- with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the teenage Jacqueline Bouvier

Sarah Michelle Gellar as the teenaged Jacqueline Bouvier First aired 13 October 1991, this won an Emmy for Outstanding Mini-series. Just after the miniseries aired, Ken Tucker began his review for Entertainment Weekly this way:

"This six-hour miniseries, based on C. David Heymann's 1989 best-seller, takes a very pro-Jackie look at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It offers Jackie as victim, Jackie as hero, Jackie as survivor. She is portrayed here by Roma Downey, a virtual unknown who does a first-rate job of reproducing Onassis' quiet confidence and breathy voice. (Physically, however, Downey comes closer to resembling another member of the Kennedy clan, Maria Shriver.)"

A WOMAN NAMED JACKIE is available on Amazon Prime Video.

William Devane (Black Jack Bouvier) is President Henry Hayes in the STARGATE universe.


Sarah Michelle Gellar -
      Teenage Jacqueline Bouvier
Marianna Bishop -
      Young Jacqueline Bouvier
Roma Downey -
      Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Stephen Rhodes -
      Young John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
Stephen Collins -
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Andy Buckley -
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.
Dylan Price - Ted Kennedy
Tim Ransom - Robert Kennedy
Kathleen McNenny - Ethel Kennedy
Josef Sommer - Joseph Kennedy Sr.
Rosemary Murphy - Rose Kennedy
Robin Morse - Adult Caroline Kennedy
William Devane - 'Black Jack' Bouvier
Bonnie Gagnon - Young Lee Bouvier
Carolyn McCandlish -
      Younger Lee Bouvier
Wendy Hughes - Janet Lee Bouvier
Ashley Crow - Lee Bouvier Radziwill
Joss Ackland - Aristotle Onassis
Nadia Dajani - Christina Onassis
Jad Mager - Alex Onassis
Bob Gunton - Hugh Auchincloss
Boyd Gaines - Yusha Auchincloss
Lisa Eichhorn - Dr. Jordan
Carlin Glynn - Lady Bird Johnson
Eve Gordon - Marilyn Monroe
Nan Martin - Diana Vreeland
Brian Smiar - Lyndon B. Johnson
Nicholas Walker - Peter Lawford
Jack Ryland - Larry O'Brien
Clark Gregg - Ken O'Donnell
Nick Gregory - Clay Holmby
Anna Levine - Ilona
Mary McMillan - Martha Bartlett
Mark Metcalf - George Smathers
Gary Wade Morton -
      N Street Photographer
Michael O'Gorman - Coleman
David O. Patterson - James Lee
Stephen Pearlman - City Editor
Kate Skinner - Woman Reporter
Rob McDaniel - Taunting Boy
Richard Springle - Charles Bartlett
Sam Stoneburner - Andre Meyer
John Leonard Thompson -
Tom Todoroff - Mr. Kenneth
Jessica Tuck - Lorraine Murrey
Nancy Youngblut - Press Secretary
Ken Collins - Waiter
Bill Glasser - Wedding Guest
David E. Harshbarger -
      Greek Orthodox Priest
Stan Kelly - Policeman
Mark McQuown - Secret Service Agent
Kevin Moser - Sailor
Sam Wells - Funeral Director