starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

Director:     Marc Klein
Producers:     Deborah Del Prete, Gigi Pritzker, and Darryl Taja
Screenplay:     Marc Klein
Adapted from the short stories "My Old Man"        
and "The worst Thing a Suburban Girl Could Imagine", by
Melissa Bank
Co-starring:     Alec Baldwin, Peter Scolari, Jill Eikenberry
US Release Date:     27 April 2007
Length:     96 minutes
Genre:     Romantic Comedy
Interesting Character Scale (Jill Robinson=0 Buffy Summers=10}: nine
Best scene for Gellar:     Meeting the new boss (Vanessa Branch).

Brett Eisenberg is an assistant editor for a New York publishing company who is not doing all that well until she meets and gets involved with prominent New York writer Archie Knox, an alcoholic, diabetic, and charming raconteur.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shower scene in Suburban Girl Imagine 1970 Barbara Streisand and 1985 Michael Caine directed by 1987 Woody Allen. The film is visually impressive (I really liked Brett's apartment and the less than accidental backgrounds in some of the open air shots), and it is the sort of thing Gellar needs to do more often (comedy). Didn't much like the bit about her dad dying. Thought it injected pop psychology into an otherwise interesting story. Note that in The Return (see review on this site) the father is pivotal to the story, and in Buffy, the father is absent except for one flashback episode in Season Six where Buffy retreats from reality to her childhood.

Suburban Girl poster Mark Klein said this about adapting the story and directing the film:

"Projects speak to you - and this one was speaking very forcefully, with a great deal of wisdom and insight. While initially captured by the witty, May-December relationship - I later found myself drawn to the melancholy father-daughter subplot. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that every woman I'd ever dated had a complex relationship with her father?"

Gellar's shower scene is interesting because it is the most revealing of the three shower scenes she has done on film. (The other two are in POSSESSION and THE GRUDGE.) Because of that, and because of the fact that she used a body double for the picture on her porn tape in SOUTHLAND TALES, I suspected that she might have used a double for this scene, but I can find no indication of this.

The film was eleased in Germany as "Upper East Side Love".

Jill Eikenberry (Marlene Eisenberg) was Ann Kelsey in LA LAW. Vanessa Branch (Faye Faulkner) was the adult Naomi Wildman in ST VOYAGER. Vanessa Branch (Faye Faulkner) has been the Orbit Gum girl since 2002, the slogan being: "Dirty Mouth? Clean it up with Orbit gum!"

Vanessa Branch holding gum

The soundtrack is apparently not available on CD or by download, but one of the songs that would be on it if it were is "Speeding Cars" by Imogen Heap. Heap used to be half of Frou Frou (the other half was Guy Sigsworth). They broke up in 2003, but have suggested they might someday work together again.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Brett Eisenberg
Alec Baldwin - Archie Knox
Maggie Grace - Chloe
James Naughton - Robert Eisenberg
Chris Carmack - Jed
Vanessa Branch - Faye Faulkner
Peter Scolari - Mickey Lamm
Marian Seldes - Margaret Paddleford
Ebon Moss-Bachrach - Ethan Eisenberg
Lanette Ware - Nikki
Marin Ireland - Katie
Nate Corddry - Jason
Amad Jackson - Seaver
Spencer Hawken - Grady Roberts
Jason Antoon - Dean
Stephanie Berry - Nurse
Ian Blackman - Waiter
Audra Blaser - Petal
Melissa Brown - Jazmin
Geoffrey Cantor - Library Curator
Vincent De Paul - Mrs. Paddleford's Companion
Daniel Hubbert - Bartender
Vince Giantomasi - Jack
Keith Jordan - Cute Guy
Kane Manera - Theatergoer
Rebecca Mae Palmer - Receptionist
Stephen Payne - Cas Coyote
Corinne Russell - Model
Sorab Wadia - Taxi Driver
Joann Socrates - Waiter #1
Cullen Wheeler - Waiter #2
Dennis Albanese - Cook


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