A WOMAN NAMED JACKIE - with Sarah Michelle Gellar
(as the teenage Jacqueline Bouvier)

First aired 13 October 1991, this won an Emmy for Outstanding Mini-series. Just after the miniseries aired, Ken Tucker began his review for Entertainment Weekly this way:

"This six-hour miniseries, based on C. David Heymann's 1989 best-seller, takes a very pro-Jackie look at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It offers Jackie as victim, Jackie as hero, Jackie as survivor. She is portrayed here by Roma Downey, a virtual unknown who does a first-rate job of reproducing Onassis' quiet confidence and breathy voice. (Physically, however, Downey comes closer to resembling another member of the Kennedy clan, Maria Shriver.)"

Amazon (US) the VHS boxed set of this, and a few copies of the 3-disk DVD version (Region 2), all from third party sellers.

William Devane (Black Jack Bouvier) is President Henry Hayes in the STARGATE universe. Roma Downey was Hippolyta in HERCULES AND THE AMAZON WOMEN (1994).

Sarah Michelle Gellar as the teenaged Jacqueline Bouvier Sarah Michelle Gellar as teen Jackie talking to brother

Roma Downey Stephen Collins Author C.David Heymann and his dog Chickie


Sarah Michelle Gellar -
      Teenage Jacqueline Bouvier
Marianna Bishop -
      Young Jacqueline Bouvier
Roma Downey -
      Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Stephen Rhodes -
      Young John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
Stephen Collins -
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Andy Buckley -
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.
Dylan Price - Ted Kennedy
Tim Ransom - Robert Kennedy
Kathleen McNenny - Ethel Kennedy
Josef Sommer - Joseph Kennedy Sr.
Rosemary Murphy - Rose Kennedy
Robin Morse - Adult Caroline Kennedy
William Devane - 'Black Jack' Bouvier
Bonnie Gagnon - Young Lee Bouvier
Carolyn McCandlish -
      Younger Lee Bouvier
Wendy Hughes - Janet Lee Bouvier
Ashley Crow - Lee Bouvier Radziwill
Joss Ackland - Aristotle Onassis
Nadia Dajani - Christina Onassis
Jad Mager - Alex Onassis
Bob Gunton - Hugh Auchincloss
Boyd Gaines - Yusha Auchincloss
Lisa Eichhorn - Dr. Jordan
Carlin Glynn - Lady Bird Johnson
Eve Gordon - Marilyn Monroe
Nan Martin - Diana Vreeland
Brian Smiar - Lyndon B. Johnson
Nicholas Walker - Peter Lawford
Jack Ryland - Larry O'Brien
Clark Gregg - Ken O'Donnell
Nick Gregory - Clay Holmby
Anna Levine - Ilona
Mary McMillan - Martha Bartlett
Mark Metcalf - George Smathers
Gary Wade Morton -
      N Street Photographer
Michael O'Gorman - Coleman
David O. Patterson - James Lee
Stephen Pearlman - City Editor
Kate Skinner - Woman Reporter
Rob McDaniel - Taunting Boy
Richard Springle - Charles Bartlett
Sam Stoneburner - Andre Meyer
John Leonard Thompson -
Tom Todoroff - Mr. Kenneth
Jessica Tuck - Lorraine Murrey
Nancy Youngblut - Press Secretary
Ken Collins - Waiter
Bill Glasser - Wedding Guest
David E. Harshbarger -
      Greek Orthodox Priest
Stan Kelly - Policeman
Mark McQuown - Secret Service Agent
Kevin Moser - Sailor
Sam Wells - Funeral Director