon or a human with delusions of vampirehood. He is clearly not an illusion, as is evidenced by his trail of cigarette butts.


Voice Cast:
Giselle Loren Giselle Loren as 'Buffy Summers'
Alyson Hannigan as 'Willow Rosenberg'
Nicholas Brendon as 'Xander Harris'
Anthony Stewart Head as 'Rupert Giles'
Charisma Carpenter as 'Cordelia Chase'
Michelle Trachtenberg as 'Dawn Summers'
Kristine Sutherland as 'Joyce Summers'
Armin Shimerman as 'Principal Snyder'
David Boreanaz as 'Angel'

A writer at TV Overmind reported that one if his friends, whom he declined to name, is helping to produce a new animated Buffy series with Joss Whedon's blessing. In 2002, a cartoon series pilot featuring all of the original cast (minus Gellar) was shot. It never aired. The new animated series would be an adaption of the Buffy comics. But it's unclear if this means the Buffy Season 8 series or the previous comic series.

And according to Famous Monsters of Filmland, a casting call has gone out to fill roles for an upcoming webseries based on Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic. It seems likely the webseries will adapt Season 8's second arc, "No Future For You", written by Brian K. Vaughn. They're looking for voice actors, since the webisodes will be in motion-comic format.

BUFFY NEWS - last updated 12 February 2015

Juliet Landau is The Black Matron in MUZZLED THE MUSICAL, a webseries currently in production. Muzzled is set in the Kingdom of Serenadia, where singing is power. With the right song, you can bring peace to the downtrodden, bake a delicious birthday cake, or kill. Hence, the Golden King has decreed all "Blackhearts" must bear the Muzzle: a magic tattoo that punishes those who try to sing.

Juliet Landau and James Marsters in THE BELLS OF WEST 87th Landau in Dark Hearts

Landau will also be Zoe in CITIZENS, an homage to the 1970s indie film movement that flourished out of New York. Director Alex Monty Canawati describes the film as a "tribute to those are wild, reckless, and self-aborbed".

The Lost Girl podcast DRINKS AT THE DAL discussed the similarities and differences between Lost Girl's heroine Bo and Buffy Summers in an episode titled Half Pint: Bo vs Buffy.

Bo (Anna Silk) of Lost Girl and Buffy Nick Brendon and Moonda Tee  -  the marriage and the proposal

Nick Brendon (Xander Harris) married singer/actress Moonda Tee on 1 October in Las Vegas, NV.

Anthony Head (Giles) will be Old Misha in the soon to be released Cold War thriller DESPITE THE FALLING SNOW directed by Shamin Sharif (who directed the 2008 romance

Anthony Head with some of the cast of DESPITE THE FALLING SNOW DESPITE THE FALLING SNOW Producers Lisa Tchenguiz, Shanin Sharif, Hannan Kattan, and unidentified person

A new book by Amber Benson, The Witches of Echo Park, is now available in both Kindle edition and paperback. In the book, it seems that "unbeknownst to most of humankind, a powerful network of witches thrives within the shadows of society, using their magic to keep the world in balance. But they are being eliminated—and we will all pay if their power falls..."

Amber Benson (left) and Alexa Vachon in DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE Cover - The Witches of Echco Park

Benson will star along with Rosa Von Praunheim, Tim-Fabian Hoffman, and Chloé Griffin in the film DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE (2015), which will feature performances by Nina Hagen, Sookee, and Peaches. The film explores artistic and marginalized life in Berlin, and is based on a true story, about a relationship between an American writer of Israeli/Palestinian descent and an aspiring Russian artist who works as a hustler, offering access to the city’s vibrant queer and underground scenes.

THE GRIDDLE HOUSE, a film due out in 2015, will star three prominent Buffy castmembers, Amber Benson. Clare Kramer, and Charisma Carpenter. The film centers on Jack Benson (Alex Shaffer) who learns that his birth mother is a regular at a local pancake joint.

Clair Kramer on the set of THE GRIDDLE HOUSE Colleen Hartnett and Jason McCrite - Hartnett is stand-in for Amber Benson's character Tiny in THE GRIDDLE HOUSE

Toymaker Funko have released their new Pop! vinyl collection of figures from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on 20 June. The first figures to be released are Buffy, Willow, Xander, Angel, and Spike. Below, photo tweeted by cosplayer Ani-Mia with the Buffy toy.

Cosplayer Ani-Mia being staked by Buffy at San Diego Comic Con Funko Buffy Figures

The first use of the word 'google' on television was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7 Episode 4, in this sequence of dialog:
WILLOW: "Have you googled her yet?"
XANDER: "She's 17!"
WILLOW: "It's a search engine."

Azura Skye (Cassie Newton in 2 Buffy episodes) was Sandy Engel-Karinsky in the TV sitcom WORKING THE ENGELS, which aired on Global TV in Canada and NBC in the US. Skye and Clare Kramer were guests at the Fourth Annual Vampire Ball, last November in London, UK.

Azura Skye in GRIMM Azura Skye

Erica Luttrell was the first Buffy castmember to appear on LOST GIRL. She was autograph seeker Kelly in the Buffy episode Superstar in 2000. She was Val Santiago in two LOST GIRL episodes.

Erica Luttrell as Karen in the Buffy episode SUPERSTAR Erica Luttrell as Val Santiago in LOST GIRL

On 31 July 2013, Sarah Michelle Gellar said this about appearing in a Buffy film: Joss and I always talk about [a movie]. But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film. And I mean, we had such miles to overcome when we were trying to do a TV show based on a movie. And one of the reasons is that the story works better over time. If there was ever the right story, we would do it. At this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in.

Rachel Bilson (Potential Slayrer Colleen) appeared in the 200th episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. In a flashback, it was revealed how her character, Cindy, learned she was a lesbian. (She kisses The Mother, played by Cristin Milioti, who was her roomie at the time. See photo below.) Bilson appeared in two previous episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERBig Days and Girls vs Suits. Another potential slayer from Buffy Season 7 has recently worked with Alyson Hannigan. Dania Ramirez (Carida) is Trisha in AMERICAN REUNION, the fourth film in the American Pie series.

Rachel Bilson (right) kisses Cristin Miloti on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Rachel Bilson Dania Ramirez

According to PEOPLE MAGAZINE, Elizabeth Taylor and her great-grandson Finn McMurray watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer together.

Michelle Trachtenberg portrayed Marina Oswald in KILLING KENNEDY, which aired on the National Geographic Channel in November 2013, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's death.

The real Marina Oswald is now 71 years old and still contends that her late husband is innocent. She and second husband Kenneth Jess Porter have two sons together.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Marina Oswald in KILLING KENNEDY Michelle Trachtenberg as Ashley in the film TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT

Kristy Wu (Potential Slayer Chao-Ahn) is Sook in the 2012 film END OF WATCH, which stars Jake Gyllenhal, Michael Pena, and Anna Kendrick, and is about a couple of LA street cops being pursued by Mexican drug cartels. Wu is best known for her role as Genie in the film FACE (2002) in which she co-starred with Bai Ling.

Kristy Wu - photo by Noah Rosenthal Kristy Wu (left) as Janpan in THE MENATLIST Amy Acker in DOLLHOUSE

Joss Whedon is now on Twitter. Whedon's film, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, stars Amy Acker (Fred Burkle of Angel) and Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Price in Buffy and Angel). It was shot in 16 days in Santa Monica, California.

At Comic-Con 2012, Whedon said he would like to take Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Broadway as a stage production. I wonder if Alessandra Torresani can sing? (Wouldn't she make a great Buffy?

According to MOVIEHOLE, Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on the list of shows Netflix would possibly consider doing something with in the future. "That's one that'll come up on everyone’s list" he said. "She's a great character. If it was my property I'd do infrequent movies. There's not enough kick-ass female characters like that."

Eliza Dushku (Faith in BTVS) has been cast by RKO Pictures in a TV movie remake of THE SAINT, based on the Leslie Charteris novels. It has yet to be picked up by a network, but will be screened at the MIPTV market in Cannes. Dushku will play Patricia Holm, love interest of Simon Templar. The Holm character did not appear in the original TV series, and only appeared in one of the films, THE SAINT MEETS THE TIGER (1943), and was played by British actress Jean Gillie.

Hugh Sinclair and Jean Gillie in THE SAINT MEETS THE TIGER Eliza Dushku and Adam Rayner in THE SAINT

Julie Benz is Amanda Rosewater in the SyFy series DEFIANCE, which is also a game for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The TV show is set in a post-apocalyptic, renamed St. Louis, and the game is set in San Francisco, but they share a common universe, and developments in the game influence events in the TV show. Others in the cast of the show are Jaime Murray, Grant Bowler, and Tony Curran. DEFIANCE will return to SyFy US in the spring. The game is available on Amazon.

Julie Benz in her first film role as a student of the violin in TWO EVIL EYES (1990) Julie Benz as Amanda Rosewater in Defiance

On Halloween 2012, Kate Nash, Emmy the Great and others took over a screen in the Hackney Picture House in London for a complete performance of the music from the BTVS episode Once More with Feeling.

Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy) is in a new film called THE WHOLE BANANA, which revolves around a struggling artist (Swanson) who is discouraged by the men in her life. She prays to the Greek god Hermes (Kevin Sorbo) who shows up and sweeps her off her feet, but can only stay for two weeks. The film is expected to be released later this year. And Swanson was Marlowe Viccellio in episode #79 of PSYCH (Yang 3 in 2D). Shawn and Gus blamed her for a vampire-style murder after the police found an exsanguinated body.

Kristy Swanson Kevin Sorbo and Kristy Swanson in THE WHOLE BANANA

Saverio Guerra (Willie the Snitch in 5 BTVS episodes) is Sydney Franklin in HEMINGWAY & GELLHORN, an HBO film about the romance between Ernest Hemingway and WWII correspondent Martha Gellhorn, who was the inspiration for the novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls". The film, which aired in March 2012, stars Nicole Kidman, Clive Owen, and Parker Posey.

Savario Guerra Parker Posey

Emma Caulfield (Anya), will co-star as Molly in the 2013 film OLD DAYS, which will star Morena Baccarin (V, FIREFLY). OLD DAYS is directed by Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor in SMALLVILLE). Co-author of the webcomic series CONTROPUSSY, Caulfield also was the blind witch who tried to eat Hansel and Gretel in the ONCE UPON A TIME episode "True North".

Emma Caulfield as the blind witch in the gingerbread house Emma Caulfield

And Caulfield has another comic in the works. WHO'S THE RIPPER? centers around the rise of psychic phenomena in mid-19th-century London.

The first character to die in BTVS had no name, and was played by Carmine Giovinazzo. He was devoured by Julie Benz in the opening scene of Episode 1. Giovinazzo is starring as a detective named Dare in the 2012 film DUKE, which is a "western" set in West Los Angeles. Dare has a friend from reformatory named Roost who watches old John Wayne films, and helps him pursue his nemesis, Winky.

Carmine Giovinazzo and Julie Benz in the opening scene from Buffy Giovinazzo as Dare in DUKE

NBC's GRIMM is based on a story idea from Jim Kouf, one of the writers for ANGEL, and David Greenwalt, writer of 8 episodes of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. The show is about a world in which characters inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales exist, but not in a nice way.

Indigo (born Alyssa Ashley Nichols), who was potential slayer Rona, is Chloe in the film WEATHER WARS, released last July, with Stacey Keach and Erin Cahill. It's about weather being used as a weapon by a mad scientist. Indigo also appeared in three episodes of TREME on HBO in 2010.

Marc Blucas (Riley Finn), who does not have a website, is Matthew in the pilot of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, a new USA TV series which stars Hannah Marks and Callie Thorne.

Indigo as potential slayer Rona Amanda Fuller Marc Blucas

Amanda Fuller (Eve in 2 episodes of BTVS) is Beth in a Louisiana swamp monster flick called CREATURE. It co-stars Serinda Swann and Rebekah Kennedy. Tagline: TERROR HAS TEETH!.

Jane Esperson

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales is a hardcover book of Buffy stories written by Joss Whedon, Amber Benson, Jane Espenson, and others. Many of the stories were written prior to the Season 8 stories, and others are selected stories from Season 8. It includes the story of the first Slayer drawn by Leinil Yu.

Julia Lee Julia Lee as Constance Hackaway

Julia Lee, whose character in BTVS had no fewer than three names (Chanterelle, Lily and Anne) and which crossed over into three episodes of ANGEL, is the image used (since 2006) by Disney to portray Constance Hatchaway, the "Black Widow Bride" at their Haunted Mansion. Interestingly enough, she has not appeared on television or on film since her Disney association began.


According to James Hibbard of Inside TV, a survey commissioned by the Syfy Channel to celebrate their 2012 US launch of fantasy series Lost Girl, asked fans to vote for the sexiest sci-fi stars. The top five women were:

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) - 12.7%
  2. Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager) - 10.9%
  3. Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) - 10.8%
  4. Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) - 10.6%
  5. Billie Piper (Doctor Who) - 7.7%

The top male in the poll was Hugh Jackman with 20.3%.


Natasha Lyonne, Nicky Nichols on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, has said she once turned down a "high profile role" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Brown leather pants worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar on BTVS Season 5 Episode 7 Natasha Lyonne looking vaguely Buffy-like

Brown leather pants that Gellar wore on BTVS (Season 5 Episode 7) are for sale on eBay for $800. The pants originally cost $426.60.

A leather cut jacket (colour 'raisin') from Buffy the Vampire Slayer worn on screen by Sarah Michelle Gellar has been relisted on eBay for $3500. The episode is described on the tag as 6ABB.03. It is indicated that the jacket was also worn by a double. Its original price was $709.56.

Buffy wearing a raisin coloured leather jacket in BUFFY V DRACULA The jacket being offered for sale on eBay

A severed head which was featured on BTVS, as well as a red cape worn by Buffy in the Season 7 episode Help were among items auctioned at the Fangoria's annual horror movie prop auction. Bidding on these items ended 26 October. The winning bids were not disclosed.


BTVS boxed set Fox has released a repackaged version of its Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Complete Series DVD boxed set. The packaging is wider than the 2006 version, and features new cover art. Special Features in the set include: BACK TO THE HELLMOUTH - a casual 54-minute conversation amidst candles and old books with Whedon, Marti Noxon, Doug Petrie, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Danny Strong, David Fury, Jane Espenson, Charisma Carpenter, and Drew Z. Greenberg. BUFFY CAST AND CREW: FAVORITE EPISODES, BUFFY: AN UNLIKELY ROLE MODEL, BREAKING BARRIERS: IT'S NOT A CHICK FIGHT THING - with stunt double Sophia Crawford and Stunt Coordinator Jeff Pruitt.