A guide to the episodes from March, 1993 through January 1994.
Also included is information on all the characters with whom Kendall Hart interacted, and the actors who portrayed them, along with a list of such characters played by actors as yet unidentified and 6 magazine covers.

Thanks to Emilia, who provided access to the videos.

11 March 1993 - #6002

Kendall turns up in Erica Kane's outer office and begs her for a job. When she refuses and threatens to call security, Kendall faints. When smelling salts bring her around, Kendall feigns fear of being returned to her family. Eventually, Erica arranges for Kendall to stay at the Valley Inn's hospitality suite and Erica cautions her, saying, "It's only for one night.".

23 March 1993 - #6010

Episode delayed by an ABC news bulletin about Boris Yeltsin.

As the episode begins, an announcer informs the audience that "Erica has discovered that Kendall knows a great deal about her. Kendall wants to prove that she can handle Erica and Dimitri's engagement party."

Kendall walks in on Erica and Dimitri kissing, and describes plans for their engagement party.

26 March 1993 - #6013

Kendall briefly interrupts Erica and Dimitri's dinner to get approval for invitations to their engagement party. The next morning at breakfast she muses over a newspaper clipping headed "Erica Kane and her beautiful daughter Bianca." Erica sees her eating alone and asks her what's wrong. Kendall informs her that "Everything's going according to plan."

30 March 1993 - #6015

Erica and Dimitri (Michael Nader) argue about where they will live after the wedding. Kendall listens in on the argument, and drops a tray of iced tea. Kendall meets Opal Cortlant (Jill Larson) and mistakes her for an intruder. Erica finds the clipping about her and Bianca in Kendall's folder.

31 March 1993 - #6016

Erica confronts Kendall about the clipping, and gets a really good sob story in response about how Kendall wishes Erica was her mother. Erica swallows it whole. Later, overhearing that Erica's mother Mona (Frances Heflin) is refusing to come to the engagement party, Kendall visits her and persuades her to come.

APRIL, 1993

2 April 1993 - #6018

Erica catches Kendall trying on one of her gowns. She is upset at first, but when Erica's mother arrives, she intervenes on Kendall's behalf and in the process Erica finds out that Kendall persuaded Mona to come to the engagement party. Erica is upset about that, but ends up allowing Kendall to stay and lays down some ground rules for Kendall's continued employment. Then she looks for a suitable dress for Kendall to wear to the party. Quote from Erica: "Kendall, that is my mother. Don't you hug her.". At the party, Kendall draws attention to the birthmark on the back of her neck which is revealed by her hairstyle. Mona recognizes the birthmark.

5 April 1993 - #6019

Mona gets a closer look at that birthmark and becomes increasingly suspicious of Kendall. Dimitri dances with Kendall at the party.

6 April 1993 - #6020

The party continues. Kendall lurks alone in the background saying Erica's catch phrase aloud: "O yes, Erica, the best is yet to be.".

7 April 1993 - #6021

The party ends. Dimitri is impressed with Kendall's organizing skills and suggests to Erica that she be involved in the organization of the wedding. Erica says she needs to sleep on it. Kendall, alone, finds a half-empty glass of champagne and offers a toast "To you, Erica.".

9 April 1993 - #6021

Kendall visits Mona for breakfast. Mona is looking for more information about Kendall. Nick Davis visits Mona, concerned by the tone of her voice in their last conversation. Mona postpones her breakfast date with Kendall and talks to Nick instead. Then Kendall tells Erica that Nick showed up at Mona's. This makes Erica paranoid and she calls Mona and orders her to come over. When she does Erica confronts her about what she's up to. Then she puts Nick in the hospitality suite, dispossessing Kendall. Dimitri suggests to Erica that Bianca come and live with them. Nick tries to persuade Mona to tell him what's troubling her. Kendall moves into Mrs. Fargate's boarding house, closes the door, and removes the head from a doll.

12 April 1993 - #6024

Kendall extracts a piece of paper from the mutilated doll and is interrupted by her new landlady who gives her a questionnaire to fill out about her tastes in food, allergies, and other personal information. Later Kendall overhears Dimitri planning for Bianca's arrival.

13 April 1993 - #6025

Kendall suggests to Erica that Bianca (Lacey Chabert) should not be maid of honour. Kendall waxes poetic about the wedding, comparing Kanes upcoming muptials to the weddings of Prince Charles and Diana, and of Arthur and Guenivere. Erica responds: " Kendall, if you're going to compare Dimitri and me to royal marriages, then please compare us to royal marriages that work." Erica insists on Bianca as maid of honour, and when the wedding dress designer arrives, goes on a bit about how great Bianca is. After being forced to sit through this, Kendall is left alone briefly. She tears one of the sketches for Bianca's dress out of the designer's pad, and then takes a phone call from Bianca. She tells Bianca that her mother is very busy and can't speak to her, then hangs up. When Erica returns Kendall offers to assist Bianca in any way possible. Later, Kendall returns to her room early and finds Nick Davis in her room.

14 April 1993 - #6026

Kendall manages to convince Nick to leave after plausibly answering his questions. She goes to see Erica who confronts her about Bianca's phone call. Kendall says she didn't know who it was on the phone, then accuses Erica of sending Nick Davis to search her room. Erica and Kendall confront Mona and Nick about that.

15 April 1993 - #6027

Erica asks Nick why he broke into Kendall's room. Someone named Charlie arrives and interrupts. Later, Kendall thanks Erica for defending her, and Erica denies doing that, trying to establish herself as the boss and not Kendall's friend. Kendall is asked to book the orchestra for the wedding. Once Erica leaves, Kendall indicates to the booking agent that "we're going with a different sound for this wedding."

16 April 1993 - #6028

Kendall breaks one of the house rules at her boarding house and Mrs. Myrtle Fargate (Eileen Hurley) catches her with a lit cigarette. Kendall snaps at the landlady and gets thrown out. Kendall starts to pack and Fargate encourages her to stay until morning. Kendall reveals to her that Erica Kane is really her mother.

19 April 1993 - #6029

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives one of her best performances as Kendall Hart as she explains to Myrtle Fargate how she came to know she was Erica Kane's daughter. Unfortunately, the episode was interrupted by an ABC news bulletin about the end of the WACO siege. We learn that Kendall's best friend when she was a child was named Iris, and that she had a 5th grade teacher named Mr. Henderson, and she wrote an essay for him about being the daughter of an "island queen". She had her sweet sixteen at the BowlODrome. (There are many BowlODromes across the United States, but none in Florida.)

22 April 1993 - #6032

Myrtle Fargate decides to befriend Kendall. Haley, another tenant, eavesdrops on their conversation. Kendall meets Hayley Vaughan (Kelly Ripa) and Mary Ellen Mesa who also lives at the boarding house. We find out that Haley is an investigator who has been planted by Nick to find out about Kendall. Dimitri asks Kendall to pick out a riding outfit for Bianca and then invites Kendall to go riding with them, even though she's never ridden a horse. Dimitri says he's a good teacher. In response to the invitation, Kendall admits that she faked fainting when she first arrived and made up bad stories about her family so that Erica would feel sorry for her and give her a job. She stops short of telling Dimitri that she is Erica's daughter.

29 April 1993 - #6037

We find out Kendall has known she was adopted since June 11, 1983 when her dog died and she heard her parents whispering that they got the dog the same time they got her.

The episode opens with Kendall trying to figure out how to tell Erica that she's her daughter. Mrs. Fargate brings her tea, and encourages her to tell Erica the truth. Kendall tells Fargate not to call her adoptive parents because she doesn't want them involved. Fargate points out that they already know where Kendall lives because they send her mail. They know where Kendall is but don't know why she is there. Hayley goes to see Kendall's parents who deny that their daughter is adopted. Kendall goes to see Erica, who tells her she is not to take advantage of Mr. Merrick's generosity again. Kendall goes to the stables and meets Edmund Gray (John Callahan), Dimitri's brother, who was raised as the gardener's son. Later, Erica complains about the sparkling Spanish wine that Kendall ordered by mistake, and Kendall decides to go on the offensive, saying to Erica: "How dare you, after what you did to me."

30 April 1993 - #6038

Kendall fails again to tell Erica about being her daughter. Erica scolds her again and Kendall flees to the stables crying. There she is found first by Bianca, who tries to comfort her and gets snapped at, and then by Dimitri who tries to smooth things over. Kendall signs for Dimitri's divorce papers, and then hides them, telling Erica that the the doorbell had been rung by Girl Scouts. Dimitri, Bianca, and Erica go on a picnic. Kendall burns the divorce papers.

MAY, 1993

6 May 1993 - #6042

Erica goes to Kendall's room to find Bianca. When she tells Mrs. Fargate "I'm here for my daughter", Myrtle at first believes that Kendall has told Erica the truth. Finding this is not the case, Myrtle defends Kendall, who has apparently made Bianca cry by telling her that she is a "spoiled rich little brat". After Erica leaves, Myrtle again tries to persuade Kendall to come clean with Erica. Kendall goes to see Erica and finds her in an argument with Dimitri, who is also defending Kendall. Erica walks out. Dimitri gets a phone call and find out about Kendall's sabotage of the flowers and wine for the wedding. Then Peggy Moody (Erica's maid, played by Anne Meara) tells him that she saw Kendall burning legal documents the previous day. Dimitri angrily confronts Kendall about all this, saying: "You are not leaving this room until you tell me the entire truth."

7 May 1993 - #6043

Kendall offers to "go away and never come back". She tells Dimitri that she sabotaged the wedding because she wanted to get back at Erica. She accuses Erica of dumping the people she doesn't want and warns Dimitri that he will be dumped as well. Then she runs out of the house rather than answer his questions. Kendall returns to her room and starts to pack. Mytrle asks her why and Kendall says: "Erica Kane didn't want me when I was born, and she sure as hell doesn't want me now.". Kendall daydreams about the responsive, caring Erica of her fantasies. Then she comes to her senses saying "Right, Kendall, when pigs fly." Then Erica walks into the room.

10 May 1993 - #6044

Erica, who can't understand why anyone would hate her, confronts Kendall in her room. Kendall is about to tell her that she is her daughter, when Lucy interrupts and informs Erica that Bianca has been thrown from her horse. Everyone rushes to the hospital. When Dimitri leaves to call Erica's ex, Kendall walks over to Erica in the waiting room and finally reveals who she is.

11 May 1993 - #6045

Erica says Kendall is crazy, and denies being her mother. Dimitri doesn't believe her either. But when Kendall mentions Phoenix, Erica reacts. We learn that Kendall was born at St. Vincent's Hospital in Phoenix. (There really is a St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Phoenix.) But Erica will not recognize the truth until Kendall produces her adoption papers. (It was 1993. DNA testing was available.) The doctor enters to say that Bianca's MRI is normal. Erica looks like she has no idea what to do.

18 May 1993 - #6050

Kendall is in a room at the Pinecone Motel, not at the boarding house. She looks through a scrapbook of Erica Kane photos, tearing them up one by one.

19 May 1993 - #6051

Erica visits Kendall and, in an intense scene, is forced to explain why she gave Kendall up for adoption. She explains that at a very young age she was raped by a friend of her father, who was also a "respected, solid citizen", and did not even realize she was pregnant until she was in her fifth month and her mother walked in on her while she was taking a shower. We learn that Erica never told her father about the rape. At the end, Erica says: "Look, Kendall, I would like to try to be a mother to you, but I'm not going to force myself on you. It's up to you. If you ever want to see me again, you know where to find me." Erica leaves, and Kendall contemplates the torn up photos on the bed.

20 May 1993 - #6052

Edmund Gray (whom Kendall first met in the stables in episode #6037) visits. Edmund explains to Kendall that he understands her feelings, because he is the illegitimate son of Hugo Merick, and was rejected by his father and by his brother Dimitri. He tells Kendall that once, to get back at Dimitri, he abducted Erica, and in the process got to know that she wasn't the evil person that Kendall thinks she is. He encourages Kendall to give Erica a chance. Edmund leaves, and Kendall goes to Linden House to see her mother.

25 May 1993 - #6055

Edmund arrives at Kendall's motel room to drive her to Erica's dinner party. (The dinner party was the result of the discussion between Kendall and Erica that began at the end of episode #6052.) Kendall initially says she isn't going, and it is apparent that she is worried that she won't measure up to Erica's expectations. Edmund manages to reassure her and the two of them arrive at Linden House. Erica offers Kendall a soda, and Kendall explains that she has had wine before. That her mother (meaning her adoptive mother) allowed her to have wine on special occasions. Kendall reveals that she has never eaten a scallop, even after her adoptive family moved to Florida, and that Alice Hart regarded any food that was not canned or frozen as "exotic". Kendall feels awkward and decides to return to the motel. Erica says no one should live in a place like that and that Kendall should move in with her. Surprised, Kendall agrees. At that moment, Bianca (Gina Gallagher) appears on the stairs and loudly says "I don't want Kendall to live here." Kendall tries to be nice to Bianca, suggesting that they had gotten off on the wrong foot, and that her stay would be like a slumber party. Bianca is somewhat mollified, and Dimitri and Edmund go off with Kendall to get her things from the motel.

26 May 1993 - #6056

During a thunderstorm, Erica is in her bedroom, crying. Kendall knocks, and Erica wipes away tears and invites her in. Kendall says she "just wanted to say goodnight". Erica remarks that Kendall's bathrobe had seen better days, and finds out that it had been a gift from Alice Hart (Kendall's adoptive mother). Kendall suggest they might look for a better bathrobe for her together. Erica has a nightmare about the rape, and Kendall hears her wake up screaming, and goes to her room again. Erica explains that the storm brought on a bad dream, and Kendall offers to stay until it passes, but Erica's dream continues while she is awake and the tells Kendall that there was a storm on the night of the rape as well. Kendall says: "No wonder you weren't thrilled to see me. If the storm gives you nightmares, imagine what I must do to you." The next morning Kendall is packed and ready to leave, but Erica stops her saying she has had an inspiration. She wants both of her daughters to be beside her at her wedding.

27 May 1993 - #6057

Dimitri returns, and Erica tells him about Kendall's inclusion in the wedding. Bianca overhears, and makes another pronouncement from the staircase, saying: "No! I'm the maid of honour. No one else." Erica goes to Bianca's room to calm her down. Quote from Erica: "Bianca has such a flair for the melodramatic. I just don't understand where she gets it from, Dimitri, I really don't." Mona arrives and Erica doesn't want to see her until Dimitri explains that he told her to come. Dimitri suggests that Erica should grow up and sort things out witn Mona and tell Bianca the truth. Erica throws Mona and Dimitri out of the house.

28 May 1993 - #6058

Mona and Dimitri refuse to leave. Dimitri attempts to assert control over the situation and his argument with Erica moves upstairs. Mona remains in the living room and Kendall enters. Mona tries to make up with Kendall, apologizing for having had her room searched, and tells Kendall that Erica was abandoned by her father, and that it was she (Mona) who made the decision to put Kendall up for adoption, not Erica. Erica overhears her mother's explanation, and asks Mona's forgiveness. Bianca comes downstairs ready to go to a wedding (of Tad Martin and Brooke English). Everyone seems to have stopped being angry. Kendall goes upstairs to take a nap.

JUNE, 1993

3 June 1993 - #6062

Dimitri, Erica, and Bianca return from the wedding. Kendall has prepared a meal for them. Bianca loudly informs Kendall that they have already eaten, and is openly hostile. Bianca wonders aloud why everyone must be nice to Kendall since Kendall had been mean to her. Kendall goes to the kitchen with some of the food after Erica suggests that She and Dimitri need to talk to Bianca. Kendall listens in on Erica's explanation from the top of the stairs. Bianca reacts badly to the news that Kendall is her half-sister. Dimitri points out that Bianca lives in Seattle with a half-sister, and a half-brother, but that approach fails as well. Bianca exits up the stairs telling Kendall: "I hate you. You'll never be my sister."

9 June 1993 - #6066

Kendall is counting out money to leave for a deposit at the florist. Erica tells her that she need not bother about the wedding details anymore. There are other things that need to be addressed. She asks Kendall if she has called her adoptive parents. Kendall lies and tells Erica she wrote them a letter. Erica informs Kendall that she has spoken to the Harts by phone. Kendall tells Erica she does not want contact between Erica and the Harts and Erica tells her that they will be arriving in less than an hour. Opal arrives and asks " Why is that loathsome girl still here? Why haven't you fired her and kicked her out on her snippy little behind?" The William and Alice Hart (Bill Raymond and Rochelle Oliver) arrive, but when Erica goes upstairs to get Kendall, she discovers that Kendall has gone.

10 June 1993 - #6067

Kendall's knapsack and the $200 deposit for the florist are gone as well. Dimitri goes out to search and finds Kendall in the bus station. He manages, with the aid of a cop, to reassure her sufficiently to get her to come back to the house and explain things to her adoptive parents. Erica has by this time told the Harts the entire story.

17 June 1993 - #6072

Yvette the designer is making final adjustments to Kendall's dress for Erica's wedding. In the process, she mentions that Kendall was described to her as an "attendant" not as a bridesmaid. Kendall is upset about this. Then Erica and Bianca enter with Bianca wearing the same dress as Kendall. Bianca objects to this. Erica sends Bianca and Yvette upstairs to complete Bianca's fitting, then shows Kendall the wedding announcement in the newspaper, which says, in part: "Miss Kane will be attended by her daughters Bianca Christine Montgomery and Kendall Hart." Kendall, appearing to be genuinely moved, thanks Erica for making it public that she is her daughter, and for explaining things to the Harts, who are staying for the wedding. Kendall goes upstairs to change, and Erica tells her that she does not need to concern herself with wedding details anymore, saying: "You're not my assistant anymore; you're my daughter." Later, Kendall has a name-calling bout with Bianca, ending with this quote from Kendall: "In the future I'd think twice before you start anything with me. Remember, I'm older; I'm wiser; and I'll win every time. So think about it Binky."

18 June 1993 - #6073

This episode has the first mention of Kendall's "rapid aging". She says to Hayley, after asking for champagne, "Hey, it's ok. I know I don't look it but I'm over 21.". Kendall was 16 (as was Gellar) in her initial appearance, and was aged to 23 because fans objected to such a precocious 16 year old character. Wikipedia has an article on this subject which offers other possible reasons for the change in Kendall's age.

After the wedding rehearsal, Kendall tells Erica she is afraid that her awkwardness will make people laugh at her at the wedding. Erica gives her a pep talk and then introduces Kendall to the rest of the wedding party, saying: "I would like to present to all of you Miss Kendall Hart, making her debut as my daughter." Everyone but Bianca looks pleased. Hayley Santos (Kelly Ripa) is among those apologizing to Kendall for various things, saying: Sorry for that undercover stunt I pulled at Myrtle's. I grilled you like a flounder. I think the least I could do is get you a soda." Hayley tells Kendall that she recently found out that Adam Chandler is her real father, and also says "Erica was my stepmom for about five minutes, but they were five stellar minutes. You could do worse." Adam Chandler (David Canary) introduces himself to Kendall. Later, at home, Bianca goes downstairs after everyone else is asleep with an ink bottle, clearly intending to destroy Kendall's dress.

21 June 1993 - #6074

On the day of the wedding, Kendall awakes to find her white dress covered with splotches of black ink. Erica, confronted with this disaster, does not focus on either Bianca's vandalism or Kendall's misfortune, but instead concentrates on making the wedding go forward by finding Kendall a new dress to wear. (editorial comment: The new dress is hideous.)

22 June 1993 - #6075

To see the entirety of Dimitri and Erica's wedding go to unicodjodi's YouTube channel.

Erica and Dimitri's wedding. Before the wedding, Mona, Kendall, Bianca, and Erica have a pleasant discussion and pose together as "3 generations of Kane women", although only one of them goes by the name of Kane. The wedding goes smoothly.

23 June 1993 - #6076

The rest of the wedding. Kendall is present but has no lines.

25 June 1993 - #6078

Bianca enters with a suitcase and informs Kendall that she is packing to go to Europe with Erica and Dimitri. Kendall doesn't believe it, but Erica confirms that Bianca is going along with her and Dimitri on the European trip. Erica offers, somewhat reluctantly, to take Kendall along as well, but Kendall declines, saying that it is more important to do what Bianca wants and besides she doesn't even have a passport. Later, Dimitri's brother Edmund suggests that Kendall spend some time with him while Erica and the others are away. He also lets her know that he knows what her game is, saying "Don't con a con."

30 June 1993 - #6081

In this episode, Gellar mispronounces Bianca's name once, calling her Binaca (like the mouthwash).

Edmund is reading about Adam Chandler and Natalie Dillon's car crash. Edmund lectures Kendall on the need for her to be supportive of Erica and Dimitri in the light of the sever injuries to their friends. After Edmund breaks the news of the car accident to Erica he suggests that Erica and Kendall have some time alone. Erica explains Bianca's history to Kendall, and that Bianca chose to live with her father, Travis Montgomery, and offers that as a reason for her continued indulgence of Bianca's questionable behaviour. Later, Erica and Dimitri return from the hospital and tell Kendall they are postponing their trip to Europe. They go upstairs to tell Bianca. Once they are out of the room, Kendall picks up the phone and calls information to get the number of Travis Montgomery in Seattle.

JULY, 1993

1 July 1993 - #6082

Kendall calls Travis Montgomery. Before she is connected, Erica and Dimitri walk in. Kendall hangs up and says she was calling to have flowers sent to the hospital, but had gotten a wrong number. Bianca walks in with things she has purchased for the trip to Europe. Erica tells Bianca that the honeymoon has been cancelled. Bianca immediately blames Kendall. Erica explains why the trip has been cancelled. Bianca reacts badly, and tells Erica: "I don't have to listen to you. You don't even have custody." After Bianca goes to her room, Kendall takes the opportunity to flatter Erica, and then Erica goes to settle things with Bianca. Once she is alone, Kendall again calls Travis Montgomery. She identifies herself, creates the impression that Bianca is not being treated well by Erica and then hangs up, asking him not to tell Erica that she called. Just then, Erica and Bianca re-enter the room. Seemingly cured of her temper tantrum, Bianca apologizes to Kendall, who apologizes in return. The doorbell rings and Travis walks in.

2 July 1993 - #6083

Lucy announces the arrival of Travis Montgomery (Daniel Hugh Kelly). He enters and asks how Bianca's visit is going. Erica says Bianca's biggest problem is that she is "in between bathing suits", and introduces him to Kendall, who she sends out of the room to phone Dimitri. In the garden, Bianca discovers that her favourite book, Black Beauty, which Erica gave her when she very young, has taken water damage. She accuses Kendall of doing it. Kendall denies this, suggesting that Bianca may have done it herself to frame her. Bianca brings the damaged book to show Erica, and discovers that her father is there. Erica asks Kendall why Bianca is crying. Kendall explains about the book, and that Bianca left it outside, and the sprinklers went on. Kendall offers to immediately drive Bianca to a bookstore to replace the book. Bianca declines. Erica thanks Kendall for the offer, then suggests to Bianca that the book can be somehow restored. This seems to mollify Bianca, who goes outside. Kendall leaves, saying: " I'll be in my room."

5 JULY 1993 - #6084

With Kendall listening from upstairs, Travis tells Erica he is taking Bianca back to Seattle. Travis tells Dimitri that "Erica has handled this [Kendall's unexpected arrival] about as well as she handled her affair with my brother." When Travis insists upon leaving with Bianca, Dimitri tells him that Erica was raped, and that was how Kendall was conceived. This is news to Travis. After much discussion, Dimitri suggests asking Bianca what she wants. Kendall visits Bianca first, and creates the false impression that Erica wants Bianca to leave with Travis so that she and Dimitri can have time alone. When Travis asks Bianca what she wants to do, she elects to go home with her father. Travis thanks Kendall for calling him. Bianca and her father leave. Erica is upset.

8 July 1993 - #6087

Before Natalie's funeral, Erica is still worrying about her relationship with Bianca and unable to sleep. Kendall offers to help, but Erica is inconsolable and goes for a walk in the garden. Kendall pretends to be upset about Bianca's departure and gets reassurance from Dimitri that everything will work out. Erica walks in at the end of his reassuring speech, and says she's fine and that they need to leave for the funeral. After the funeral, Erica announces to Dimitri and Kendall that she intends to take Travis back to court and sue for full custody of Bianca.

9 July 1993 - #6088

Kendall tries to talk Erica out of suing for custody of Bianca, but only succeeds in angering her. Dimitri suggests to Erica that she has hurt Kendall's feelings, and Erica says (somewhat ungrammatically): "Who cares. Do all we have to think about anymore is Kendall's feelings?" Kendall hears this and leaves the house to go horseback riding. When she returns, Dimitri talks to her, and explains that Erica's father left when she was a child, so Erica grew up believing that everyone she loved would eventually leave. In the end, Kendall says to Dimitri: "I think you're the most wonderful man that I've ever known in my whole life. Erica's really lucky to have someone like you."

20 July 1993 - #6095

Kendall enters the living room and asks the maid, Peggy Moody, if Erica has come down yet. She is informed that Erica and Dimitri have gone to see Jack Montgomery, a lawyer. Kendall sends Peggy away, saying she would like to have her coffee alone, and a daydream sequence ensues, in which Kendall sees the return of Bianca with Erica and Dimitri catering to her every whim, with herself relegated to the status of errand girl. Waking, Kendall phones Travis again on the pretext of inquiring after Bianca's well being, and lets slip that Erica is planning to sue for custody. After hanging up, Kendall says: "It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it." Later, Erica returns and makes her awareness of Kendall's betrayal known.

21 July 1993 - #6096

For this episode, Kendall wears noticeably less makeup and a very interesting red outfit with white buttons, which is quite different from the sort of thing she had worn in previous episodes.

Kendall, realizing that Erica has no direct evidence of her perfidy, concocts a story that she received a call from Travis and mistakenly told him where they were and what they were doing. Then Kendall bursts into tears and flees the room. Later, Erica lectures Kendall on privacy. After Erica leaves, Dimitri speaks to Kendall and when she says she feels useless and perhaps should get a job, he offers her a job as his assistant. She accepts, and seems to genuinely appreciate Dimitri's support. After he leaves, Kendall goes to the garden, where she has a daydream about Dimitri that considerably exaggerates his affection for her. Waking from it, she says to herself: "Maybe. Just Maybe."

27 July 1993 - #6100

This is the first episode in which Gellar's image appears in the opening credits.

Erica and Kendall are looking through a fashion catalog. Erica asks Kendall to go shopping with her and then tells Kendall that she plans to train her for a more important role in her company. Erica gets a call from Jack the Lawyer telling her that Travis has canceled Bianca's next visit, and that she won't see Bianca until Labour Day. Upset, Erica calls Bianca, and discovers that Bianca feels that Kendall has taken her place. Travis walks in and takes the phone from Bianca. After speaking to Erica, Travis asks Bianca where she got such an idea. Bianca responds: "Kendall told me." Kendall tries to comfort Erica, without success, and Erica decides that she is too upset to go shopping. Instead she decides to fly to Seattle immediately. She calls Jack the Lawyer and tells him that he's going with her. Erica leaves, and Kendall once again daydreams about Dimitri. When he gets back to the house, Kendall tells him that Erica is on her way to Seattle, but leaves out the fact that Erica tried to reach him before leaving. Dimitri is quite angry.

29 July 1993 - #6102

In Seattle, Erica is told by Travis that Kendall was the one putting false ideas into Bianca's head. Back in Pine Valley, Kendall speaks to Dimitri, and points out that he and Erica just don't seem to get along. Dimitri is upset and rushes Kendall out. After leaving, Kendall fakes an ankle injury. Dimitri brings her back inside, and they have a long talk. Kendall tells him that she believes that she will never fall in love. That she has barely dated, and that the few dates she had were disasters. Dimitri asks her: "What's your dream man like, Kendall?"

30 July 1993 - #6103

Kendall describes her dream man to Dimitri, and, not surprisingly, he is quite a bit like Dimitri. We learn that in school Kendall's class read Cleopatra (meaning Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra), and Kendall uses the play to describe her own self-image:

"When Cleopatra said 'I have a mortal longing in me', I knew exactly what she meant. Mortal longings. Finally, all of that pain that I had inside of me had a name. I want something that I'm never going to have and I learned that for sure when I met Erica. Erica's Cleopatra, and I'm a loser. I'm the worst kind of loser. I'm the kind of loser with mortal longings."

Dimitri's brother, Edmund, calls and invites him to dinner. He brings Kendall with him and they meet Maria (Eva LaRue). Peggy Moody gives indications that she might be planning to retire, and the two brothers discourage this. Kendall is a bit bored, and daydreams about Dimitri again. Dimitri wakes her and leaves to go see Maximillian. When he is gone, Eddie asks Kendall where Erica went and why and she tells him. Erica phones as asks for Dimitri. Kendall takes the call and asks how things went in Seattle.

AUGUST, 1993

2 August 1993 - #6104

Peggy has a long talk with Kendall and suggests that she might go to college, or basically get some kind of life of her own that is not so Erica-centered, saying "It is hard to fathom why what happens at Wildwood would be of interest to a girl who has the whole world waiting outside her doorstep." Kendall is not open to this suggestion, and re-affirms her obsession with developing a relationship with her birth mother. Peggy gives up. Later, Kendall overhears Erica telling Dimitri that she does not have maternal feelings for Kendall, though she wishes she did, and may not ever develop such feelings. Kendall holds back tears.

5 August 1993 - #6107

In an effort to get to know Kendall, Erica arranges for a "girls night in". She has had her shopper, Brenda, pick up some clothes that Kendall might like, based on what Erica has told her. Kendall is less than enthusiastic about the clothes, and confronts Erica about what she overheard regarding her lack of maternal feelings. Erica eventually admits to Kendall that she does not love her, and manages to get a similar admission from Kendall about herself. When Erica suggests that they would both be happier should Kendall move out, Kendall becomes contrite and promises to do better. They decide to go shopping together the next morning to choose better clothes. Immediately following that, Erica gets a phone call from Bianca.

6 August 1993 - #6108

On the phone, Bianca tells Erica she is not happy in Seattle. She misses Erica but feels she ruined the entire summer. Erica responds that Bianca wasn't the cause of anything, and puts Kendall on the phone with instructions to reassure Bianca that she is welcome there. Dimitri and Mona walk in, and Erica explains to them what is happening. Bianca tells Kendall she wants to talk to her mother again, and Kendall says she'll tell her that and hangs up.

Mona informs Erica that she and Myrtle have purchased condos in a community to be built on Willow Lake. Erica is upset. Kendall excuses herself and calls Bianca to tell her that her phone call has upset Erica. Bianca wants to know what she said or did to upset her mother. Kendall tells Bianca that her mother misses her terribly, but Bianca says she can't come back; that her father will never let her go. Kendall tells her: "Don't worry. She'll get over it, and she'll eventually learn to deal with the fact that you just love your daddy more than her" and suggests that Bianca might run away, even going so far as to tell her how to do that.

Kendall goes outside, and overhears a strange conversation between Jackson Montgomery and Laurel Banning about disposing of a carpet and some clothing. She goes back inside and Travis Montgomery calls to inform Erica that Bianca is missing.

9 August 1993 - #6109

Erica is in a panic about Bianca's disappearance. She tells Kendall to book her on the next flight to Seattle and asks for a list of all the private detectives in the Seattle area. Then she reconsiders and tells Kendall to cancel that. Dimitri convinces Erica that she needs to stay home in case Bianca calls. Kendall leaves the room and seems to be wondering if she's gone too far this time. She re-enters the living room after a few minutes to find Jack Montgomery there, and says to him: "You came back?" When Erica asks what she means, Kendall says that when she went out for a walk, Mr. Montgomery was out by the birch tree. Jack explains that he was giving Laurel "a guided tour in the moonlight". Dimitri's theory is that Bianca is hiding somewhere to punish her father for not letting her leave. Erica remembers that she gave Bianca a locket with an 800 number in it, with which Bianca could reach her at any time on her cell phone. When Erica goes to get the cell phone, Kendall tells Dimitri that she may have unintentionally put the idea of running away into Bianca's head.

10 August 1993 - #6110

Erica gets very upset and accuses Kendall of another attempt to sabotage her life, going so far as to say that she wishes Kendall had never showed up in Pine Valley. Kendall accuses Erica of wishing that she had never been born. Later, Kendall returns and says this to Erica (while fighting back tears): "I know I came here with unreal expectations. I asked too much from everyone, especially from you. I turned your life upside down. I'm more sorry for that than you'll ever know. I sincerely hope and pray that Bianca's safe, and I think it's best for everyone if I just leave." Of course, Erica insists that she stay, and suggests that Kendall think about it while she calls Travis to let him know that Bianca might be on her way to Pine Valley. Kendall tells Dimitri that she thinks her mother hates her. Dimitri draws a parallel with his relationship with his brother and it seems to convince Kendall that a relationship with Erica is possible. Kendall admits that she's scared and Dimitri comforts her. Erica returns and says she told Travis that Bianca's running away was the result of a misunderstanding. Erica asks Kendall to stay, and Kendall agrees.

11 August 1993 - #6111

KENDALL LEARNS THE IDENTITY OF HER FATHER Erica enters the garden wearing a little yellow dress. Kendall is already there, and asks if there is news of Bianca. Erica says no. Dimitri enters carrying a bag, and says he is on his way to Seattle, and that he and Jack will find Bianca. Kendall goes inside and turns on the television. She begins to watch a movie labeled An Eric Kane production starring Richard Fields in which a man named Douglas attempts to seduce a much younger woman.

Erica walks in and tells Kendall that Dimitri has left. Erica recognizes the woman on screen as Katherine Patterson whom she describes as "a bore". Then Erica recognizes the man on screen and flees the room. Kendall follows and wants to know what has upset her. Erica asks, "Do you know who Richard Fields is?" Kendall identifies him as the actor who starred in the films INSPECTOR BLOODWORTH and SILVERMOON PALACE, but says she never knew that he had made a movie with her grandfather. Erica tells Kendall that her Grandfather made a lot of movies. Kendall informs her that her adoptive mother Alice was a big Richard Fields fan, and mentions that he disappeared for some time in the 70's. Kendall further remembers that Alice saw him on THE LOVEBOAT once. Based on Erica's reaction, Kendall guesses that Richard Fields is her father. When pressed, Erica admits this.

Erica tells Kendall the story of her 14th Birthday party, at which Fields, her favourite film star at the time, ended up being the only guest, and raped her. Erica tells Kendall that, now that she knows this, she must "let it all go". Kendall asks where her father is now, but Erica says she has no idea. Kendall thanks Erica for telling her the truth, then excuses herself, saying she promised Peggy to remind her to take her medicine. She leaves, but goes back to the television to finish watching her father on film, obviously with rapt attention.

13 August 1993 - #6113

Erica, still wearing the little yellow dress, is morosely sitting in the garden when Bianca walks in, carring an overnight bag. Erica decides to not tell anyone, including Kendall and Bianca's father, where Bianca is. Kendall enters and asks Erica whom she was talking to. Erica says she was talking to herself. Kendall suggests calling Valley Investigations to help in the search, and Erica says maybe in the morning, and says further that she is going to the Hunting Lodge where it is quiet and she can send "subliminal thoughts" to Bianca urging her to come home. Erica is in such a hurry to leave, she almost forgets her cell phone. Suspicious, Kendall follows Erica to the hunting lodge and sees her there with Bianca.

16 August 1993 - #6114

Kendall phones Seattle and speaks to Dimitri pretending not to know that he has not been informed of Bianca's safe return. She tells him, with feigned reluctance, what happened and that she saw Bianca and Erica at the hunting lodge. Dimitri agrees not to tell Erica where he learned this. After the call, Kendall daydreams about Dimitri again.

19 August 1993 - #6117

Kendall goes to see Erica at the hunting lodge. Erica tells her: "If anyone else wants to see us, please make them wait." Then Dimitri walks in. Erica sends Kendall and Bianca back to the house so that she and Dimitri can talk things out.

On the way to the house, Kendall and Bianca pass the Merrick mausoleum. Kendall tells Bianca scary stories about the place, and a ghost named Helga. The two talk, and Kendall persuades Bianca to return to the hunting lodge to find out what Erica and Dimitri are fighting about. When they get there, Bianca hears Dimitri tell Erica that Bianca is ruining their marriage. Bianca, convinced that she is ruining her mother's marriage, runs away, and Kendall makes no real attempt to stop her. Kendall returns to the lodge and tells Erica that Bianca has run away again.

20 August 1993 - #6118

The Helga whose ghost Kendall uses to scare Bianca, is probably the former housekeeper to the Merrick family in Hungary who kept the secret of Edmund's ancestry for many years, and, after revealing it, fell to her death from atop the castle walls.

Erica and Dimitri argue some more, and then Dimitri calls Valley Investigations, and he and Kendall go searching for Bianca. Bianca hears them coming and hides in the mausoleum, locking the door. Inside, she hears Kendall and Dimitri discussing her disappearance. Dimitri heads back to the house, leaving Kendall outside the tomb. Remembering Kendall's scary stories about Helga the ghost, Bianca calls out, asking Kendall to open the door. Kendall joins Dimitri, and does not tell him of Bianca's cries for help. People arrive at the house to assist in the search. They check out the old mine shaft, which upsets Laurel Banning. Then Kendall suggests that Bianca might have locked herself in the mausoleum. Dimitri and others go and check. Erica tells Kendall she's been wonderful during this crisis.

23 August 1993 - #6119

Those searching for Bianca in the mine shaft find the body of Laurel Banning's ex-husband.

Erica tells Kendall that Dimitri drove Bianca away, and she can never forgive him for that. Mona arrives and is shocked to discover that Bianca returned the previous day and that Erica kept it a secret. Just then Bianca is carried in by Edmund Gray. Kendall hugs Bianca, who looks at her with some suspicion, and then walks Mona to her car. Mona suggests that Kendall stay with her for a few days. Kendall declines. Later, Dimitri is sitting alone in the living room, and Kendall, wearing a short robe, comes down for a drink to help her sleep.

27 August 1993 - #6122

Dimitri and Erica argue over going to a wine tasting. Since she has Bianca for only one week, Erica wants to spend all her time with Bianca. Kendall is in the hallway eavesdropping on their argument. Bianca sees Kendall and asks her what she's doing. Kendall and Bianca barge into the room, and Dimitri says that the discussion concerns the whole family, and tells everyone what the argument is about. Bianca is all right with the two of them going to the wine tasting, but Erica still refuses, and suggests that Dimitri go with Kendall, and that Kendall borrow one of her dresses for the occasion.

27 August 1993 - #6123

Kendall goes to the wine tasting with Dimitri, but Erica changes her mind and makes a surprise appearance. Dimitri is pleased and Kendall is disappointed.

30 August 1993 - #6124

Kendall tells Dimitri, who is alone with Erica in another room, that he'd better get back inside. That all hell is breaking loose. They all go back in to find some family member manhandling a reporter. The reporters are upset about some sort of cover-up. A man named named Randall asks Kendall to dance, but she tells him to get lost, and instead daydreams about dancing with Dimitri. And then Dimitri does ask her to dance.


1 September 1993 - #6126

ANTON LANG ARRIVES - After the party, Kendall goes to the stables. Thinking she is alone, she daydreams about Dimitri, then voices a litany of complaints about Erica, punctuated by the occasional thrown object. A man who has been out of sight stands up saying: "Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep." Kendall screams. She asks who he is and why he's there. When he reaches for his jacket pocket, Kendall threatens him with a pitchfork. The man grabs the pitchfork, and Kendall flees the stables yelling for help and the police.

Back at the house, Kendall tells Peggy what happened, and that she has called the police. The doorbell rings, and Peggy answers it, expecting the cops. Instead, the man from the stables walks in. Once Kendall identifies him as the intruder, Peggy holds him at bay with a fireplace poker until the police arrive. Kendall pats him down looking for a weapon (only above the waist). The police arrive and handcuff the man, who then identifies himself, producing a passport and an invitation from Dimitri as proof. Kendall still thinks Lang is a murderer, presumably because the killer of Laurel Banning's ex-husband Denny (whose body was recently found in the mine shaft) has not yet been identified. Dimitri walks in and confirms Lang's story. Anton, it turns out, is the brother of Corvina, Dimitri's housekeeper.

The date on the letter from Dimitri rules Lang out as a murder suspect, and the police now seem to focus on Laurel Banning as a suspect. Peggy takes Lang to the kitchen.

The next day, Dimitri tells Kendall that he, Erica, and Bianca are leaving immediately for the honeymoon they had postponed earlier. Erica and Bianca come in and Erica suggests that Kendall show Anton around while they are gone. After they leave, Kendall throws a throw pillow and wishes their luggage should get lost. Then Anton walks in, saying: "Your mood hasn't improved since last night." Kendall responds: "Do you know what 'stuff it' means?"

10 September 1993 - #6133

We learn that Richard Fields was married twice and has no acknowledged children, that he made a film called FAREWELL PICCADILLY with Madison Grant, and another film called THE LIBRARY, and that a couple of film biographies of Fields have been made. His best film, apparently, was INSPECTOR BLOODWORTH.

Kendall is watching one of her father's films on television. In it, he is comforting his on-screen daughter Angie during the London blitz. They sing There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover, and when the scene finishes, Kendall rewinds the tape and watches it again, this time singing along softly. Dimitri walks in and she turns off the television. She points out to Dimitri that he is back a day early, and assures him that everything is all right. Dimitri tells her that Erica has flown on to Seattle with Bianca, then he reads the label on the video tape, discovering that it is Farewell Piccadilly, starring Madison Grant and Richard Fields. Dimitri says: "You know, don't you?" Kendall admits that she knows that Richard Fields is her father. Dimitri wants to know what's going on. Kendall explains how she found out about Fields. She tells Dimitri she's doing research on her father, then quotes from a review of Field's best film, INSPECTOR BLOODWOOTH:

"Richard Fields shines as the irrepressible Inspector. His slightly decadent lip curl and gruff mannerisms burst into full flower in this sophisticated mature comedy surprise hit."

Kendall says that she found out a lot about Fields, but could not discover whether he is dead or alive. Dimitri suggests that might be for the best, but Kendall disagrees, and says that if her father is alive, she will find him. She says that she knows that doing that will hurt Erica, and because of that, she is going to move out. Dimitri says that rather than try to talk her out of it, he wants to try to help her. She responds: "You always see the good in me. You can't help me in this. Don't even try to smooth things over with Erica." Dimitri says that is not what he meant. "What,", he says, if I try to help you find your father?"

17 September 1993 - #6138

Kendall enters carrying books on Cinema. Dimitri speaks to her about her quest to find her father, setting two conditions for his assistance. The first condition is that Erica never find out about it. The second is that she realize the risk she is taking by doing this. Her father may not welcome being found by a daughter of whom he was not aware. Kendall accepts his conditions. Anton walks in to hand Dimitri a list of medical texts he needs. (He is a pre-med student.) Dimitri suggests that Kendall show Anton around town, but she declines. Instead, Kendall watches GOODBYE PICCADILLY again. Anton interrupts her TV viewing. He suggests that they try to get along with each other, but Kendall is having none of it, and suggests he try Peggy; that she might be more his speed. She leaves the room and Anton sits down to watch the film, wondering aloud what Kendall's fascination with it might be.

20 September 1993 - #6139

We learn that Richard Fields made 123 films, and that he was in the cast of a play called LOVE IN FLAT A, performed at The Empire Theater (presumably the one in New York that closed in 1953.

Kendall and Anton enter the living room bickering. She tells him that she doesn't want to go riding with him, and then he asks if it's time for "another B-movie film festival", and tells her he watched some of her movies. He has noticed that all the tapes have Richard Fields, whom he refers to as a mediocre actor. He asks: "Who is he, Kendall? And why are you his biggest fan?" They then have a disagreement as to the artistic value of Fields' work.

Kendall: "You probably have the classic works of the Gabor sisters back at home."
Anton: "Of course I do. Who doesn't"

Anton tells Kendall that Dimitri is worried about her, and has asked him to go easy on her. Kendall wants to know exactly what Dimitri said.

Later, Dimitri has invited the private detective Hayley Vaughan to assist Kendall in her quest to find her father. The three of them are discussing how to go about the search. Kendall has found an old playbill from The Empire Theater for LOVE IN FLAT A (names on the program include Nora McKenzie, Giselle Tovati, Bill Lowe, and Richard Fields), from before Fields was well known. Hayley says that a more recent bio might be more useful, perhaps something within the last 10 years. As they continue to discuss how to go about the search, Erica walks into the room.

21 September 1993 - #6140

Erica takes the playbill from Kendall's hands and becomes quite upset, saying that she will not have that in her house. Kendall tells Erica that Dimitri had nothing to do with it; that she was showing the playbill to Hayley when Dimitri walked in and that he had told her to get rid of it. Erica tells her that she understands Kendall's need to have the playbill, but that looking at it makes her sick. Kendall apologizes and says that she and Hayley were supposed to be going to a movie. Hayley and Kendall go to a bar and order wine. Hayley sees Charlie with another woman, and tells Kendall that she and Charlie broke up a couple of days previously. She is now a one-woman detective agency. Hayley borrows Kendall's long distance calling card and goes to a phone. She calls the Screen Actors Guild and, pretending to be a casting director, finds out that as of 2 years ago, Fields was a dues-paying member. After returning to the table, she tells Kendall all this, then makes excuses and hurriedly follows someone out of the bar.

23 September 1993 - #6142

Erica gives Kendall a present she brought back from France. A pair of earrings from a shop on the Left Bank. Kendall thanks her, and seems a bit overwhelmed. Lucy enters and says that Miss Vaughan is there to see Kendall. Hayley seems quite happy, and announces she is there to take Kendall up on her offer to go riding. Erica is suspicious of Hayley's presence, and asks if they are trying to find Richard Fields, and seems not entirely convinced by their denial.

Later, after Erica has left the house, Hayley, Kendall and Dimitri are discussing whether Kendall should drop the whole effort to find Fields. Kendall responds with this speech:

"Once upon a time, Erica Kane was just a picture in my scrapbook. I never dreamed that I would meet her, let alone that she would change my entire life. Enter my father, forgotten hero of the silver screen. I'm half his. Good half, bad half, I don't know. I look into Erica's eyes and I see Erica. Wouldn't it be nice to finally look in someone's eyes and see me? Or maybe I'm going to look into his eyes and run in the other direction. I don't know. And I won't know. I won't know until I can get a good look."

Then she tells Dimitri that if he really doesn't want her to do this, she won't. Dimitri tells Hayley to do whatever is necessary to find Kendall's father. Lucy announces the arrival of Charlie, who comes in and wants to see Hayley privately, but she declines and goes upstairs with Kendall. As Hayley is leaving. Dimitri comes into Kendall's room and Kendall thanks him for his help and asks him why he's taking such a risk to help her. Dimitri says it's because he cares for her. And because he loves her. Kendall is surprised.

24 September 1993 - #6143

For more details on Brooke English and Eduardo and the Willow Lake Investigation, see BROOKE'S JOURNEY on YouTube.

Dimitri explains that he loves Kendall because she is Erica's daughter, and because he admires her courage in locating her birth mother and trying to find her father. He tells her of his relationship with his own father, Hugo, and how it hurt when he found out the truth about him. Kendall tells him: "I can't do this alone, and you're all that I've got. Promise me you won't desert me?" Dimitri assures her that he wouldn't walk out on her. Brooke English walks in with Erica, who is complaining that she wasn't informed about the investigation of Willow Lake Acres, the real estate development in which Mona has invested. It is explained that it was an undercover investigation. Edmund, Dimitri's brother, comes in dressed strangely, and announces that he is working undercover as Eduardo, Phoebe Wallingford's gigolo.

Kendall finds Hayley at the stables working on the case. It turns out that Hayley no longer has an office since she and Charlie broke up. Hayley complains that Charlie spied on her. Kendall and Hayley commiserate about relationships.


1 October 1993 - #6148

Dimitri and Erica are cuddling on the couch when Kendall and Anton enter arguing loudly. Kendall complains that Anton is constantly following her. Anton apologizes to Erica and Dimitri and excuses himself. Erica explains to Kendall that Anton is attracted to her and that "attention is attention". While Kendall is denying that she needs a romantic relationship in her life, Dimitri gets a call telling him that Edmund is in the hospital. He leaves to see if everything is all right with his brother. Erica persuades Kendall to stay up and talk so that she can impart relationship advice.

Erica suggests that she help Kendall with makeup and clothes to make her more attractive to men. She also says that she knows what it is to be without a father, and talks about her own father, Eric Kane. Then she tells Kendall that her decision not to try to find Richard Fields is a good one. Kendall looks uncomfortable and says she is going to bed.

Instead, Kendall goes to the stables to review material about her father. Anton finds her there and tries to apologize. Kendall loudly insists that he leave, but he sees the pictures of Fields on the table. He tells her she is sick for being obsessed with an old actor. Kendall tells him that Fields is her father, and also about the rape that led to her birth. She tells him: "You hit the nail right on the head, Anton. I'm horrible, pathetic, and ugly. The only reason I am alive is that he raped Erica." Anton tries to reassure her that she is neither horrible nor ugly, and admits he has been thinking about her quite a bit. He assures her that he will tell no one about their conversation. After he leaves, Kendall stares after him with surprise on her face.

4 October 1993 - #6149

Kendall is at the stables staring at a photo of her father. Erica walks in, catches her, and freaks. In a long, emotional speech she tells Kendall about the rape in detail and then sets fire to the papers and photos of Fields on the table. Anton and Dimitri, attracted by the smoke, come in and put out the fire. Anton stays with Kendall and Dimitri takes Erica back to the house to try to calm her down. Erica calms somewhat, but finally says to Dimitri that either Kendall gives up her quest to see her father, or "she leaves this house tonight". Kendall enters the room just in time to hear Erica say that.

Kendall promises Erica that her quest to find Fields is over. Erica goes upstairs. Kendall then admits to Dimitri that she lied, and that she still plans to find her father. Dimitri, angry, gets her to promise that if she meets Fields once, she will never see him again. The episode ends with Erica having nightmares.

12 October 1993 - #6155

Kendall is reading in the living room. Anton enters waving a white flag and asks if he can join her. Kendall is open to this and they talk. Erica is away caring for Bianca who has a broken collarbone. Kendall tells Anton that things are tense between herself and the rest of the family, saying "Erica's with the only daughter that she cares about. As long as Bianca's safe and sound, all's right with the world."

15 October 1993 - #6158

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR'S FIRST SCREEN KISS Dimitri is in his office working. Kendall tries to persuade him to go riding, flirting with him in the process. Anton walks in with Dimitri's mail, and Kendall keeps on flirting with Dimitri. Anton realizes what is happening. Dimitri finally agrees to go riding with Kendall.

Kendall arrives at the stables first and daydreams about Dimitri. Anton arrives and interrupts her reveries. He tells her that Dimitri can't make it. Kendall shows her frustration at this, and Anton confronts her about her feelings, saying that Kendall has a crush on Dimitri. Kendall denies this, and to prove it, kisses Anton. Anton asks her if she has a crush on him. She denies this as well. Anton tells her that wasn't much of a kiss, and asks her if she would like to try again. They kiss, and Kendall seems to be enjoying it, then she pulls away saying "Stop it. Stop it.". Anton is puzzled.

18 October 1993 - #6159

Jerry Stiller plays Richard Fields' agent, Mo Green. He was half of the husband and wife comedy team Stiller and Meara. Anne Meara, the other half of the team, had the recurring role on AMC of Peggy Moody.

Anton tries to make Kendall realize why she pulled away from him, finally telling her that she really wants Dimitri. Dimitri has arrived at the stables just in time to hear this accusation. There is panic on Kendall's face. Dimitri pretends that he heard nothing. After Kendall leaves, Anton and Dimitri talk.

Hayley interviews Richard Fields' agent, Mo Green. He tells her that Fields is still alive, but that she should leave him be. He tells Hayley that what finished Fields' career was when he went after the 13 year old daughter of a studio head (the implication being that it was Erica). Hayley insists that other people are counting on her to find Fields, and that he must tell her where he is.

Back at the house, Dimitri confronts Kendall, admitting that he heard what Anton said. He asks Kendall if Anton was right. Kendall denies being in love with Dimitri. Dimitri says he will forget it ever happened, and he'll see her at dinner. After Dimitri leaves, Kendall daydreams about her father. In the dream, Fields is reassuring her that "Daddy will fix everything." At the same time, Hayley meets Richard Fields.

25 October 1993 - #6164

Hayley tells Kendall and Dimitri what she found out about Fields. Kendall insists that she still must confront her father. Anton overhears the conversation, and when Kendall goes to the stables to cry, he follows her there to comfort her. He is holding her when Dimitri comes in with a similar idea. Kendall rushes to Dimitri, much to the disappointment of Anton.

27 October 1993 - #6166

Anton finds Kendall packing. She informs him that she and Dimitri are going to LA the next day to confront her father. Anton brings up their kiss, and Kendall gets defensive, saying she is inexperienced, and essentially admitting that she is a virgin, explaining this way:

"When I was 14, I found out by accident that the lady in the apron didn't give birth to me. I was adopted. I also found out that my birth was this major catastrophe in some 9th grader's life. I didn't know that she was raped. I had all these visions of my mother, like me, just fooling around in the back seat of some guy's car and the next thing you knew there was this baby. I wasn't about to let that happen to me. I didn't want to know about sex, or anything even connected with it. To me, sex was like the enemy. It was something waiting to grab me and to destroy my entire life, only I wasn't going to let it. I wasn't even going to get close. "

Anton suggests that they should try an experiment, just one "tiny little kiss". They kiss, and Kendall seems to be enjoying it. Then Dimitri walks in. Kendall is instantly defensive, and assures Dimitri that there is nothing between herself and Anton. Dimitri suggests that perhaps there should be. Kendall changes the subject and says she is worried about meeting her father. Dimitri holds her and tells her that he will be by her side "all the way".

29 October 1993 - #6168

KENDALL MEETS HER FATHER In Los Angeles, at Fields' nursing home, Dimitri and Hayley try to persuade Kendall to wait a while before seeing her father, and when they cannot persuade her to do that, they try to go in with her. She tells them she must do this alone. She confronts Fields about what happened on Erica's 14th birthday, and he responds with an account that seems a bit delusional. Kendall goes back to Dimitri and Hayley and tells them shee hasn't yet told Fields that she is his daughter. Over their objections, she determines that she will do so.

Kendall tells Dimitri and Hayley to go back to the hotel, and that she will join them there later. She goes back in to see Fields. Kendall tells him that he is her father. She asks him again how things went that night with Erica, and he tells her that Erica was not at all upset. That she thanked him before he left. Kendall seems to believe hiim. She says:

"Everything anyone's ever told me about my life was a lie. The adoptive parents lied to me. Erica lied. Everything I found out, I found out on my own."

Fields says that, had he known, he would have raised her as his only child. Kendall runs into his arms. Then Dimitri enters and tells Fields to get his hands off of Kendall. Kendall tells Dimitri to stop.


1 November 1993 - #6169

Dimitri attacks Fields and has to be pulled off by Hayley. After calming down a bit, Dimitri says that he wants to speak to Fields alone, and promises not to hurt him. Kendall reluctantly agrees to this. Meanwhile, Kendall and Hayley talk. Kendall tells Hayley that she is no longer sure that Erica's story about the rape is true, and that she believes the version of events told her by Fields. Hayley is a bit shocked, and goes on at length about how bad Fields is. Kendall finally agrees with her, most likely to get her to stop. Dimitri returns to the hotel and tells Kendall that he got some things off his chest with Fields. Kendall makes excuses and says she needs to go for a walk alone. She returns to the nursing home to see her father.

2 November 1993 - #6170

Kendall asks Fields directly if he raped Erica. Fields denies it entirely, saying that Erica told him it was her 18th birthday and suggests that Erica cried rape because she was pregnant and didn't know what else to do. Kendall believes him. Kendall and her father get into a discussion of how bad Erica is, but Kendall assures him that Dimitri is a good guy and tells her father that she is in love with Dimitri. Then Dimitri and Hayley walk in. Dimitri gives Kendall a choice, either she must give up seeing her father entirely and never mention him again, or she must leave Pine Valley. Kendall thinks about it for a bit, then agrees to return to Pine Valley with Dimitri. She asks to say goodbye to her father alone. She tells Fields that the two of them will have lots of time together in the future, and before she leaves, she kisses him on the cheek and gives him some money to tide him over for a while until she can send him a check.

4 November 1993 - #6172

Back in Pine Valley, Kendall telephones Fields. Erica walks in on the call. Kendall makes excuses and hangs up. She makes a point of apologizing to Erica for her previous insensitivity about Fields and tells Erica that she will never see her father again. Erica is upset even at the mention of Fields' name. Erica tells Kendall that being with the recuperating Bianca went well so long as she was with Bianca, but that, when she was alone in her hotel room at night, she was terrified and had flashbacks about the rape. Erica tries again to explain to Kendall how she feels about the whole Fields thing. Kendall, feeling insecure, offers to carry Erica's bag up to her room and bring her some tea, but Erica declines both, saying that the only person she wants to see at them moment is Dimitri, and that Kendall should go back to what she was doing. Once alone, Kendall says aloud: "Excuse me for being such a headache. Excuse me for being alive."

Later, Kendall tries to bring Erica a cup of tea in her bedroom. Erica freaks and tells Kendall to get out. Dimitri walks in and Erica goes after him for not being there earlier. Dimitri assures Erica that he did not know she had returned. Kendall goes downstairs where she finds Anton in the living room. After getting assurances of confidentiality, Kendall tells Anton that she believes her father when he says he did not rape Erica. Anton is skeptical. Kendall points out that Erica has been married eight times, has slept with many men, and that plenty of girls slept around in the 9th grade. Anton asks why Kendall is so angry at Erica. Kendall responds:

"I could have had a wonderful father, but Erica never even told him that I was alive. I could have grown up with glamourous and wonderful people, but Erica pawned me off to hicks. I was the only daughter of a famous movie star who would have showered me with attention, but Erica trundled me off to nowhere because I was proof of something she was. I was born to live a golden life, but Erica cheated me. She took what was mine."

Anton asks Kendall how, having all this rage against Erica, she can continue to live in Erica's house. Kendall responds: "I'm not going anywhere. Erica owes me, and I'm going to collect."

9 November 1993 - #6175

In the midst of a thunderstorm, Kendall calls her father again, but he is not in. She leaves a message. Erica has a nightmare about the rape. She is sleeping alone, and is wakened by the phone ringing. She answers and it is Richard Fields returning Kendall's call. He says "Erica, is that you?" Erica freaks again. Hearing Erica's scream, Kendall rushes to her bedroom to find Dimitri comforting her. Kendall offers to help, but Erica tells her to leave.

In the hall, Kendall runs into Anton again. She tells him what happened. Dimitri enters and asks Kendall if she gave Richard Fields Erica's phone number. Kendall says she doesn't think so, but he may have gotten the number from information. Dimitri says that the number is unlisted. Anton rescues Kendall by saying that "It's not so difficult to get this number. All you have to do is call Enchantment. I did just after I arrived. I was downtown and the receptionist just gave it to me." After Dimitri leaves, Kendall asks Anton why he covered for her. He responds that he cares about her, and warns her that sooner or later, she will have to make a choice between her father and Dimitri. Kendall says of Dimitri: "There must be some way that I can convince him. Some way to win him over to my side.".

10 November 1993 - #6176

Erica is siting in the living room, wearing a red dress and drinking tea. She has a waking nightmare about Richard Fields telling her that she "asked for it". She drops the teacup and it shatters. Erica calls for Lucy, the maid. Instead, Kendall enters. When Erica sees Kendall she looks afraid and asks why Kendall always sneaks up on her. Kendall asks if she wants to talk about anything, and Erica says yes. She has been thinking about her past. Things she hasn't thought about for a long time and that are very painful. She is ready to tell Kendall that it would be better if she were to move out, when Dimitri enters with Edmund and tells her he needs to speak to her right away. That it is very important.

Edmund suggests that he and Kendall go for a jog. Kendall declines and says that if anyone needs her she will be in the study. Edmund follows Kendall to the study, where he finds her looking at an Atlas. He suggests to Kendall that at this point in her life she has many options, and that travel might be one of them. Then Dimitri joins them and suggests that while Erica's problems are not Kendall's fault, perhaps she should find an apartment somewhere, to ease tensions. Kendall does not react well to this. She clings to Dimitri saying: "Please don't make me leave. I'll do anything. I'll live in the attic. Erica will never see me. I can live in the wine cellar. I've worked my entire life for this, please don't take away what I've just found." Kendall eventually agrees to look for an apartment, and Dimitri assures her that she is still a part of the family and welcome at Wildwind. Kendall leaves and Edmund suggests to Dimitri that with Kendall leaving, Dimitri and Erica might be able to finally have a real honeymoon, without kids. Kendall is listening from the hallway, and says aloud, softly: "Someone is going to be leaving Wildwind, all right, but it's not going to be me."

17 November 1993 - #6181

Kendall is lying on her bed. Anton walks in. Kendall tells him that she has been asked to move out, explaining that Erica "got her way, again. She stamped her cute little size twos and threatened to go looney tunes." She explains to Anton that Erica agreed to pay for any apartment she wanted, and offered to pay for her to go to college. Anton playfully offers to take the punishment for her, and suggests that should Kendall move out, it would enable her to see him in a whole new way. This disconcerts Kendall, who gets up and walks away.

Kendall goes downstairs and walks in on Erica and Dimitri having a talk. She tells Erica that Dimitri has spoken to her about finding a place of her own, and that she will start looking for an apartment the next day. Erica seems relieved. After Kendall leaves the room, she lurks in the hallway to listen in on the rest of the conversation. She hears Erica tell Dimitri that once Kendall leaves she can show him "the kind of undercover work I am most famous for" Then Kendall watches from the hall as they kiss. Kendall goes to her room, and after a short tirade against Erica, calls her father.

Fields suggests to Kendall that fighting Erica might not be the best idea; that Erica couldn't really be hurt more than she has already hurt herself. Kendall says there might just be a way. She goes downstairs and interrupts Dimitri to tell him about a fax. When he leaves to check it out, Kendall talks to Erica, letting it slip that she and Hayley were in LA recently. Kendall goes up to her room. Anton walks in again and finds Kendall unpacking. Downstairs, Erica is confronting Dimitri about Kendall's Los Angeles trip with Hayley.

18 November 1993 - #6182

In her room, Kendall and Anton are talking. Kendall tells Anton that she "accidentally" let slip to Erica that she and Hayley went to LA. Anton suggests to her that she might have done that on purpose, so that the real game can begin. That is, playing Erica off against Fields. Kendall looks at him curiously, wondering how far she can trust him. Anton warns Kendall that Dimitri might turn against her. Kendall says that if she loses Dimitri she will have no one, and Anton tells her that is not true. Kendall says that her father is an old man, and might not be around for long. Anton says he was referring to himself. Testing him, Kendall asks if he believes she told Erica about the trip by accident. He responds that according to Sigmund Freud there are no accidents. Erica storms into the room, calls Kendall a little witch, and slaps her.

Erica hurls an emotional speech at Kendall, accurately describing everything that she has done since arriving in Pine Valley, calling her evil and saying she should have killed her [in episode #6149] but Dimitri held her back. After a couple of minutes of this, Dimitri walks in and orders Erica to stop "right now". Erica refuses to apologize, and says that she will never take back what she said and turns to walk away.

Dimitri: "Erica, please don't go."
Erica: "Don't go? Fine. You go, and you go to hell and
          take her with you."

Erica walks out of the room and Kendall tells Dimitri that she accidentally told Erica about the LA trip. Dimitri is angry and asks Kendall if she planned this all along. Just then Erica appears in the doorway with a suitcase, wearing a leather jacket, and tells them she is leaving the house, and that the two of them can have it.

19 November 1993 - #6183

ERICA LEAVES DIMITRI Dimitri and Erica argue. Erica accuses Dimitri of disloyalty, and maintains that his efforts were designed to help Kendall, not her. Dimitri tells Erica that, if she walks out, she can never come back (while at the same time professing his love for her). Erica says that he should not give ultimatums. She picks up her suitcase and walks away. Kendall has listened to the entire exchange from the hall. She ducks out of sight as Erica leaves.

Kendall tries to comfort Dimitri, saying that perhaps Erica's leaving was for the best. Dimitri becomes angry, and suggests to Kendall that she has had "slips of the tongue" before, and they have all resulted in injury to Erica. He speculates that she may have done these things "accidentally on purpose". Kendall breaks down, insisting that all she wanted was Dimitri and Erica's acceptance. Kendall screams that she has ruined everything, and Dimitri follows her as she flees to another room. She stands in front of a mirror and says:

"Look at me. Look at me. I'm ugly, and I'm stupid, and I'm horrible. Everything Erica said about me was true. I'm worth less than nothing to her. I'm nothing to anyone. The best I can ever be, I can ever amount to, is the daughter of a rapist - sick, and depraved, and evil."

She hurls an ashtray, shattering the mirror. Kendall continues her tirade, destroying objects, while claiming that, as a child of rape, she is "evil", "wretched", and poisons everything. Dimitri looks on somewhat helplessly and tries to minimize the breakage. Lamenting Erica's departure, Kendall cries that she betrayed both Erica and Dimitri. Dimitri should hate her, she insists, because she's just like her father and never should have been born. Finally, Anton comes into the room, takes Kendall in his arms, and calms her down, though she continues to sob. We see Anton and Kendall reflected in the broken mirror.

24 November 1993 - #6186

This is the 1993 Thanksgiving episode (aired the day before the holiday). In it, Erica asks Dimitri for a divorce, and Jack the Lawyer (himself one of Erica's exes) tries to talk her out of it. In this episode, we learn that Erica told her father of the rape immediately after it occurred and that her father was not sympathetic, saying that she had "asked for it". The full episode has been posted by snarkweighsin on YouTube.

Kendall is lying across her bed, sobbing. Dimitri watches, unable to find a response. She begins to pack, and Dimitri says that she doesn't have to leave. She asks how her staying will affect Erica, and Dimitri tells her that Erica won't be coming back, and that she should put her things away.


7 December 1993 - #6192

Edmund is reading. Kendall peers around the doorframe to ask where Dimitri is, and is told he is with Erica. Edmund responds to Kendall's surprise at this news, saying: "Yeah, she is. She came by to pick up some things she can't live without, like her husband." Kendall expresses disbelief that, after all the terrible things she said to Dimitri, Erica and Dimitri could get back together. Edmund asks Kendall if the Harts, her adoptive parents, ever fought. Kendall says no. Edmund attempts to explain that for couples to fight is normal, and suggests that the mark of sanity is the ability to see the other person's point of view. None of this seems to sink into Kendall, who is still quite angry at Erica, and not too pleased at the prospect of being forced into an efficiency apartment should Erica move back in. Edmund tells her life is never fair. He tells Kendall that, if Dimitri and Erica have a chance to repair their relationship, she should let them, and not fan the flames.

Naturally, Kendall walks in on Dimitri and Erica's conversation, and says hello. Erica asks Kendall why she is still at Wildwind and Dimitri explains that he asked her to stay. In disbelief, Erica says: "Kendall said she'd move out, but you asked her not to?" Kendall leaves, but remains in the hallway, listening.

Edmund sees Kendall in the hallway, takes her into another room and cautions her to stop attacking Erica. Then Edmund explains to Dimitri that Kendall's interruption of his attempt to make up with Erica was no accident.

In her room, Kendall gets a call from Alice Hart in Florida, wanting to know if Kendall is coming home for Christmas. Turns out her adoptive father, Bill Hart, is having a bowling party on the 23rd. Kendall is non-committal, and Alice tells her that this has gone on long enough, that Kendall must realize that she, not Erica, is her real mother.

8 December 1993 - #6193

Edmund is speaking to Dimitri about Kendall. Dimitri refuses to believe that Kendall is capable of what Edmund is suggesting. Edmund asks Dimitri to consider the possibility that Kendall is trying to make Erica's life "a living hell".

Kendall goes to see Erica, and tells her about Alice's phone call. She asks Erica if there is any chance for them to have a mother-daughter relationship. Erica tells her to go home, and that all she and Kendall have left is goodbye.

Kendall then goes to see Dimitri and makes an attempt at being seductive. She finally tells Dimitri that she loves him.

9 December 1993 - #6194

Erica phones Wildwind and Lucy answers. In response to her questions, Lucy tells Erica that Kendall is not there, that she was gone out for the evening in fancy dress, and that Dimitri has gone to the hunting lodge. Erica asks if Dimitri is alone at the hunting lodge, and Lucy says that, if Mr. Merrick was expecting someone, he didn't confide in her.

Dimitri is at the hunting lodge with Kendall and is becoming impatient with her. Kendall tries to kiss him. Dimitri tries to explain that he only loves her as a daughter, but Kendall interprets whatever Dimitri says as confirmation of her fantasies about him. Dimitri offers to pay for a psychiatrist for Kendall.

Erica is at home, lying on the couch in a red dressing gown. She has a dream in which Richard Fields and Kendall are dancing. Dimitri walks in and tells Fields to get his filthy hands off her. Fields disappears. Dimitri walks over to Kendall and takes Fields' place in her arms. Erica tells Dimitri repeatedly to stop, but he does not hear her, and keeps dancing with Kendall. Erica wakes up.

Back at the hunting lodge, Dimitri is still trying to convince Kendall that he does not love her. Kendall tells him that, if he does not love her, she does not want to live. When Dimitri mentions the rape of Erica by Kendall's father, Kendall tells him that it is a lie, and that Erica asked for it, and was not raped. Dimitri becomes angry and grabs Kendall, telling her that she should never again say that. Erica is watching through the window, and sees them struggle.

Kendall launches into an emotional tirade against Erica, a blend of fact and fantasy, finishing with the statement:

"Erica Kane only does what's best for Erica Kane. She lies and says it's for my own good. Well, the greatest lie she ever told was the one about my father. She is the monster, not him. She is the one who lied, not him, and when you defend her, you are just as bad as she is. You want to turn your back on me? Fine. You and Erica are both monsters. You two deserve each other."

Dimitri tells Kendall he wants her out of his house, and that he never wants to see her again. Kendall threatens to kill herself, and Dimitri is not moved, suggesting that it is her life and she can do what she wants with it. He leaves. Kendall waits for a moment, composes herself, and follows him out.

10 December 1993 - #6195

KENDALL LOSES HER VIRGINITY Kendall goes to see Anton, who is sleeping. She tells him she wants to kill herself. Kendall describes what happened with Erica and Dimitri, and wonders aloud why no one loves her as much as she loves them. Anton says that it is not necessarily true, implying that he loves her. Kendall and Anton kiss for a while, and then have sex (entirely offscreen). Afterward, Anton tells her that he is very tired and needs to sleep. He tells her to wake him if she needs anything. Kendall lies there and seems to formulate a plan. Later, after sleeping for a while, she gets up. Anton is still asleep.

Kendall goes to see Erica. She implies to Erica, with apparent reluctance, that she was raped by Dimitri.

13 December 1993 - #6196

The scene at the end of this episode, with Kendall on the phone to her father, was shown during the 1994 Daytime Emmy Awards at the announcement of Sarah Michelle Gellar's nomination.

Erica initially does not believe Kendall, but when Kendall asks to be taken to a doctor, and says that she fears she may be pregnant, Erica begins to waver in her disbelief. Erica still insists that Kendall is lying about Dimitri so Kendall asks her for enough money for a one-way bus ticket to get her as far away from Pine Valley as possible. Erica decides to call her bluff and take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dr. Martin tells Erica that Kendall has definitely had sex within the last 12 hours and based on the pelvic examination, it was her first time. The doctor also describes bruises on her upper arms, as though someone had grabbed her and held her tightly. He asks Erica if it is possible that Kendall was raped. When she finds out that Kendall has not made any statement to the doctor, she asks to speak to Kendall before the police are called. She goes into Kendall's room and asks Kendall to tell her everything.

Kendall alleges that Dimitri made passes at her when they were in Los Angeles. Erica insists that Kendall tell her everything that happened between her and Dimitri. Kendall spins a detailed and convincing tale of the events that led to the "rape". While Kendall describes her fantasy, Erica remembers her own experience with Richard Fields. After Erica leaves, Kendall finds a phone and calls Fields. She tells her father that "You were right. Everything you said about Erica is true. She's selfish and she horrible and so is Dimitri. They treat me like dirt. They're going to be sorry. Very, very sorry."

Erica rings the doorbell at the hunting lodge. When Dimitri comes to the door, she stares at him with a mixture of bewilderment and anger.

14 December 1993 - #6197

ERICA STABS DIMITRI Dr. Martin introduces Kendall to Officer Mimi Reed. Kendall tells Officer Reed that she does not need the police. Officer Reed explains the legal definition of rape to Kendall and asks Kendall to tell her what happened. Kendall refuses to show her bruises, and claims she never used the word rape. She refuses to press charges and asks for medication to prevent her from becoming pregnant. She asks the cop to leave. Dr. Martin returns with the morning after pill and tells her that Anton came by to see her. This upsets Kendall, who invokes doctor-patient confidentiality, and tells Dr. Martin to tell no one about Anton. Mona arrives, and Kendall speaks to her in only in vague terms, giving no specifics.

At the hunting lodge, Erica is hysterical, imagining Dimitri to be Richard Fields. They struggle, and Erica breaks away from him. She grabs a letter opener and stabs Dimitri.

15 December 1993 - #6198

Erica stands over Dimitri with the letter opener in her hand, and screams: "You're a dead man. I've finally killed you."

Back at the hospital, Mona tries to get Kendall to tell her what happened but Kendall asserts that she can't say anything until she has spoken to Erica. They are interrupted when Erica arrives and tells Mona, "Mother, I killed him." When Mona asks who she killed, Erica responds: "Richard Fields. I killed him. He's dead." Kendall's eyes go wide with fear.

Dr. Martin, a nurse, and Mona try to find out where Erica was when she stabbed "Fields". They ask her if she has seen Dimitri, and Erica slowly begins to realize that it was Dimitri that she stabbed. Back at the house Dimitri tries to phone for help, but passes out before he can complete the call.

16 December 1993 - #6199

When Dr. Martin gives directions to the ambulance service, we learn that Wildwind is on "route 7, on the west side, just at the edge of town".

At the hospital, Erica is being restrained by Jack the lawyer. Once she calms a bit, he asks her where Dimitri is. When she cannot answer, he asks her to tell him what happened. Edmumd and Maria walk in just as Erica states that she killed Dimitri. Everyone appears shocked (Kendall somewhat less so). Finally, Erica tells them that she stabbed Dimitri at Wildwind. Erica becomes focused on a blood spot on her clothing. Dr. Martin takes Erica away and everyone follows, leaving Kendall alone. Kendall mutters "She killed him. She killed Dimitri" and faints just as Anton walks in.

Anton visits Kendall, who has been told to rest in hospital. She tells him to get out, that he's going to "ruin everything". This makes Anton curious, so she tells him that she had Erica take her to the hospital to get the morning-after pill, since neither of them had taken precautions. When she tells him to go back to Wildwind, Anton tells her that he "had it out" with Dimitri the previous night, and had accused Dimitri of leading Kendall on, so he cannot return to Wildwind. Kendall says: "If you've blown it with Dimitri, doesn't that mean you've blown your visa too?" Anton says that he won't go back to Hungary, and that Kendall needs him. Kendall responds: "You're as wrong as you can be. Get the hell out of my life. Get out and stay out."

17 December 1993 - #6200

Officer Reed and Detective Frye arrive at the hospital. Edmund, who is quite angry, tells them that Erica stabbed Dimitri, and demands that she be arrested. Jack Montgomery and his associate, Livia Frye come in and explains to the detective (Livia's brother) that Erica thought Dimitri was Richard Fields when she stabbed him. The lawyers prevent the detective from questioning Erica until she can have a psychological evaluation. Eva tries to calm Edmund, and suggests he inquire about Dimitri's condition.

Kendall visits Erica. Officer Reed is guarding the door and tells Kendall she can't go in, but when she informs Kendall that Erica is not under arrest, Kendall walks in. Erica is lying in bed, looking a bit bewildered. Hoping that Erica has been movitated by maternal feelings for her, Kendall asks Erica why she stabbed Dimitri. Kendall is disappointed when Erica explains that she thought she was killing Richard Fields. Jack Montgomery is about to get Kendall to explain what happened the previous night when Detective Frye walks in with Officer Reed and arrests Erica.

20 December 1993 - #6201

Detective Frye reads Erica her rights, while Jack Montgomery tries to calm Erica down. Erica tries to flee the hospital room but runs into Edmumd who restrains her, saying that, if Dimitri dies, she's going to "fry" and that he will personally make sure of that. Mona enters. Kendall offers to get Erica's clothes for her so she can gets dressed, then remembers that the clothes are covered in blood. Mona tells everyone that she burned the suit that Erica had been wearing at Erica's instruction. Erica tries to tell Edmund that his brother has a "dark side" and that "last night changed everything".

Kendall visits Diimitri's hospital room. He is unconscious. Kendall says to him: "I wanted to be with you. I offered you everything. We could've been together. But now, no one has anyone. Have they? It is such a waste. You were my first love. I never felt that way about anyone. You couldn't see me. You had your chance. But you didn't take it. And that was a mistake. Now, now you're paying my price. And that's sad. But, maybe just to make it a little easier..." Kendall leans over to kiss Dimitri, and is interrupted by the entrance of Maria and Edmund, who shouts at her, asking what she is doing.

Kendall says she's only there out of concern for Dimitri. Maria tells her she has to leave, and at that point, Dimitri wakes up with a cough. His first words, looking at Kendall, are: "Get her out of here". Alone in the hallway, Kendall says aloud: "Well, Dimitri's paid up. Now it's Erica's turn."

24 December 1993 - #6205

Kendall is at Wildwind (which is decorated for Christmas) explaining events to a skeptical Anton. She denies any involvement with the stabbing, saying only that Erica, in her delusional state, believed Dimitri to be Richard Fields. Anton asks Kendall directly if Erica stabbed Dimitri because of her and Kendall again denies any involvement. Jack Montgomery comes to the door, and Kendall lets him in. Jack asks to speak to Kendall privately, and, after Anton leaves, he tells Kendall Erica's story that Kendall told her that Dimitri had raped her. Kendall denies ever telling Erica any such thing. Anton is listening from the hallway.

Kendall admits she asked Erica to take her to hospital so that she would not get pregnant, but refuses to say with whom she had sex that night, though insisting it was not Dimitri. When Jack insists on the identity of Kendall's lover, Anton re-enters the room and states that he slept with Kendall, and offers to help Jack if he can. Jack leaves. Anton accuses Kendall of having sex with him to provide evidence that would help her accuse Dimitri of rape. Kendall denies this, saying that both he and Erica are crazy. Anton responds: "The only one in this house that's crazy is you."

27 December 1993 - #6206

Peggy brings Kendall some tea and chocolate truffle cake. Edmund comes in and tries to throw Kendall out of the house. He describes to Peggy, who at first defends Kendall, what Kendall has done. Kendall denies everything, and Peggy is uncertain whose side to take. Kendall packs her things and says to herself: "Don't be so quick to write me off, Edmund. I may be back here yet." She opens the front door to leave, and finds Erica standing outside.

28 December 1993 - #6207

Erica comes in and tells Kendall she's not leaving until they straighten things out. She tells Kendall that she does not have to be afraid, that she can tell Jack the lawyer the truth about what happened. Kendall searches for a way out of the situation. Erica tells Kendall that she will back her up 100%. Kendall tells Erica that she had sex that night, but that she never said she had sex with Dimitri. Kendall spins a tale of coming to Erica for motherly advice after her first sexual experience with Anton. Erica begins to realize that she is in trouble, and says that she is not confused, and that Kendall is lying. Kendall suggests that Erica see a psychiatrist. Erica presses Kendall on her story, and Kendall finally admits what happened.

Kendall: All right, yes. I did want to hurt you. I want to hurt both of you so bad, I'd die. Everything horrible that happens to you from now on you deserve. You asked for it. People like you should not be allowed to have children."

Erica: Do you have any idea what you have done?

Kendall: "I don't care. Whatever it is is nothing compared to what you did. You hated your own child from the second she was born. You threw me out like the trash not once, but twice."

Kendall finally tells Erica that she believes Richard Fields never raped her, drawing a parallel between her own deception about Dimitri and what she believes Erica did to Fields. Erica calls Kendall a lying, scheming witch and Kendall picks up a pair of scissors and offers them to Erica saying: "Here. You're so good at stabbing people. Stab me." Erica responds: "I don't have to. In my mind and in my heart, you are already dead. I have only one daughter, Bianca, who I love and who loves me as much as I love her. And you, you are nothing but a long and hideous nightmare. Thank god, I just woke up."


in alphabetical order


Julia Barr

Julia Barr played the role of Brooke English from 1976 to 2006 (with an interruption in 1981 when the role was played briefly by Harriet Hall). The character was married four times, the last time to Edmumd Gray. At the end of the show in 2011 she returned and was engaged to Adam Chandler. Julia Barr was in only one film, I, THE JURY (1982), based on a Mickey Spillane novel. Her character's name was Norma Childs. (Mike Hammer was played by Armand Assante.) The film is available on Amazon Instant Video. Barr is a long time animal rights advocate, and is currently involved with the BORN FREE USA PRIMATE SANCTUARY.


John Callahan

John Callahan played Edmund Grey, illegitmate son of Hugo Merick, from 1992 to 2005. The character was married to Dr. Maria Santos Grey (Eva LaRue) for seven years. Callahan and La Rue were married in real life in 1996, and divorced in 2004. His most recent role was as Mr. Hutchington in the 2011 film eCUPID.


David Canary as Adam Chandler on ALL MY CHILDREN

David Canary played Adam Chandler from 1983 until the end of the show. Of Chandler's 12 marriages, the second was to Erica Kane. When AMC ended he was single and engaged to Brooke English (Julia Barr). 5 of his 9 children reached adulthood. David Canary's first role on television was Dr. Russ Gehring on the soap PEYTON PLACE in 1965.


Susan Lucci and Lacey Chabert ALL MY CHILDREN

Lacey Chabert was the third person to play Bianca Montgomery (1992-93). Daughter of Erica Kane, Bianca eventually became Co-owner of Cambias Industries, and founder of the Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children. Chabert is in five films being released in 2012, including THE TELLING OF THE SHOES with Emma Caulfield (Anya on BUFFY).

Lacey Chabert more recently


William Christian

William Christian played Detective Derek Frye from 1991 to 2005. The character would later become Chief of Police, and would be briefly married to Officer Mimi Reed.

Christian's first TV appearance was as Mr. Robertson in episode #18 of THE COSBY SHOW in 1985.


Mary Fickett with he 1973r Emmy Award

Mary Fickett played Nurse Ruth Parker from the beginning of the show until 1996, when she was replaced by Lee Meriwether. Ficket resumed the role of Ruth after Meriwether was fired in 1999. In 2000, Fickett retired, and two years later Meriwether was re-hired for the part. In 1973, Fickett won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement by an Individual in Daytime Drama. The character was originally married to alcoholic car salesman Ted Brent. After he died in a car accident, she married Dr. Joe Martin. Fickett died on 8 September 2011 at the age of 83.

Fickett's first film (she only did two) was MAN ON FIRE (1957) starring Bing Crosby and Inger Stevens.

Poster for Mary Fickett's first film MAN ON FIRE (1957)


Gina Gallagher as Bianca Montgomery

The fourth person to play Bianca Montgomery, Gallagher did so from 1993-97. In 1993, she also was Kim in the made-for-TV short film DOTTIE GETS SPANKED, the cast of which also included Ashley Chapman of SWANS CROSSING. Her last film appearance was in 2000 as Dolores in BLUE MOON which was directed by John A. Gallagher, who may be a relative.


Shari Headley

Shari Headley played Officer Mimi Reed Frye of the Pine Valley police force in various episodes between 1991 and 2005. She is probably best known for being Lisa McDowell in the 1988 film COMING TO AMERICA. Her most recent film appearance was a starring role in EX-FREE, a film about 3 women who kidnap their exes in a search for emotional closure. Headley will be Tianna in the wedding comedy ACT LIKE YOU LOVE ME which recently finished filming in Malibu and is due to be released in 2013.


Frances Heflin as Mona Kane Tyler

Mona Kane Tyler was played by Frances Heflin from 1970 to 1994. Mona was once an Administrative Assistant at Pine Valley Hospital. She was the widow of Dr. Charles Tyler, and formerly married to Eric Kane (father of Erica). Heflin died 1 June 1994.


Eileen Hurley as Myrtle Fargate

Myrtle Fargate ran a botique in Pine Valley, and was Ray Cummings' mother and the widow of Nigel Fargate. Character was played by Eileen Hurley from 1976 - 2008. Hurley died 8 October 2008.


Larry Keith as Nick Davis on ALL MY CHILDREN (1988)

Larry Keith played Nick Davis, the father of Phil Brent and sometimes Erica Kane's lover from 1970 to 2005. Keith died 17 July 2010.


Daniel Hugh Kelly

Daniel Hugh Kelly played Travis Montgomery (former race car driver and father of Bianca) in 1993 and 1994. Kelly's last TV appearance was as Phillip Carmichael on 27 October 2011 in episode #76 of THE MENTALIST. He is best known for his role as Skid McCormick in HARDCASTLE AND MCCORMICK (1983-86). He was also Sojef, the leader of the Ba'ku, in STAR TREK: INSURRECTION.


James Kibberd in the stage play Manhattan Casanova in 2006

James Kibberd took over the role of Trevor Dillon from David Jordan in 1989. The character was nicknamed "Uncle Porkchop", and was married to the homicidal Janet Marlowe Dillon. He was a former mercenary who became a police detective. Later he would become a lawyer and purchase a law firm from Jackson Montgomery. Janet would eventually kill Trevor by locking him in a freezer. Kibberd's most recent film appearance was as Elliot in SOLDIER'S HEART (2008), about a Vietnam vet dealing with memories of the war.

Kiberd was awarded UNICEF's Danny Kaye Award in Atlanta in 1994 for his significant contribution to the children's organization. Past honorees include Harry Belafonte, Audrey Hepburn and Celeste Holm. Kiberd was recognized for his "Knots For Tots" program, which raised donations with hand painted, autographed Trevor ties.


Felicity LaFortune

Felicity LaFortune played Charla Delaney Benton, one of whose many assumed names was Laurel Banning. She was the mother of autistic Lily Benton Montgomery. She embezzled to pay Lily's tuition, accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband, was paralyzed in an auto accident, and finally was inadvertently shot in the head. For a time, she was married to Jackson Montgomery. LaFortune's last dramatic TV role was as Dr. Sarah Klum in episode #64 of The Sopranos in 2004.


Rudolf Martin and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Rudolf Martin is the only actor to play Anton Lang (who would be Kendall Hart's first husband) beginning in 1993. Martin also played Dracula in the Buffy vs Dracula (episode #80). His latest film, BELA KISS:PROLOGUE, about a Hungarian serial killer who exsanguinated his victims, after he was supposed to have been killed in WWI. His most recent television appearance was on NCIS 7 February 2012. His character was Ari Haswari.


Jill Larson as Opal Courtlant

Jill Larson played Opal Courtlant from 1989 to 2011. Divorced from Palmer Courtlant, Opal once dated Del Henry, who would later become involved with Kendall Hart.


Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue played Dr. Maria Santos from 1993 to the end of the show. The character was born in San Antonio, Texas, and is a neurosurgeon. Eva LaRue's first role was as Kara in the 1987 film THE BARBARIANS. Her most recent TV role is that of Natalia Boa Vista on CSI MIAMI.


Christopher Lawford

Christopher Lawford, the oldest son of Peter Lawford, played Charlie Brent from 1992 to 1996, taking over the role from Charles van Eman. The character was Hayley Vaughan's partner in the Pine Valley Investigations detective agency. The two were also romantically involved. Christopher Lawford's most recent film appearance was as Claude in EAVESDROP, a 2008 film set in a Manhattan cafe at lunchtime, in which the audience "eavesdrops" on conversations happening in the restaurant.


Ray MacDonnell as Dr. Joseph Henry Martin Sr.

Ray MacDonnell played Dr. Joseph Henry Martin Sr. on All My Children from the show's inception on 5 January 1970 until MacDonnell's retirement on 5 January 2010. He returned for five episodes in 2011. The character is AMC's longest running original character, the second longest being his former daughter-in-law Erica Kane.

In 2005, MacDonnell received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmys. The actor retired because AMC moved production from New York to Los Angeles. He was not replaced. His character, Dr. Martin, along with Martin's longtime wife Ruth (Mary Fickett, sometimes Lee Meriwether) left Pine Valley in 2010 and retired to Florida.


Anne Meara

For a long time she was half of the comedy duo Stiller and Meara. From 1992 to 1999 on AMC, she was Peggy Moody. Whenever the plots got too laughable or the melodrama too overblown, the show would come back to Meara's Peggy, who would sort things out with some common sense.


Michael Nader

Michael Nader was Dimitri Marick from 1991 to 2001. Marick is a multi-millionaire Hungarian Count. Nader got his start as a "beach boy" in the Annette Funicello Beach Party films of the early 1960's. In the 1980's he was Dex Dexter on DYNASTY.


Rochelle Oliver (Alice Hart on All My Children)

Rochelle Oliver played Alice Hart, Kendall's adoptive mother. Alice is married to William Hart, and the couple resides in Florida. Oliver's last TV role was as Judge Grace Larkin in 7 episodes of LAW&ORDER, the last of which aired in 2003. She now teaches acting technique at the HB Studio in New York.


Tonya Pinkins - photo by Chris Hardy of the SF Chronicle

Tonya Pinkins played Livia Frye, sister of Detective Derek Frye, from 1991 until the end of the show. The character was married to Tom Cudahy (Richard Shoberg), the owner of the local health club. She was, for a while, an associate of lawyer Jack Montgomery. She defended Kendall Hart in the Michael Cambias murder trial.

Pinkins won a Tony Award for her performance as Sweet Anita in Jelly's Last Jam. She has many Broadway credits, the most recent of which is the title role in Caroline, or Change, for which she was again nominated for a Tony. She will be Patrice in the film NEWLYWEEDS, due to be released in June of 2013.


Bill Raymond (William Hart on All My Children)

Raymond played William Hart, Kendall's adoptive father. His latest role is as Raymond in the 2012 horror film FORECLOSURE, and he is best known for playing The Greek in 10 episodes of HBO's THE WIRE.


Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan on ALL MY CHILDREN

Kelly Ripa played Hayley Vaughan from her introduction on Thanksgiving Day, 1990, until the end of the show. Hayley was at various times a private investigator, the CEO of Enchantment, and the host of a TV fashion show called Waves. She was married three times, to Will Cortlandt, Alex McIntyre, and Mateo Santos (although that last marriage was invalid). Ripa now co-hosts LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL on ABC.


James A. Stephens

James A. Stephens played film star Richard Fields, Kendall Hart's biological father. The character died of a heart attack in 1994. Stephens was Merlin in the 2011 film THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. He will be Vinny the Killer in RED BUTTERFLY, due out in 2013.


Jerry Stiller

Jerry Stiller played Mo Green, who was Richard Fields' agent. Stiller was part of the comedy duo Stiller and Meara (the other part was Anne Meara). He is perhaps best known for being Frank Costanza on SEINFIELD. His most recent film appearance is as Morty in the 2012 film EXCUSE ME FOR LIVING.


Walt Willey

Walt Willey played Jackson Montgomery from 1987 until the end of the show in 2011. The character is Erica Kane's lawyer and had three separate affairs with her. The couple would eventually would marry in 2004. Willey is also a standup comic and most recently appeared in a community theater production of THE ODD COUPLE in Ottawa, Illinois with, among others, Jill Larson (Opal Courtlant).

(Margaret Sophie Stein)

Malgorzata Zajackowska (Margaret Sophie Stein)

Malgorzata Zajackowska played Corvina Lang, sister of Anton Lang, from 1992 to 1997. She was Dimitri's housekeeper. In 2003 Zajackowska was Renata Koziol in TOMORROW'S WEATHER (Pogoda na jutro), the story of a man re-entering the world after 17 years in a monastery. Her most recent film role was as Grazyna in YOU ARE GOD (Jesteś Bogiem), a Piotr Luszcz biopic. (He was frontman for Polish hip-hop group Paktofonika. In 1999 she was Mrs. Mueller in SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE with Sarah Michelle Gellar. TOMORROW'S WEATHER is available on DVD from Netflix.

From the Chicago Tribune
Arts & Entertainment Section
Two surviving episode
descriptions from the era.

14 August 1993 - By Nancy M. Reichardt
United Features Syndicate

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Alec McIntyre, a dynamic young businessman, arrived at the hospital to talk to Adam about working for him while he recuperates. Gloria and Hayley warned Alec that Adam can be a monster, but Alec said he is up to the challenge. Erica was frantic when she learned that Bianca ran away after talking on the phone with Kendall. On a bus Bianca was harassed by a pervert, but a woman came to her rescue. Tad read Ted the riot act for punching a reporter who hounded Ted and Dixie.

Tornado Strikes Pine Valley

23 July 1994 - By Toby Goldstein
Tribune Media Services

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: A tornado striking Pine Valley had a profound impact on many residents. Del saved Maria's life, but Julia's face was badly cut, leaving her with a terrible scar. Tad was buried alive and had a near-death experience, seeing visions of his sister Jenny and best friend Jesse. Adam became hostile when Alec stopped by to check on Gloria. Maria prevented Del from confessing about his kidney. Terrence had a bad feeling about Noah. Taylor's life was in danger when she tried to arrest a group of looters at the mall. Coming: Hayley hopes for another chance.

From the Chicago Tribune

6 May 1994 - By Marla Hart
Special to the Tribune

Erica Kane's Daughter Fashioned From Same Mold

She just turned 17, talks a mile a minute and answers the phone in her dressing room, "Welcome to hell." This year, she's one of five nominees in a tight race as outstanding young actress for a Daytime Emmy Award. But what is most striking about the petite, brunette Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays complicated bad-girl Kendall Hart on "All My Children," is that she is heir apparent to Susan Lucci's throne on the soap.

In today's "politically correct" climate of soaps, the vixen type has all but faded from the landscape, replaced instead by "reformed" bad girls. That is why the introduction of Kendall- a two-faced schemer who does the wrong things for the right reasons- is absolutely refreshing. She's torn from the same page of moral turpitude that propelled Lucci's Erica Kane into afternoon prominence.

"Everyone hates me (Kendall) for some reason, but I keep wondering why," professes Gellar. "I didn't do anything wrong." (True, if you don't count perjury, seducing her mother's husband and tormenting her half-sister.) There are those who would argue that when Agnes Nixon created Erica Kane 25 years ago, Lucci broke the mold. But in fact, the Lucci/Nixon femme fatale begged to be duplicated.

Last spring when AMC (noon weekdays, ABC-Ch.7) added to its cast a new ingenue, she was, not surprisingly, Erica's abandoned daughter-born as the result of a rape-whose search for her mother led to Pine Valley.

"I didn't know what to expect. It was overwhelming," Gellar says of her first few weeks on the show. "I think it was rare that I was thrown into the fire immediately." A native New Yorker, competitive skater and tai kwan do athlete, Gellar thrives on such challenges. No whiny Valley Girl or teary-eyed teenage angst for this actress; instead she portrays an ambitious, flirtatious Kendall with a sophistication beyond her years. "It's fun to play someone with no morals," Gellar says half-jokingly. "I'm the new troubled character and I very much hope they don't reform me. They're starting to let us be bitchy, vampy and fun again," she says as castmate Eva LaRue (Maria) groans in the background about playing a goody two-shoes type.

Gellar is completely at ease with the rigors of a soap schedule and hanging out in an adult world. "I was absolutely born to act," she breezily explains. "I was eating in a restaurant when I was 3 1/2 and some woman came up to my mother. I was the ultimate ham. A week later I was filming my first CBS-TV movie 'Invasion Of Privacy'."

Gellar's mother, a nursery school teacher, enrolled her daughter in private schools and, later, public high school which, Gellar says, "I hated. I was miserable. I didn't fit in. They wouldn't let me leave school for auditions." In 1992, she entered New York's Professsional Children's School from which she'll graduate in June.

Without any formal training, Gellar landed kid roles on sitcoms and TV movies, including the young Jackie Kennnedy in the mini-series "A Woman Named Jackie." She also starred as Sydney on the 1992 syndicated teenybopper soap "Swan's Crosssing."

Now working with an acting coach, Gellar admits technique seems to work against her own experience, which she has up until now relied upon for her role as Kendall. "When I was 6 or 7, my parents split up and I've had no contact with my birth father since. It was my choice. It's ironic because all Kendall wants is to know her birth father. I put a lot of research into the role. The whole first stage my character has gone through has been denial."

Viewers are clearly connecting with her dysfunction. "A lot of my fan mail comes from children who feel unloved or don't belong. That's the universality of Kendall and a big reason why people watch soap operas," Gellar acknowledges, then adds, "but there's actually very little of me in Kendall. Even though her story might deal with big issues, soap operas are, I hope, after all, entertainment and escape."



Erica's dressmaker Yvette in 1993

Yvette the dressmaker appeared in at least two episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN, #6025 and #6072. In both episodes she had interaction with Kendall Hart. I have been unable to locate any information about the actor playing this role.


Catherine Patterson

Catherine Patterson (unknown actress) and Richard Fields (James A. Stephens)

In episode #6111 (11 August 1993) Erica Kane identifies the woman in this photo as a film actress named Catherine Patterson. The spelling of the name is a guess. It is unknown if she appeared in any other episodes. The male character in the scene is Richard Fields (playing a character named Douglas) and is played by James A. Stephens. They are part of a scene being viewed on television by Kendall Hart and Erica Kane. No information seems to be available about who portrayed Catherine Patterson.

Madison Grant

Madison Grant

In episode #6133 (10 September 1993) Dimitri reads the name Madison Grant from a videotape case holding a tape that Kendall has just watched. She is Richard Fields' co-star in FAREWELL PICCADILLY, a black and white film set in London during the blitz. She and Fields sing There'll be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover No further information is available about the actor portraying Madison Grant


Mystery doctor in episode #6199 of All My Children

The doctor who helps get Kendall into a hospital bed after she faints in episode 6199.

Kendall Hart strip of photos



Gellar on cover of Soap Opera Digest 4 January 1994


Gellar on cover of Soap Opera Magazine 2 August 1994


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Gellar on cover of Soap Opera Digest 4 July 1995 - Kendall Quits


Gellar cover Soap Opera Digest 24 September 2002


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