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"I seduced my stepfather, and when he wouldn't sleep with me, I slept with the stable boy, cried rape, and my mother stabbed him with a letter opener. Then I went to jail for perjury, burned my parents' divorce papers, and locked up my little sister. I think that was all in the first week."
-- (New York Times, April 27, 1997)


Eva LaRue and Sarah Michelle Gellar in ALL MY CHILDREN

Screencapture from Gellar's
last appearance on AMC

Sydney Penny, Eva LaRue, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kelly Ripa

Sydney Penny (Julia Santos Keefer), Eva LaRue (Dr. Maria Santos), Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Kelly Ripa (Hayley Vaughan) in promotional photo from All My Children circa 1994. Photo was taken shortly after Gellar was in a cab accident that caused facial cuts that required stitches. When she called work to say she would not be able to get there by 7am, she was told she could come in at noon.

three generations - All My Children

Three generations of Kendall's family. Kendall Hart (Gellar), Erika (Susan Lucci), Mona (Frances Heflin), and Bianca Montgomery (Gina Gallagher).

Callahan, LaRue, Gellar and horse

John Callahan was Edmond Gray on AMC from April 1992 to March 2005. He has also been Dr. Richard Baker on DAYS OF OUR LIVES since 2008.

Eva LaRue and Sarah Michelle Gellar Keith Hamilton Cobb and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Eva LaRue was AMC's Dr. Maria Santos Grey from 1993 to 1997 and again from 2002 to 2005. She is now on CSI: MIAMI as Detective Natalia Boa Vista. Keith Hamilton Cobb, Quincy on the TV series NOAH'S ARK, was Noah Keefer on All My Children from 1994 to 1996.

Kendall's Book

Kendall Hart has written her book. It is available on Amazon.


Gellar appeared in a total of 298 episodes of All My Children -- 102 in 1993, 131 in 1994, and 65 in 1995.

Gellar as Kendall Hart Lang (newspaper clipping) Promotional Title: The Summer of Seduction. Kendall is the daughter of Erica Kane but Erica doesn't know that, at least in the beginning. The role is now being played by Alicia Minshew. While Gellar was on the show, Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn of BTVS) succeeded Mischa Barton in the role of Lily Benton Montgomery. In Gellar's final scene in the show Shane McDermott (Garrett of Swans Crossing) was onscreen but their two characters did not interact.

THE MYSTERY OF KENDALL'S BIRTH - Kendall was born on September 25, but the year was changed. Originally it was 1976, then it was moved to 1970, making Kendall 23 instead of 16. Episode one of AMC aired 5 January 1970, Susan Lucci's first episode aired on 16 January 1970, Erica's birthday is (2 November), so if the 1970 birthdate is accurate, the rape occurred 2 November 1969, If Kendall was born the following 25 September and the pregnancy was somehow concealed from the 1970 viewing audience, it also indicates a pregnancy lasting 327 days, or 11 months and 23 days, fairly close to the normal gestation period of a horse.

The longest verified human pregnancy on record is that of a Beulah Hunter who at the age of 25 gave birth after 375 days to a healthy, normal daughter named Penny Diana in Los Angeles in 1945. The second longest pregnancy on record is 317 days. (Time Magazine)

Gellar as Kendall Hart Lang in curlers on set She came to Pine Valley and got a job as her assistant, but when grandmother Mona noticed a birthmark on Kendall, it was revealed that Kendall was the result of Erica's rape at the age of fourteen by Richard Fields (James A. Stephens) and had been given up for adoption. Kendall's drive to find her biological mother led her to Pine Valley.

Against Erica's wishes, Kendall enlisted the help of Erica's husband Dimitri to find her father. When Erica found out, she kicked Kendall out of the house and divorced Dimitri. Later she stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener, having accepted as truth Kendall's lie that he had raped her. Kendall perjured herself during Erica's trial, saying that Erica stabbed Dimitri in a jealous rage over his relationship with Kendall. She finally told the truth and went to jail.

In prison, Anton, Dimitri's ward, asked Kendall to marry him and she accepted, but when he discovered she was working with Del Henry to write a book about Erica's life, he broke it off. Later, when he discovered that Dimitri was his real father and had hidden the fact, Anton and Kendall got married just to make their respective parents miserable. But the marriage soon fell apart.

Gellar with fan Ray Kowalski at an improv show in New York City, January 1995 They never published the book about Erica, but Del and Kendall fell in love and went to Florida to live with her adoptive mother, Alice Hart, after learning that Kendall's adoptive father had died.

Thus ended Gellar's portrayal of the character.

When Alicia Minshew got the part, Gellar sent her a basket of cookies and cakes with a note that read "Congratulations, you're doing a great job.".

ABC made a video called ALL MY CHILDREN: BEHIND THE SCENES, which, while Gellar's appearance in it was brief, gives one a good idea of the people who worked on the show at the time and the process by which the show was made.

More information about Kendall Hart is available at SOAPS.COM

Julie Benz also auditioned for this part in 1993, but Gellar was chosen instead. A few years later, Benz also auditioned for the role of Buffy Summers and again Gellar was chosen.

- 21 SEPTEMBER 2011

What Gellar had to say about the cancellation of ALL MY CHILDREN:

Gellar returns to AMC as a mental patient who believes herself to be the daughter of Erica Kane "I'm very upset about that. First of all, they had the audacity to cancel it on my birthday. So let's have that discussion. I think it's criminal. I remember pretending to be sick when I was younger and staying home and like watching the ABC soap lineup in bed. And I realize it's tough economic times and it wasn't necessarily financially working, but there has to be a way to make it work. And these shows have been on for 40 years. I'm sorry, (but) I don't see either one of these shows they're replacing with it lasting more than a year. I really don't, and I say that with confidence. And I think, I don't think they tried hard enough to save the genre. And, it's just devastating to me."

Eva LaRue had this to say to the LA TV Insider Examiner about Gellar's appearance at the end of ALL MY CHILDREN's run on ABC:

"Sarah saw the script before I did and texted me to say, 'Wait until you see this, you are going to laugh.' It was cheesy brilliance! Sarah actually plays a psych patient who thinks she is Erica Kane's daughter. I can't wait for fans to see it!"

And the rumour that Susan Lucci will join the cast of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is alive again as Lucci turned down the offer from Prospect Park to remain on AMC when it transitions to the web. Lucci was (according to E!Online) reportedly offered the same salary she had previously, but demanded, among other things, the right to join the cast of a primetime show.


Michelle Trachtenberg (left) as Lily Benton Montgomery Lily Benton Montgomery has been portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg (1993 - 1996), Mischa Barton (Christmas 1995), Shayna Levine (Fall of 2002), and Leven Rambin (June 1, 2004 to June 10, 2008).

Lily is the oldest child of Laurel Banning Dillon and her husband, Denny Benton, both deceased (Laurel killed Benton in self-defence). When Lily was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, her mother embezzled from the Natalie Dillon's charity organization to provide expensive care and schooling for the child. Jackson Montgomery (who helped Laurel hide the body of her first husband and married her while they were on the run) adopted Lily. Laurel was shot dead in 1966 by Jason Sheffield (who really wanted to kill her brother).

Michelle Trachtenberg was Buffy's sister Dawn in Seasons 6&7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Shane McDermott This character was portrayed by Philip Amelio (1988-1991), Shane McDermott (1995-1996), Daniel Cosgrove (1996-1998), Forbes March (1999-2000), Adam Mayfield (2009-2010), and is currently being played by Daniel Cosgrove again.

Scott was the son of Fred Parker and his wife Cindy (Ellen Wheeler). Fred contracted HIV/AIDS (from IV drug use) which resulted in his death. In 1988, Cindy was taken into the home of Jesse and Angie Hubbard. Scott and Frankie Hubbard become close friends. Cindy then develops AIDS herself. Cindy was ostracized, and would later die, but not before marrying Stuart Chandler, who adopts Scott.

Scott started High School in 1995 and was initially attracted to Anita Santos, who was in love with Bobby Warner. So Scott then pursued Laura Kirk whom he was tutoring. (Scott was a bright boy and would skip his senior year of high school.) But Laura had something of a dark past, or at least that was the excuse she used for not getting involved with Scott. So next he tried Hungarian Princess Gillian Andrassy, but Kelsey Jefferson and Ryan Lavery broke them up by having Gillian deported.

After all that, Scott was electocuted at the Chandler cabin and spent quite a whie in a coma. When he recovered he went to college in California.

Shane McDermott was Garrett Booth in Swans Crossing with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

ANTON LANG - Kendall's First Husband

Anton Lang (Rudolf Martin) and Kendall 1995 The illegitimate son of Dimitri Marick (Michael Nader) and Corvina Lang (a maid in the home of Dimitri's parents in Hungary), Anton was raised as Corvina's younger brother and only after arriving in America did he discover his true parentage. He later married Kendall (who was Dimitri's stepdaughter). He had the marriage annulled but Kendall contested the annulment and won. However, Anton eventually proved the marriage was a scam and got his annulment. He ended up losing everything things to the schemes of Dimitri and Erica and eventually left Pine Valley.

Anton Lang was played by Rudolf Martin (Axi Torvalds in SWORDFISH). He guest-starred as Dracula in the BTVS episode "Buffy vs Dracula".

Corvina Lang was played by Margaret Sophie Stein, whose real name was Malgorzata Zajaczkowska.

the guy with whom Kendall left Pine Valley in 1995

Winsor Harmon and Sarah Michelle Gellar 1995 Del Henry (Alex Musser) recent photo Del Henry (real name Delbert Henry Hunkle) came to Pine Valley in 1994 looking for his half-sister Dixie Cooney Martin. (he was the illegitimate son of Dixie's father Seabone Hunkle. Del found Dixie, who was shocked to find she had a half-brother. Eventually, Del and Dixie (Kari Gibson) became close and Del told her he needed a kidney transplant, which she agreed to. He met Kendall Hart while she was in jail for perjury. He agreed to help Kendall write a tell-all book about her mother, Erica Kane. The book never happened, but Del and Kendall got engaged and left in 1995 for Florida.

Eventually the two broke up and Del's health began to fail him again. Del learned that he had another sister, Di Kirby (Kelli Giddish), who had been given away at birth. Del found Di and got yet another kidney transplant.

In 2005, Di came to Pine Valley claiming to be Dixie (whom she believed to be deceased). Del confronted Di and threatened to expose her. Di begged Del to keep her secret. Del agreed, but stood by her when the whole town learned the truth. Later, he was happy to learn Dixie was really alive and well, but that didn't last long. Dixie was killed in 2007 by a serial killer known as the Satin Slayer.

Del currently is a bartender in the ConFusion nightclub. The character was portrayed by Winsor Harmon until 1996 when Alec Musser took over the role.

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