Released 2 February 1994.

The video follows the cast through their work day inside ABC studios in New York. Actors featured are John Callahan, James Kiberd, Jill Larson, and Kelly Ripa.

All My Children Behind the Scenes VHS cover From the back of the videotape box:

What's really going on under the sheets during those steamy love scenes? How do All My Children's hot stars memorie all those lines? How big is Erica Kane's closet?

Everything you've ever wanted to know about ABC-TV's All My children is revealed in this inside look at the making of daytime's most popular soap. Host Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) guides you through a personal backstage tour where you'll see Pine Valley as you've never seen it before!

Follow the cast members through their work day inside the ABC studios in New York...rehearse a scene with John Callahan (Edmund)...lunch with James Kiberd (Trevor) in his private dressing room...attend a costume fitting with Jill Larson (Opal)...and peak [misspelled as on the original] inside the hair and makeup room to see actress Kelly Ripa transformed into "Hayley Vaughan" before your very eyes! All this and much more...

It's all here - the sets, the stars, the secrets. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to step behind the scenes of All My Children!

The Executive Producer of this video is Regina DiMartino. Bradley Nathanson was Producer and Director.