The episode guide includes episodes through the end of January, 1994. There is now a comprehensive list of all the episodes of AMC in which Gellar appeared in that year (compiled by Emilia, who lives in Poland and wishes to thank Eadweard who supplied the DVD's). As video of these appearances becomes available, the episode guide will be expanded.

3 January 1994 - #6211

Kendall walks into Dimitri's hospital room. Edmund tries to throw her out, but Dimitri wants to hear what she has to say. Kendall tells him she never told Erica that he had raped her, and says she wants Dimitri back in her life. Dimitri tells her to get out and that he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Kendall leaves and goes to Mrs. Fargate's rooming house. She asks for a room, assuring Myrtle that she will be no trouble. Then she requests a second room, for an elderly "uncle from Florida". When Myrtle leaves the room, Kendall phones her father, Richard Fields, and asks him to come see her.

11 January 1994 - #6217

Kendall makes the error of saying "wrecked havoc" instead of "wreaked havoc". It is unknown if this was intentional on the part of the writers.

Kendall, wearing a white sweater and white pants is reading the headline from the cover of THE NATIONAL INTRUDER - "Enchantment Queen's Crime of Passion - Husband Vows to Put Wife Away". Richard Fields phones to tell her he won't be able to travel right away. His doctors are insisting that he needs bed rest. He asks if there might be someone in Pine Valley who could give Kendall support until he is able to visit. Kendall seems to get an idea. She goes to visit Anton.

Anton, returning home, finds Kendall in his room. He reminds Kendall that she told him to get out of her life. Kendall tells him that she was freaked at the idea that she might have been pregnant and would have said anything. She tells him that she has nowhere else to go, and he reminds her of what she said to him when he had nowhere else to go, which was "Go back to Hungary". Kendall responds: "I am not the one who faked an altered state and stabbed him with a letter opener. You want to be mad at someone, go be mad at Erica. She's the one trying to get away with attempted murder." When Anton remains skeptical, she continues to make the case that everything is Erica's fault. Finally she says:

"How can you blame me for the things she's done? I couldn't wreck that much havoc if I wanted to. I don't have it in me. You know me better than anybody. You know that all I wanted was a little affection. You gave me exactly what I needed. You're my first lover. My first love. Don't turn your back on me when I need you the most. Look at me. [takes his face in her hands] Look into my eyes. Am I lying to you? You know that I'm not. You can see it. I know that you can. I need you. I care about you. Please, care about me."

Anton kisses her. They fall onto the bed. Later, Anton gets up and tells Kendall to get out, that they did not make love, they had sex. He tells her: "You told me that 'one night of mediocre sex does not mean committment'. You know what? You're right. Now, go away." Kendall looks surprised.

19 January 1994 - #6222

Kendall is reading about Erica in the Pine Valley Bulletin. Erica, apparently out on bail, has announced a press conference to announce her company's new marketing strategy. Kendall goes downstairs and makes a phone call to find out when Flight 622 from Los Angeles will arrive. Myrtle and Kendall have a discusson about Erica, with Myrtle defending Erica and Kendall suggesting that Myrtle has been "snowed by her like everyone else." Later, Kendall sneaks into Edmund's office and steals his press pass. Edmund walks in on her and asks what she's doing. Kendall says she's just come back to pick up some of her things, and Edmund insists on not leaving her alone in the house. Lucy enters and announces the arrival of Brooke English. He asks Lucy to show Kendall out and to take her housekey from her as well. Back at the boarding house, Kendall makes another call, this time to find out the time of Erica's press conference.

20 January 1994 - #6223

Erica is talking to the press. Behind her are her mother and her lawyer. As the press conference is ending, Kendall pushes Richard Fields in his wheelchair into the room. Erica looks stunned.

21 January 1994 - #6224

Fields says: "Hello, Erica." Erica has flashbacks to the rape and charges the old man screaming "I'll kill you." repeatedly, while Mona and Jack (her lawyer) attempt to restrain her. Jack has Erica removed from the room, and then takes questions. The first question is who is the old man. Jack tells the reporters who Fields is and about the rape. Kendall tells them that the story is a lie. Fields denies Erica's story about the rape, and Kendall identifies Fields as her father. Jack the Lawyer tells the press the real story of what happened to Erica 24 years previously. Fields counters by saying that Erica seduced him "rather expertly". They accuse each other of lying for a while. Dimitri finds out what is happening by turning on the news. Then Erica returns, points dramatically at Fields, and accuses him of rape. Dimitri, having seen this on TV, makes a phone call.

28 January 1994 - #6229

Kendall is watching TV at the boarding house. There is a knock at the door. When Myrtle fails to answer it, Kendall does and is surprised to see Anton, who wants to know what she's up to. He asks for an explanation of her recent attacks on Erica. Kendall responds:

"At least I can Erica for the frigid witch that she really is. So she gave me free run of the house. Big deal. My mother's heart was completely off limits. I was banished to the kitchen with the rest of the hired help, where I could be seen but not heard. Relied on, but never loved."

Anton tells her that she makes loving her impossible. That he's tried. He grabs hold of Kendall by the arms and insists that she tell him just how she brought Dimitri's house down. They struggle, until Richard Fields enters brandishing his cane and tells Anton to let her go. When Anton calls Fields a rapist, Kendall suggests that throwing such terms around might get them thrown at him as well. Anton and Kendall argue for a while about the nature of their relationship while Fields listens. Anton advances the theory that Kendall wanted him to hurt her the same way that she hurt him, because pain is the only thing that makes her feel alive.

At this point, Myrtle walks in, attracted by the noise, and refers to Fields as Kendall's uncle. Anton tells her who Fields really is, and what Kendall has been up to. Myrtle throws Kendall and Fields out of the boarding house.

31 January 1994 - #6230

The TV news program Kendall and her father are watching prior to Dimitri's public statement mentions a local ordinance against the sale of automatic weapons. This is perhaps an indirect comment on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which would be passed by Congress on 13 September 1994.

Kendall is reading THE NATIONAL INTRUDER again, whose headline reads "Hell Hath No Fury Like Erica Scorned". Hayley and an associate come to the door with the purpose in mind to convince Kendall of the true nature of her father. Kendall isn't having any. Fields walks in during Kendall's vehement defense of him and says he's never been more proud in his life. Hayley's associate physically attacks Fields, while Hayley physically restrains Kendall, who wants to help her father. Finally Hayley tells her friend to stop, and releases Kendall. Kendall throws them out of her motel room.

Later, Kendall and her father watch Dimitri make a televised statement backing Erica's version of events and stating that Erica made a tremendous effort to establish a bond with her illegitimate daughter, and that Kendall, not Erica, was the reason that effort failed. Upon hearing this, Kendall went immediately to the District Attorney offering to testify against Erica.